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Gift of Mystical Choice

The mystery of choice lies within space-time. It is located within the forms and within the formation -- the patterns of those forms -- that is your reality. It is located within the awareness, understanding, and meaning, and within the conceiving and perceiving that you give to and receive from your reality every day of your life. You already know much of the mystery.

It begins . . . Choice is one of your raw materials that you use to create your reality. To remind you, there are six raw materials with which everyone creates their reality: Belief, Attitude, Thought, Feeling, Decision, and Choice.

Along with belief, choice is the most powerful raw material. Of all the raw materials, choice is the active agent of change. It is the agent of implementation. You see, you can change your beliefs and your attitudes, but reality does not change until you make new choices based upon your new beliefs or your new attitudes. Likewise, we suggest, you can alter your thoughts and shift your feelings. And it is choice that turns those altered and shifted states into reality.

So it is with decisions. You can make new decisions and change old ones. Unless you also make choices, in this sensing, your newly made or changed decisions are at risk of being nothing more than rhetoric. Unless you make choices, decisions made are at risk of becoming nothing more than another reason why you are "not good enough."   

And then . . . Choice is focused intent. As such, it is critical to not only what you pay and give attention to, but how you pay and give that attention. Choice opens the floodgates to allow dimension and meaning to your personal and global reality.   

Keystone . . . Choice is the keystone to creation and manifestation. It can supersede all patterns, templates, and programs that are already in place.  Choice can override your genetic-hormonal codes, for example.

There are societal templates of behavior (social memes), and there are acceptable patterns of power. You all know that there are patterns, templates, and programs from your past that can seem to threaten you as they haunt you with "what was" or loom ahead of you with "what will be."

Choice can supersede such encumbrance. To create and then manifest the reality you want, it is important to surpass these old patterns and programs. It is critical to be free of them. Choice offers that freedom. We would say: Choice is keystone to all creation and to all manifestation.   

Beyond the Mystery, the Mystical

1   Choice within space-time is located in our conscious consciousness, not in our subconscious or unconscious consciousness. Though attention is often subconscious and intent is often unconscious, choice, that hooks each, is conscious.

2   Choice selects the neural pathways of brain activity. When choice is conscious, the electromagnetic and electrochemical energies and forces of the brain are shifted and changed. The neural pathways can be changed by choice. Choice can alter the avenues of least resistance and the avenues of least effort.

3   Choice engages the mind that can override the brain and it can engage the unconscious to override the subconscious. You can become even more conscious of consciously creating your own reality. You can create and manifest with greater artistry and mastery.

4   Choice can supersede and surpass itself.

5   Choice can redirect evolution so that it does not proceed driven by entropy and random change or necessity.

6   Choice can open gateways to the Future and to your futures . . . to the possible and to your many possibilities.

7   Choice is within space-time, yet it functions between it. It is not only sequential. It is not only chronological. Space-time choice is mysterious. One of its mysteries is that it is also mystical.

While the mystery of choice lies within space-time, we would suggest, the mysticism of choice lies beyond space-time. It has no location. The mystical of choice is non-local.

Because it is non-local, because it is beyond space-time, and because it is part of the more-real, this kind of choice - mystical choice - is also more real. As you allow space-time choice with its mystery to become more and more powerful, you can use mysterious and conscious choice to link and connect with the mystical choice that lies beyond space-time.

The more-real choice can amplify the mystery known, and yet-to-be-known, of conscious choice. Such mystical choice can allow the known, and yet-to-be known, to become bright and brilliant.

When mysterious choice becomes mystical, the miraculous states are at hand.

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Thanks for this, and the link. Well chosen.

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Thanks, SiriArc,...this is a great link. It's very ENCOURAGING...which, to me, is something we all need VERY MUCH right now... I am beginning to question the true inner value of always 'seeing the truth behind everything.' Perhaps the conspiracies are all 'true' ... but of what value is it when all it does it keep you focused on it and how BAD everything is. I'm getting as weary of the conspiracies as I am of the powers that be themselves. I think they are BOTH smoke screens...and what lies behind it is our true empowerment. Like Lazaris says: it comes down to not what others may say is 'the truth we must wake up to aka conspiracies' ...but what we CHOOSE to experience in our lives.
This article is like a lifesaver thrown out into a murky sea.

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Very Wise....


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I'm currently reading John Lash's book, Not In His Image, and in it he states that the true meaning of the word "heretic" is derived from "choice."  So to be a heretic is to have a choice.   Let's all be heretics!

