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Topic: Dolores Cannon

We've been reading the Dolores Cannon books, "The Convoluted Universe", books 1 and 2 here on this end recently.  For those who may not be familiar with who Dolores is, she specializes in hypnotic regression therapy, taking people into whatever particular past life is causing issues for them in the present.  In addition, she often takes the patient into the deepest known levels of trance, an area that most hypnotherapists won't go near, supposedly, which completely eliminates the presense of the conscious mind.  She goes right to "the source", you could say, the subconscious, and that which is tapped into the "Universal Collective Mind."  It's hard to explain for those who may not be familiar with her work, but it's fascinating stuff.  What happens in this state and the information that comes out is truly the stuff of books - and she's put out 13 of them to date, with more coming.  The person's voice will change, as they tap into an entirely "other" source - it's basically like channelling you could say.  Often the person will find themselves in past or even future lives, on other planets, or as something other than human.   And at that point, Dolores is able to ask the person and that which is speaking through them all sorts of questions pertaining to whatever is being revealed.

Now, for the point of this post.....

What Dolores has found over the years is that there is what she calls a "them" or "they" who will speak to her through the subjects that she hypnotizes.  These subjects are completely unconnected, scattered about all over the world, with no way of knowing the things that they do.  And yet over and over, when they are in this extremely deep trance state, "they" will come through the line and tell Dolores information that she needs to hear.  Often times personal information, pertaining to her diet, talking about what they saw her eating the night before or something, etc. giving her "strong advise" about how to revise the things that she's doing, for her own good.   Not only that, but a tidbit of "ground breaking" material will come through one person during a session, only to have the next person, somewhere else in the world, reveal the next bit of tidbit related to the same subject.  The collective "they/them" voice will even announce to her, "Here is the next piece that you need to know...." before launching into a story.

These "thems" have often said to her that it's okay for her to be the source they reveal things to, that she's "safe" or something, because she will not misuse or abuse the information, and will dissemate it in books for all to access and be helped by.  One time she even felt as they performed a scan of her body, before proceeding with their revelations.

In the DVD video we watched last night of her where she was giving a lecture/speech at some UFO conference, it basically treads over everything that you'll read in her books, but with an emphasis on several things:

1.  The metaphysical nature of the aliens and their UFOs.  That they are not physical, and they travel between dimensions / densities and through "space" via frequency manipulation.   Most Noble Realmers would probably be familiar with this, especially if you read Stuart Wilde, or are naturally tuned in to this type of information.  But I guess this is a big revelation for those who are still stuck in the nuts and bolts aspects of UFO research, believing these are physical craft that fly the way our craft flies.   They have complete control over time, space and physical matter.  And they are not here to take over the planet, because according to them, it's always been theirs. 

2.  That they are not here to hurt us...and they have never done anything to hurt us. When people have memories of abductions where they are being "hurt", that's just their conscious mind interfering with personal bias and misunderstanding, you see.   

This one raised eyebrows with me the first time she uttered it, and I put my head down into my hands, like, "ohhhhhhh NOOOOOOOOOOO!"

See, at the beginning of the DVD, I'd had the distinct curious wondering about how this woman has managed to do what she does, gaining access to the level of information that she has, for as long as she has, (30 years now, and going strong!)  Putting out 13 books and counting so openly and unabashedly, with such juicy revelatory information, and traveling so extensively around the world...........without getting killed, or experiencing the negative interference that other researchers have encountered.   In fact, according to her, the "thems" who come through the line during her subjects' hypnotherapy sessions are very protective of her...and have stepped in a few times to help save her life, telling her not to take trips to certain places, not to do this or that, not to go here or there.   So it's quite the OPPOSITE, in fact.

But as soon as she got to the point where she uttered the words, "They are not here to hurt us, in fact, they've never done anything to hurt us," (and not once, but FOUR TIMES in the time that I watched, like she had been programmed to keep saying that) followed by the schtick that they've got a mass group of people that they're abducting because they're tweaking their DNA, to help them evolve to the New Earth and ascend and all that........................then I knew.

