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Re: NobleRealms IRC chat room Info

lyra wrote:

I don't know, I tried the chat thing, but overall it doesn't do it for me.  I don't "get" it.   It's weird.   Granted I had good chat times with NR poster Proto, he's cool, (shout out to Proto in NYC, whereever you are right now!) we'd have fun posting all these links to songs that we'd upload, so we'd get everybody in the chat listening to music for hours, or we'd post all these great You Tube clips for all sorts of hilarious things, and that was fun, those chats were always fun and high energy versus most chats which just drain me for some reason.  And Neomatrix and Ayahuasca from England were fun to chat to back in the summer of '06, but they don't go in there anymore.  So unless it's somebody on the same wavelength you're basically forced to converse with people you may not care for.  And I'm the sort that won't do it, I can't be fake.  So I'll just ignore and skip over people I don't like and only chat with the good ones, but it's just awkward.  Too much work.

Aww, you are too sweet! That made me smile like a kid who's been told that he won't get left back and proceed to the next grade! Thanks! That's so funny, I logged on, clicked on this section to copy the mozilla link to chat and see there's been some activity about the whole chatting thing! And then I see my name thrown in as being a cool chatter haha.

I def had fun chatting with you because you're funny and real and not "bleh" like some of the chatters I've seen the past month or two. I would occasionally log on to see who's there and I don't see you or montalk or frances or mongoose or or sinaptix or z3n3rg(who likes that christina milian "dip it low" song, haha, too funny. hey, it has a great beat!) or lightingeye anymore. nada, zilch. I just see laotzu (who the ... is laotzu?) and other robots who park their names for hours in that chat and not talk. Oh well, whatever. I guess good things don't last with the chat thing, especially when everyone is busy with life and doing their own little thing.

Anyways, it's almost 4am and kind of tired and will write more tomorrow, but I wanted to say THANKS to those that chatted with me (yeah, I just read Montalk's post a few minutes ago about shutting down NR...wahh. Is this is a dream? Is this really happening? haha, well, not in a joking way, but y'know.  I must network).

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Re: NobleRealms IRC chat room Info

Although the forum will be unwritable in 18 days, I'll continue to return to the chat room for years.


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Re: NobleRealms IRC chat room Info

Okay. Looks like Ashtar5 has created a bot called Laotzu which is capable of automatically OPing people. Auto-OP status can be given to anyone by an OP. Big thanks to Ashtar5 for setting this up! With a persistent bot in the channel, the channel is far more stable.

Tonight there will be an afterparty for the closing of NR. Wether you're from NobleRealms or NobleDreams, come join us at #NobleRealms anytime. We'll be there.

Cassiopaeans wrote:

Always "Network". Networking is 4th Density STO concept seeping into 3rd density with upcoming realm border crossing.