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To ParaPhrase a Laz Quote referring to MapMakers:

Anybody can Be a Heretic

But Only Heretics

Become Heretics

And YOUR Choice Now, Heretic, IS and IS To Emerge As The Truth Of YOUR Being

To Finish And Began The Work YOU Came To Do

You are the Mapmakers; you are the Magicians of your current age. It is your nature - it is your grace - to step out of the consensus of which you are still a part. You go forth to chart the course. You go forth searching for new horizons and for new visions. Yet searching is not enough for you. You want to step beyond those new horizons; you want to live those newly found visions. It is who you are; it is your destiny. … /1311.html

Years ago we suggested that a Great Awakening was coming. It is now upon you. We have talked of this awakening as a tri-polar energy attempting to become a uni-polar force.
We have suggested that the Domain of the Spiritual is awakening. At the dew line of its consciousness, the Enlightened Beings and the Exceptional Ones from all ages and the Shining Ones of Sirius herald the return of the Goddess and of the Light She brings.
The field of play, Earth, called Gaia by some, is awakening. At her dew line of consciousness, crystals awaken, demanding to participate, demanding to be part of the creation of a New World that is now destined to be.
The complexity of individuality is awakening. At its dew line of consciousness, those such as you, the Mapmakers and Magicians of your current age, awaken more deeply than you have awakened before.
A tri-polar energy, the Shining Ones of Sirius, Crystals and their consciousness, and Mapmaking Magicians, is coming together, attempting to become a uni-polar force. Yes, there is a Great Awakening about. Yes, there is a Great Awakening happening. And you are part of it. You are part of the equation; you are part of the mix.


Lemuria … you have heard its call. Its music beckons you; you respond. It is your future: It is the bud waiting to blossom. It is the remembrance that you are Coming Home. As you seek the magic and mystery of union, Lemuria can be your bridge to the adventure of living, of loving and caring, and of healing. It can be your bridge to the endless discovery of who you really are. It is your bridge Coming Home.

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I recently wrote a song called "Mind His Image."

"There cannot be progress without expression. There cannot be expression without separation. There cannot be separation without progress."-Ouroboros

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"If CHOICE is the greatest gift... it comes wrapped in golden foils of self-responsibility, secured with satin ribbons of passion, and silver-lined with individual trust"

Fun fact: Great Tits are common in Europe

To know love is to know trust; to know oneself is to know truth


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Lono wrote:

.......John Lash's book, Not In His Image.......

From: … s-features

By Jonathan Kirsch

Not in His Image: Gnostic Vision, Sacred Ecology, and the Future of Belief
John Lamb Lash

The latest to unfurl the banner of Gnosticism is John Lamb Lash, who describes the Gnostics of the ancient world as ‘the elite of Pagan intellectuals’ and declares that their writings are ‘the explosive charge that can blow the institution of the Faith off its foundations, for good and all.’ By ‘the Faith,’ he means the Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition in its entirety, and he intends to do nothing less than convert his readers into latter-day Gnostics.

Lash seeks to rescue Gnosticism from the dustbin of Christian history and restore it to its rightful place amid the splendors of pagan antiquity. To signal his admiration for the fecund religious imagination of paganism, he capitalizes the word ‘Pagan’ as if it were a single faith rather than a phantasmagorical assortment of beliefs and practices. But he does point out that Gnosticism itself shouldn't be described as a religion or even a sect, if only because gnostokos was ‘the generic term for any person learned in divine matters.’ Above all, he insists that Gnosticism represents the path toward ‘spiritual deep ecology,’
symbolized by today's adherents of the Greek earth goddess Gaia.

Thus, for example, he condemns biblical scholars who do not see the continuities that Lash detects between the early Christians and the religious community at Qumran. He calls them ‘Zaddikites,’ but they are better known to the lay reader as the custodians of the Dead Sea Scrolls: ‘They fail to realize that the message of love in the charming miracle tales of the New Testament is a sugar coating on the bitter cyanide of Zaddikite ravings.’

But Lash is not concerned merely with scolding biblical scholars. His goal is to melt down the religious and philosophical ideas of antiquity and recast them as a serviceable faith for our world. In place of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition, which he links to ‘the religious schizophrenia of the ancient Hebrews’ and which he flatly condemns as ‘annihilation theology,’ he proposes that we embrace Gnosticism and what he dubs ‘Gaian ethics,’ which he describes as ‘not a call to faith in God, but faith in the human species.’

