Re: Articles on Reptilians and MILABS

Maybe he forgot to take his 8am meds .....:D

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Re: Articles on Reptilians and MILABS

James Bartley has written a new article on the infiltration of human society by reptilian-human hybrids.   It's online here.   There should also be a related second article posted soon.

Re: Articles on Reptilians and MILABS

lyra wrote:

Twice a month, every month, between the 1st - 3rd, and the 20th - 23rd.   Like clockwork.  And on those days I would also get a sharp increase in number sightings and ear ringings.

Ok, this may sound silly, but along with all the stuff that lyra mentions does anybody get visited by incubi/succubi? I don't mean those types that cause wet dreams and such, but those that appear only when you have strong resolve to try astral projection or OBE. These seem to have an agenda of keeping you off the off-limits zone.

One morning I had a visitation - I dreamed about hooking up with some long-legged girl, approaching her and getting all aroused (pardon me for the details) when I realized that she was incredibly tall so that I hardly reached her stomach. The next thing I felt was that she got all limp and hanging over my shoulders, moaning and making strange sounds. It scared the shit out of me so I used my etheric hands to pull her/it off of me. I also realized that it was not a girl but some brown colored amorphous being on two legs. At that moment I woke up but was completely paralyzed. The paralysis lasted about 10 seconds and I had a strong sensation that something was lifting up from my head and shoulder area. It felt like static electricity.