Hand slapping forehead.   I knew!

I don't doubt for a second that she's in touch with a very high up, powerful intelligence known to her as "them."   And that these thems are giving her great information, working through the people that she hypnotizes in an orchestrated paranormal woo-woo! phenemomenon of mass proportions.   I just doubt the intention of this group she's speaking with.  How convenient that they say that NOBODY has EVER been hurt during an abduction and that all abductions are good in that regard.  That we just don't understand them, you see...  How convenient that they're perpetuating the idea of a mass project of specially selected humans who are having their DNA expanded to 12 strands, and their bodies upgraded and tweaked at the hands of their alien saviors.  In fact, after hearing this, some people were telling Dolores how they wanted "in" on this project too!   "Where do I sign up!?!!!" some guy joked to her.

Appeal to ego.  Appeal to specialness.  You're the special "chosen" one, part of the elite group of humans we're working with.  Aren't you special??  Just revel in your own special chosen-ness! 

So no wonder she's been "allowed"...even HELPED, in her endeavor of spreading this information, far and wide.   It wouldn't be so bad I don't think if she'd at least said, "Sure, some abductions are done by negative aliens / entities and are negative in nature, but some are done by positive you see, there's a little of both going on!"   I wouldn't have such a problem with that.  But to say that no abductions are negative??  That nobody has ever been hurt by them??   No.

On another note, one of the women who Dolores had regressed revealed that whenever she tried to revert back to her drug taking ways, the little Gray men appeared, watching her, letting her know that "No, we will NOT allow you to do that to your body!" (her body that belonged to them since she was an abductee, and part of the supposed DNA tweaking upgrade monitoring project.)

I listened to as much as I could and sighed and shook my head.   

You know, I'm thankful that I can eat a hamburger or hit the bottle and not have to worry about some alien appearing in the room, lecturing me! 

You know why??

Because I'm not an alien's pet, that's why! 

After listening to all that, I had such an urge to go out there and eat the worst food I could possibly find, and engage in the worst behavior I could possibly come up with!   Just to rebel against what the New Age movement is being told.   If it means that I get "left behind" in the old earth, to wallow in the nuclear post-apocolyptic destruction, then so be it!

At least I wasn't an alien's pet!  At least I was free!  And if and when the little Gray buggers show up, hands on their hips, trying to exert some guilt trip control, spouting crap about "12 strand DNA!  The project!   You can't do that!"  I can say that at least I drop kicked them out the door, reached for my cow burger and a Margarita on the rocks, and lit up a smoke to celebrate!

wink  tongue


See, the thing is, I can understand the whole deal about eating healthy.   But if I'm going to do so, (and I have been known to...) I'm going to do it *for me.*   

Not for an alien. 

And I can understand the whole deal about wanting to evolve and move beyond where we're at now.  But if I'm going to do so, (and I have been known to try.....) I'm going to do it *for me*

Not because some aliens tried to make me a part of their little Human Pet Project, "Property of the Alien Super Intelligence that Sees All."

We can do it on our own, people.  We don't need them.  It's a trap.  Appealing to the ego, and the concept of "specialness."

Anyway, with that said, getting back to Dolores and the books - the books themselves are a fascinating read, and worthy of mentioning.   You just have to exercise discernment when doing so, like with all things.

"Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting "Holy shit ... what a ride!"  - Anonymous
"I get by with a little help from my (higher density) friends."

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Re: Dolores Cannon

Great post lyra.

Anytime someone uses absolute terms like "always" and "never," it should raise warning flags in one's mind.    I think it's very telling that the greys would suddenly appear for the purpose of preventing a human from using certain drugs.   Immediately, our own more Earthly drug war comes to my mind.   I have to question, why is it that both aliens AND the government are so concerned about what biochemical changes we're allowed to make within our OWN bodies?    In the case of the government, at least, I doubt their primary concern is whether or not we will all reach 12-strand DNA and spiritual ascension! smile

Why is it that mere possession of the wrong chemical can earn you life imprisonment, while for killing or raping another human being you might get probation or a few years sentence?   Why is it that magic mushrooms ares abundant in ancient Judaic and Christian symbolism?   Why is it that so many of the wisdom  indigenous cultures around the world involve use of psychoactive drugs?   