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Choice is essentially discrimination, and therefore not Truth in the way that we understand it. The Cosmos is deterministic, but we have choice to act as the variable agent of change: we affect and effect every aspect of quantum reality by our choices, such is their impact on the fabric of TimeSpace. All of this is true.

However, @ the high point or peak of all spiritual experience is the Surrender of the illusion of being the agent itself: the chooser and the choice are two different things, much as the doer and the deed rarely resemble each other upon conscious reflection. This is the key to understanding egodeath.

What I mean is, choice is Karmic: it creates consequence which perpetuates the illusory deceit of being an independent doer in the cosmos: one must accept in stillness and silence that too much choice is no choice @ all. Otherwise, one stagnates in Continuity: the door to true freedom and subsumation into the holisitc Whole of Creation lies in the surrender of possessive willfulness: only then can we have authentic Freewill and thus our choices will have content and meaning beyond discrimination. For what we give up freely of our own volition, we will gain two and even threefold in return.

The River of Time flows from the Ocean of the Mind to the Mountain of Destiny.

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Approaching Gnosticism
Through the Eye of the Heart

Historical origins

The earliest scholars (who are no longer cited) regarded Gnosticism in the broad sense as a monumental spiritual movement of Asiatic origins, long predating Christianity.

But the Church ideologues who condemned Gnostics as heretics were not merely intent on eliminating diversity and difference so that they could impose uniform totalitarian doctrines (as they eventually did). They were far more intent on eliminating dissent, especially the informed dissent of Gnostics from the Mysteries, such as Hypatia, who argued brilliantly against salvationist doctrines.

     salvationism: The totalitarian belief system that asserts divine intercession in history, and imbues suffering with redemptive value. Includes Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, the three dominant mainstream religions. Assumes superhuman rescue of humanity from its problems and off-planet, remote-control authority on morals, and divine retribution. (From the Glossary in Not in His Image)

Gnostic studies are so completely bogged down in specialist debate on obscure issues that no one pays attention to the unique and alarming message contained in Gnostic texts.

Three Definitions

I propose three definitions of Gnosis, psychological, inspirational, and evolutionary, or shamanic. The psychological definition is:

    Gnosis is intuitive knowing of the heart that liberates us from social conditioning and ego-fixation.

As such, it is a path of questioning and learning, open-ended and unlimited in scope. The evolutionary aim of Gnosis is to realize human potential so that we can co-evolve with all species and serve Gaia’s purposes.

In his massive Gnostical treatise, ‘The Exegesis,’ science fiction writer Philip K. Dick says that Gnosis ‘consists of disinhibiting instructions’ that allow us to access ‘the core content of knowing already intrinsic to us.’ He believed that Gnosis enables the self-repair of ‘memory retrieval’ circuits that exist uniquely in the human species, but have been damaged. This accords with my view that humanity provides a memory-circuit for Gaia.

Dick assumes, as I do, that Gnostic teachings and practices were preserved in the Mysteries: ‘The ancients possessed techniques (sacraments and rituals) used largely in the Greco-Roman mystery religions to induce firing and retrieval’ of the memory circuits. He notes that these techniques had a restorative value for the individual, but Gnostics also ‘correctly saw the ontological value to what they called the Godhead itself, the total entity.’ That is, Gnostics recognized that these practices were not for self-glorification but to contribute to the healing of God, or Goddess. (‘The Exegesis,’ quoted in Valis, p. 108ff) This is consistent with the Gnostic assertion that we, the human species, are intimately involved with the ‘correction’ of the Goddess Sophia.

The inspirational definition is:

    Gnosis is the deep ecology of the human spirit.

In other words, Gnosis is to the religious experience of humanity what deep ecology is to our rapport with nature. This is close to the evolutionary definition:

    Gnosis is a way of encountering the Sacred as it is known to the powers that inhere in the natural world, i.e., the animating powers of the earth and the cosmos at large.

Alternative History

Gnostics were telestai, initiates in the Mystery Schools who broke their vows of anonymity to come out in the open and protest Judeo-Christian doctrines of Salvationism – doctrines that provide the ideological frame for the patriarchal/dominator agenda. Because the initiates emerged into the public eye during the first centuries of the Christian Era, scholars assume that Gnosticism must have been devised then and there.

This link to the entheogenic cult of the Eleusinian Mysteries confirms my view that Gnosis was a refined form of psychedelic shamanism, a visionary path dedicated to the Earth Goddess. Such links are totally ignored by Gnostic scholars.

What Gnosis really was, and what happened to it, determined the most decisive shift in the moral and spiritual life of Western civilization. The story of the Gnostics is the crucial missing chapter of that part of our collective story.

