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These costs about the same as conventional housing.  I would love to have one!

Earthship Biotecture designs and builds homes that...
“¢  Heat and cool themselves naturally via solar/thermal dynamics...
“¢  Collect their own power from the sun and wind...
“¢  Harvest their own water from rain and snow melt...
“¢  Contain and treat their own sewage on site...
“¢  Produce a significant amount of food...
“¢  And are constructed using largely the byproducts of modern society;
like cans, bottles and tires.

We are evolving the way humans live on this planet.

We are redesigning existing methods of living - home by home.

We all are constantly making small, believable steps toward slowing down and ultimately reversing the negative impact of human development on the Earth ¹s ability to support plants, animals and humans.

We believe that this must be done in small steps that people can understand and easily act upon.

Regardless of whether the governments, corporations or other "powers that be" cooperate or not, Earthship Biotecture empowers people to make positive changes in their own lives to reduce their personal effect on global warming.

Our home base is in Taos, New Mexico where the designs are invented and evolved, but we provide these homes all over the world. We publish books, produce DVDs and host seminars to create a transfer of knowledge globally.

Michael Reynolds, Founder
Earthship Biotecture

Re: Sustainable Living--Habitats

thanks for that info and link... those do look fantastic!