I think it basically all boils down to the fact that we are indeed living in some sort of "alien" -controlled hyperdimensional farm ("the Matrix"), and an integral part of their control system is keeping us locked into this 3-D space/time perception.  As we know from the now-extensive abduction literature, these controllers are VERY interested in preserving the secrecy of their operations, ROUTINELY taking extreme measures such as inducing powerful subconscious suggestion, and literally ERASING the short-term memory of their prey following each abduction incident. 

The mental freedom of individuals is obviously threatening to any form of external domination, hence the here-and-now 3-D religio-political systems of thought control.   But our inherent ability to tune our very consiousness in to expanded levels awareness through the use of mind-altering drugs such as mushrooms, mescaline, ayahuasca, etc, poses a far greater -- perhaps a grave -- threat to them.   Once a person has experienced expanded levels of consciousness, they become less susceptible to the lower physical and mental forms of control.   It occurs to me that if we are ever going to find an "Achillies heel" in these creatures, it may very well end up being in this area.   I'm not suggesting that anyone suddenly start casually using drugs, but merely that we all ought to consider this aspect of things very carefully.  We ought to study the much-overlooked and ignored material that's available about the ritual and religious use of psychoactive drugs.

And guess what: while writing this post, just a moment ago, I experienced a muting and tone in my left ear. That's the first tone I've had in several months -- I had actually thought the days of that happening might be "over" for me.  Guess not!!   As some of the longer-time readers of this forum will recall, I've had these tones go off a number of times while posting about the UFO subject here at NR.  I've even had nearly-completed posts disappear off my screen.  This time I copied everything into WordPad and saved it immediately when the tone went off, just in case!    The fact that it happens serves as kind of confirmation  to me that I'm probably right with this, or at the very least that "they" are quite interested in what I'm saying!  Anyway ...  to WHOEVER it is, alien or human, that is watching me type this and still has something in my ears, I say go to hell, and I'm here to fight you fucks 'till the end.

Oh and PS, I'm looking forward to publicizing more Karla Turner related information real soon now.



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Re: Dolores Cannon

morningsun76 wrote:

to WHOEVER it is, alien or human, that is watching me type this and still has something in my ears, I say go to hell,

Ahh, let 'em listen.   They apparantly have nothing better to do!  lol    Oh yeah, that reminds me...when Tom was back in Iowa last month we had some kind of weird "disturbance" while talking on the phone to each other one night.   Can't remember exactly how it sounded, but it was pretty obvious something was listening in.   We were like huh...Hi guys!    Gave 'em a big hello, then forgot about it three seconds later, on to our discussion.  And I totally forgot about it til right now, reading your post.  haha   The ideal mindset to have is one of not caring.   Other people get all freaked out by phone tapping and all that....not me!  I say hi and laugh and am on to other things, forgetting about it three seconds after the fact.   So let 'em listen.   They will anyway. 

morningsun76 wrote:

and I'm here to fight you fucks 'till the end.

Fighting back against abductions with everything you have, that's the spirit.  The trick though is to not have hostility while doing so.  To have a neutral mindset, like you're dealing with a mosquito.   "No...you won't take me....(side step) No, you're not going to snag me tonight, (side step)  No, I don't think so, (slipping out of their grip)  Guess I will be staying up all night then (side step)  or leaving the apartment if I have to (ducking out) but you're not going to take me.  Sorry."   Then give them a pat on the head and be on your merry way.    wink

morningsun76 wrote:

The mental freedom of individuals is obviously threatening to any form of external domination, hence the here-and-now 3-D religio-political systems of thought control.