Lego Method

Scholars assume that Gnostic texts are valuable for what they tell us about the origins of Christianity, period. But using Gnostic texts to legitimate Christianity is contradictory to its radical message. The Gnostic protest against Judeo-Christian religion is written clear and large in the surviving materials, chaotic and fragmentary as they may be.

My intention in reworking the Gnostic materials is fourfold:

      First, to show what is valid in the Gnostic protest against the patriarchy and the salvationist agenda

      Second, to describe the rich spiritual heritage of pre-Christian Europe, destroyed in a centuries-long rampage of sexual, spiritual and intellectual genocide;

      Third, to restore and redevelop the Sophia myth, treating it as a story to guide the human species toward a sane and sustainable future;

      Fourth, to propose a corrective view of certain paranormal aspects of human experience, based on Gnostic writing about the Archons.

‘Religious Pessimism’

First, the claim that Gnostics regarded the material world as ‘a deterioration of spirit’ and a place of enslavement for the ‘divine sparks’ cannot be true. The paraphrase of Gnostic cosmology found in Irenaeus (Against Heresies, Book 4, Ch. 2) says that the earth we inhabit was formed from the body of the goddess Sophia, the supreme divinity in the Gnostic worldview. If the very substance of the material world is the embodiment of this divinity, how can it be considered evil, degenerated, and worthy of rejection? Furthermore, Gnostic texts such as the Apochrypon of John state that Sophia, in order to achieve the ‘correction’ by which she becomes realigned to the gods in the cosmic center (the Pleroma) depends in some sense on humanity. This being so, how can humans be viewed as ‘divine sparks’ that have fallen into blind enslavement in matter? The genuine Gnostic teaching states that we are not in essence divine sparks but we have a spark of divine intelligence, nous, by which we can recognize the fallen goddess and participate in her ‘correction.’ Our mission is not to escape from the world, but to take part in its transformation, extending even to the cosmic level.

Second, the claim that ‘the whole universe a depravation of the Deity,’ or to put it otherwise, that the material world is a creation of the Demiurge, who is a false deity, also cannot be true. Several cosmological texts explicitly state that the Demiurge cannot create anything, but only imitate the workings of the true gods, the Aeons of the Pleroma – and imitate them badly, at that.

The texts are explicit on this point: the Demiurge lacks ennoia, internationality. Saklas, the blind god, suffers a delusion that allows him to think he creates the cosmos, but it is really Sophia working through him that permits this delusion. What he does ‘create’ in his weird way is the stereoma, the planetary system exclusive of the earth, sun and moon – the ‘hebdomad’ of the seven planets. Clearly, the pseudo-deity cannot and does not create the earth, because this planet is uniquely the metamorphosis of Sophia herself.

In The Sophia of Jesus Christ (NHC III), KAZ occurs next to cosmos, stating a clear distinction between the earth and ‘the world’ as we conceive it. The world or system is our conditioned perception of the earth, or human reality on earth. Hoeller's distinction agrees with the observation of Jacque Lacarriere that Gnosis is about deconditioning our minds to perceive reality as it is, rather than as we assume it to be. The illusion of this world, the earth, is not in its own nature, but in our perception of it. But such is the nature of the human mind that we live in the perceptual frame we construct, rather than in the reality it frames.

I have never known a subject able to push people’s buttons as fast and hard as Gnosticism does. I believe this is because by its nature Gnosticism confronts us with our conditioning. (This is also the view of Jacques Lacarriere.) Yet without such a confrontation, we can never be free to know our own minds. We need ‘disinhibiting instructions’ to penetrate the layers of lies that have been implanted in
our minds.

The Message

After thirty odd years of research and reflection, I am convinced that they had the key knowledge we need to shatter the historical framework of the patriarchal/dominator agenda, and thereby undermine that agenda for good and all.

The unique knowledge Gnostics tried to impart to the world at large concerns the identity of Jehovah, the ‘father god’ of Judeo-
Christian religion. Gnostics claimed that the supernatural being billions of people take for God is insane and actually working against humanity. The core teaching specifies that Jehovah is really an alien entity, not just a bad idea or a delusional belief. It also specifies that Jehovah and his minions, the Archons, used the Jewish people to make an intervention into the human race. The Archons deviate us from our humanity through religious beliefs. Salvationism (i.e., reliance on a superhuman savior) germinated in the Jewish apocalyptic sect of the Zaddakim and went pandemic in Christian ideology centered on a transhuman messiah, Jesus Christ.

