Topic: november 2007, stock market crash?

I have been studying the mayan civilization and their calendars, where they have
predicted with a high percent of acuracy many events till now.
concerning our money system, they certainly were aware of it and said that
on 2007 on november or a little bit before, our financial system will collapse.
and regarding all the information i have found on this web site, I will for sure
start to take the money out of my bank and buya piece of land in a farmer's co-
munity or something like that.
it is not going to be easy, but we may have one year or less for doing that.

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Re: november 2007, stock market crash?

Hi Ritus & welcome smile

Yea I think it's very plausible to see some large shake-ups in the ecomony - if not a collapse/crash - within the next 16 or so months.  But, my feeling is that it may take longer... it doesn't seem quite 'ripe' to me yet, but maybe it will next year.  Time will tell... should be a fun ride!


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Re: november 2007, stock market crash?

Hi Ritus and welcome to Noble Realms!

My eyelids are insisting on closing right now, but I thought I'd refer you and other readers to for some interesting perspectives.

As regards November 2007 according to the Mayan Calendar, this is when we enter the "5th Galactic Night".

Changes in consciousness are reflected by changes in the markets.  That much is obvious.  I think an interesting question is what kind of change in consciousness would be reflected by a market crash?

Also, are you strictly talking about a stock market crash, or are you talking about a bond market crash as well?  One or the other can be reasonably tolerated by the economy, and has been in recent history.  It's the simultaneous crash of both the stock market and the bond market, resulting in the total failure of the dollar, which is of real interest and opportunity. . .

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Re: november 2007, stock market crash?

Welcome ritus. Thank you for informing us of this correlation between Mayan predictions and current trends.

How would you explain the nature of the translation from a 'calendar' which measures conciousness into our present system of Gregorian time measurment? This would certainly shed some light on how one may present such a precise date for an event such as this.

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Re: november 2007, stock market crash?


The pound is nearing $2 now and I'm a little worried about any further rises since I'm living in England and most, well nearly all of my money is currently tied into US$ accounts.

Should I start to think about withdrawing soon?

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Re: november 2007, stock market crash?

Clif and Igor at predicted that the dollar started it's crash on 11/23. This one looks like it's one of the 50% that's right. Sorry, Mahatma.

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Re: november 2007, stock market crash?

starling, I can't access any information on that site you posted. Your post I don't understand. Are you saying that there is a crash now and another crash in the future?

I found this graph

The steep climb  from Nov 12th to now is a little unsettling don't you think? What do you estimate the future trend will be? Rise to 2.2 withing the month, 2.5 within a month, 3?

thanks for the fast response I wasn't expecting anything for a while.

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Re: november 2007, stock market crash?

I was referring to my "earthquake warning" post. The predictions from halfpasthuman (a subscription service) seem to be about half accurate but even when they are they're usually impossible to understand. Example: a few weeks before Katrina hit they predicted "A woman of dark aspect with two blind eyes will destroy a city in the south-eastern United States" (Katrina did develop two eyes). Accurate? yes. Useful? Heck,no.

Recently they said that the US dollar would start it's crash November 23. The US goverment has been spending like a drunken sailor and the US has outsourced (lost) most of its manufacturing base and the US is horribly overextended militarally and the US housing market is collapsing, so yes, eventually something bad will happen to folks holding dollars. Right now? The charts since 11/23 look bad, but unfortunately you can't be certain until it's over.

I really don't think you can predict "the" future because I've seen examples of weirdly improbable futures that actually happened after attempts were made to change coming events. So if someone makes a prediction just telling someone else means there's a big chance it can be changed. Then again, certain effects (like monetary events) are due to so many individual decisions that they could be almost "fixed" in the timeline.

Sorry I can't be more helpful.

We're all butterflies flapping our wings and changing the world.