That's a good point, and one that I forgot to mention in my opening post.  It was already getting pretty lengthy, so I cut it off to save the rest for later.  But anybody who's done the research will soon see that things are not as they appear in this world, and that we have some behind the scenes string pullers going on - influencing wars, religion, and who runs the world.  And these string pullers aren't human.   And last time I checked, wars and fear-inducing power tripping religions designed for control are not positive.  So what does that say about the nature of those non-human string pullers manipulating these things?  Well, Dolores Cannon doesn't even get into that, no mention of the negative hyperdimensional controllers.  Oh well.

The book is still interesting though, and a worthwhile read, totally unique and very hard to put down.   I'm a total sucker for any of the transcripts pertaining to people's lives on other planets, or as something other than human.   And especially Atlantis, for some reason!    The kicker is how believable the regressions are.  These people may be a non-human on another planet, but their lives are still relatively mundane!   Nothing flashy and crazy, sounding like a sci-fi movie.    And the Atlantis transcripts were absolutely fascinating to me.   The people went into their regressions with preconceived ideas about things, and were in for a rude awakening to the reality of what daily life was like in Atlantis.  One guy was so disturbed by what he was seeing he got freaked out and asked to leave, please, NOW.

The other thing that really got me was how so many of the concepts that were mind bending to Dolores, such as parallel timelines, the nature of time, etc., and various "weirdness" that people were revealing to her during their trance state, was stuff that I figured out on my own, years back, and which is totally natural and normal to me.   

There was also some stuff which I won't get into here but which matched up with some "insights" that I gleaned over the past year or so, about the nature of who I am and what's going on with me being here.  And I found stuff that matched it in her book, like, to a T.  VERY trippy. 

These are books like no other, talking about bezillions of fascinating concepts.   They're cram packed with stuff.  It's never a dull moment when you read!

"Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting "Holy shit ... what a ride!"  - Anonymous
"I get by with a little help from my (higher density) friends."

Re: Dolores Cannon

Sigh .. as if I don't have enough reading on my "to do" list as it is!   smile   Will add Cannon as well.

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Re: Dolores Cannon

The "Convoluted Universe" series are awesome! Dolores said she wrote it primarily for all those mindblowing concepts that would bend your mind like a pretzel. Well, more like light stretching for those of us already familiar with alternative ideas, but whatever the case her material is fascinating. It draws upon sessions from so many different people that if one turns you off, maybe another has something you resonate with. So it's interesting enough to keep your attention, but varied enough that you also get to train your B.S. detector.

She gives an impression of sincerity, warmth, dedication, and open mindedness...but also a level of innocence that borders on naivete when it comes to trusting certain sources. One in particular, which in my view is a primary source of contamination in her work, calls itself "The Collective" - an alien race claiming responsibility for human abductions under benevolent intentions. They come through different hypnotized clients and pick up where they last left off despite these clients not knowing each other, which impressed Dolores because that is an unequivocal demonstration of a non-fabricated source.

What I noticed about "The Collective" is that they sounded identical in tone and content to the various entities that spoke through Lyssa Royal in "Visitors from Within." It employed the same cavalier rationalizions, psychophatic charm, and exploitation of psychological blindspots and ego vulnerabilities. Same tone, same content. Obviously, no deceptive source would admit malicious intent, and would instead stalk their victims into blissful submission. In a video of a talk she gave, about four times did she mention that "it's all positive, there is nothing negative about this" when referring to alien abductions, their genetic meddling, and alien / government underground bases. That, I cannot buy based on personal experience, intuition, anecdotes from others, and all I have read on this subject. People need to be careful when seeking higher awareness; the sheer awe of fringe information can become so intoxicating that discernment gets thrown out the window.

A good chunk of information from The Collective can be found in her book "The Custodians." Now, bearing in mind the similarity between that and "Visitors from Within" by Lyssa Royal, I'm kinda perplexed if not disturbed at the following:



Draw your own conclusions from this. One thing that comes to mind is an article by Goro Adachi - part of his Stargate Cipher series, that discusses this pic:


Another would be the book "The Stargate Conspiracy" where some of the Council of Nine channelings were called into question as possibly being part of government mind control experiments involving hypnotic programming and voice-to-skull EM transmissions. They came through Uri Geller and Bobby Horne when hypnotized by Puharich.