In short, Gnostics warned that Judeo-Christian religion is a deviant program implanted in the human mind, like a computer virus. Salvationism is an ideological virus, and its origin is not human. This is the core teaching of the gnostikoi, ‘those who know about divine matters.’ Search where you will, I don’t think you will find this message anywhere else.

Gnosis is the knowledge of how we are deviated, by what, and for what.

So much for the bad news, the spooky part of the message. But Gnostics also had sublimely good news to impart. They had a beautiful message about what guides us, the insuperable power of knowing that inheres in us and cannot be deviated. (This I call the wisdom endowment, or Sophianic endowment.) They presented a grand cosmic story in which humanity is intimately allied with the Goddess Sophia of the Pleroma, She who becomes Gaia. This story describes how Jehovah and the Archons were produced by the ‘fall of
Sophia,’ before our world was created by Her embodiment. Then,
when the earth emerged, it was captured in the planetary system, habitat of the Archons. Gnostics taught that these inorganic entities influence us by a kind of telepathic link. They use the power of suggestion when our attention is dulled by fatigue or over-stimulation. Gnostic texts contain vivid accounts of first-hand encounters with Archons, and they explain the motives and methods of the alien forces in explicit language.

But the message of Gnosticism is not ‘Blame it on the Archons.’ Far from it. The core teaching of Gnosis specifies that this alien species is not an autonomous force of evil that works against us. The Archons represent error, not evil. They do not cause mistakes in our learning process, but they affect our thinking so that our mistakes go undetected and extrapolate beyond the scale of correction. If we cannot correct our minds and redirect our actions, we cannot participate in Gaia’s process of alignment with the Pleroma, the celestial Gods.

And the Archons are, after all, our cosmic cousins, the offspring of Gaia-Sophia, though in a different way than we are. They are not the only extra-human species with which we have contact on earth, but they are unique in their predatory role. Gnostics taught that not all that happens in our minds originates there. This is an occult observation, compatible with the most advanced theories of noetic science today. It is, I would say, the single most important concept in the entire field of cognitive psychology. It explains how humans can be programmed to act in deviant and destructive ways, contrary to good sense, compassion, gut emotion, personal conscience, and their sense of humanity. Since the agents of the global program of domination (the ‘Illuminati‘) use occult techniques of mind control, understanding the Archon thesis of the Gnostics can alert us to how we are being manipulated. The implications of ‘Archon theory’ are profoundly practical and far-reaching.

Risking Sanity

All this strange business concerning Jehovah and the Archons is written large and clear in Gnostic texts, but ignored by scholars for obvious reasons. If we also ignore this scenario, dismissing it as a bizarre fantasy, a religious psychosis, or a remnant of Pagan superstition, we lose the opportunity to develop a coherent culture myth that connects humanity to its cosmic origins and to the future of the planet itself. Knowing how we are deviated could be the best thing that ever hapened to us, spiritually speaking.

Sometimes, you have to put sanity at risk to find out what it really means to be sane.

It’s much easier to find the core teaching in ourselves, in the intuitive knowing of our hearts where humanity dwells and our species' bond to Gaia is rooted.

The Plasmate

There is another kind of faith, indicated by Gnostics by the term Pistis Sophia, ‘confidence in the indwelling wisdom.’

    You have to believe that you can discover innately whatever you are seeking to know through an external quest for knowledge.

It is a spiritual impulse charged with numinous content, a core teaching that lives and regenerates within those who learn it. This knowing within is Gnosis, not the assurance of a divine self, but the awakening of a faculty of higher cognition, a faculty that gives insight transcending the human condition. Whoever touches that core teaching is touched by divine revelation. An ever-new, ever-true, ongoing revelation.

There is no better way to approach Gnosticism than through the eye of the heart, where this revelation is perpetually in birth.

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Agent Smith:

Why? Why do you do it?

Why do you keep getting up?

Why keep fighting?

Do you believe you're fighting for something?

Far more than your mere survival?

Can you tell me what it is?

Do you even know?

Is it freedom? Or truth?

Perhaps peace?

Yes? No?

Could it be for love?

All are Illusions. Vagaries of perception.

The temporary constructs of a feeble human intellect trying desperately to justify an existence that is without meaning or purpose.

And all of them as artificial as the system; the religion; the institution, the establishment itself.

Only a human mind could invent something as insipid as love.

You must be able to see it, You must know it by now.

You can't win. It's pointless to keep fighting, to keep going on!

Why, Why? Why do you persist?


Because WE Choose To![/size]

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