And hypnosis is how Cannon gets in touch with The Collective. Considering that her clients come to her, it's not farfetched to say that despite the majority being healthy and psychologically independent subjects, some may have been previously programmed, implanted, etc... and brought to her in order to function as conduits for disinformation. I'm not sure whether this would be military, alien, or some combination of both.

But, this should not detract from the rest of her material, which as I said before is fascinating and worth checking out. And in all honesty, perhaps this stuff from The Collective is what keeps her alive and able to disseminate the good stuff as well. If she took a stance closer to Karla Turner, she might have met the same fate.

Cannon emphasizes that her goal is more to expand your mind to new ideas that make you believe anything, so it's a take-what-resonates-and-leave-the-rest affair. It does require sorting, filtering, and if you don't have the time or patience for that then maybe save these books for when you do.

Acquiring fringe knowledge is like digging for diamonds in a mine field.


Re: Dolores Cannon

A question for montalk and lyra.  Just wondering how you reconcile your  oft-stated admiration of the Seth and Ra material with your position on aliens and alen abductions.  Seth specifically said there were no demons except those of our own creation.  Ra's message is that all is of the Oneness (the Law of One). 


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Re: Dolores Cannon

Are you being serious?

I imagine yes, because this topic has come up before.

The RA material goes into detail about 5th density negative entitie(s) that consistently attempted to disrupt the communication.

All is one?  Of course.  Does that mean that we ignore negative polarity??

Re: Dolores Cannon

Agreed, Wandering1.

The chooser is one, the choices are many. The source of freewill is singular, the consequence of freewill is duality. From unity, duality. From unified infinity, STS and STO. From the Creator, the choice to accept or reject. Unity in substance, duality in form. Get it?

Also, none are holding Ra and Seth to be gospel, and what Seth defines as "demon" is not identically the totality of what Ra defines as service-to-self. Even if demons did not exist, there are still beings who have made the freewill choice to tread the path of rejection.

No need to reconcile what is already consistent, if properly understood.

Acquiring fringe knowledge is like digging for diamonds in a mine field.

Re: Dolores Cannon

Jen wrote:

A question for montalk and lyra.  Just wondering how you reconcile your oft-stated admiration of the Seth and Ra material with your position on aliens and alen abductions.

Knowing your level of disrespect for both of us and this forum, and your self-claimed enjoyment of being a trickster and playing games, I question your sincerity in asking this question. I answered it for the benefit of the very few others who might actually listen to the response.

Over the past month you have been desperately attempting to draw out a response from myself or Lyra, using methods from the subtle to silly to pathetic, and now addressed both of us directly, together, with a provocative question that as Wandering1 has pointed out, has been discussed before.

Additionally, I very rarely bring up Seth and only occasionally the Ra Material, Lyra does so far less except mentioning how Seth got her introduced to metaphysical cosmology, so your saying we have an "oft-stated admiration" for these sources is baloney because you're making it sound like we hold these sources to be gospel and push them at every turn. Perhaps you are projecting upon us what you yourself are doing with your various channeling sources.

A sincere question from a sincere member is one thing, yours is something else. Knock off the silly games and covert hostility, as you are wearing out your welcome.

Acquiring fringe knowledge is like digging for diamonds in a mine field.


Re: Dolores Cannon


montalk, I am sorry you are reading all of that into my post,
and I'm hurt by your tone.

I asked that question out of curiosity, since I see many conflicts between
the philosophies of Seth/Ra and yours/lyra's about the alien
abductions.  I was seeking to open up the discussion, that's all.
If you don't like having me here at the forum, then ban me.
but I don't think my posts here warrant such hostility.  I seek only to
share, to grow and learn together with the forum members.  I am
not on the warpath with either you or lyra.  Frankly, I have a lot
better things to do with my energy.

One more thing, if you were truly secure in your position, you wouldn't be
so upset by any perceived challenge.

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Re: Dolores Cannon

Jen wrote:

I asked that question out of curiosity, since I see many conflicts between
the philosophies of Seth/Ra and yours/lyra's about the alien

.........except, as montalk clearly stated, neither one of us are going around "oft stating" our "admiration" for these sources. 

You danced right over that part though and continue to push this thing about the supposed "conflicts" between the philosophies of these books and our beliefs regarding aliens and abductions.

Maybe you didn't read what montalk said? 

Maybe you only see what you want to see? 

Either way, it's a fallacy to ignore it and continue to push your version of events.

Jen wrote:

I am not on the warpath with either you or lyra.

Nobody said you were on the "warpath."  Putting words in people's mouths.   

Jen wrote:

Frankly, I have a lot better things to do with my energy.

No, actually, apparantly you don't.  And your posts reveal that.

Jen wrote:

One more thing, if you were truly secure in your position, you wouldn't be so upset by any perceived challenge.

....And now you're twisting things around - yet more logical fallacies - by claiming that montalk must be "insecure" to be responding to you as he is................instead of acknowledging the real reason for his response, which is that you're making claims about us that are not true.

I think you need to get your hands on a good course in logic and reasoning for debate, Jen.  Soon.  But this is the reason that posting here has become such a turn off over the past few months, posters like this, doing stuff like this.  It's just too much.

"Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting "Holy shit ... what a ride!"  - Anonymous
"I get by with a little help from my (higher density) friends."

Re: Dolores Cannon

Your words don't match your actions, and you sidestepped every point I made. It's not about being upset by perceived challenges, but being concerned over continued covert hostility and game playing. This topic was the focus of discussions in which you yourself have previously participated, therefore "curiosity" is a poor excuse for something you already know my answer to. If someone else had asked that same question, I would have responded gladly because they would not have been the source of problems in the past. Warpath is not your style, but it doesn't need to be to accomplish the same ends. Anyway, this is the second time you dared me to ban you, and so banned it shall be.

Acquiring fringe knowledge is like digging for diamonds in a mine field.

Re: Dolores Cannon

Lyra -- years ago I was a member of a very defined group.  At that time, my then husband was one of the big shots -- did the average guy go after him?  Nope -- after me.  Constantly in various little ways -- or big ways.

Just watch who attacks you and you'll see the people who wish they could attack Tom directly but don't dare. 

Ahhh -- the price one pays for partnership <grin> --  but it's a very workable tool actually -- you can see who wants the group to fail.

Warm regards,
Christine B.

Re: Dolores Cannon

wandering1 wrote:

All is one?  Of course.  Does that mean that we ignore negative polarity??

No, I would think that what it means is that we should LOVE negative polarity instead of hate them?

I am as is Void.

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Re: Dolores Cannon

So. . . anyway. . .  wink

Loving the negs seems to me very akin to a child loving an abusive parent.

I know I've made this point before elsewhere, but frankly I can't remember who's read it or not.  I'll attempt to reiterate the main ideas.

Beings of negative polarity, including those practicing abduction, form abusive relationships with humans in order to exploit them for their own selfish purposes.

Abuse is abuse, and for some reason when it comes to the topic of alien abduction, some individuals apparently believe that a different standard applies.  Personally, I interpret that as a major indicator of an unresolved history of abduction.

Humans are innately very innocent, loving, and trusting, and like the pedophile to the child, those qualities are very attractive to a being who has lost that somewhere along the way, or never had it to begin with.

The fact that a person can take an abusive experience and transmute it to the positive is a testament to the inherent goodness and resilience of the abusee, not the abuser.

The proper processing of an abusive experience involves making a clear and decisive separation from the abusing party, and the recognition that the abuser does not have your best interests in mind.  Keeping them around, in some vain hope that they will change their ways, or that you can help them, only reinforces the abusive behavior.  And let me be so bold here as to state that this is not a matter of opinion, it is a matter of fact, and there are no exceptions.

The same patterns of abuse have been handed down from generation to generation for thousands of years (or longer) and yet people who are in the midst of it will still insist that their particular situation is somehow different than everybody else's.  It is not.  Nevertheless, they will vehemently defend their abuser like a tortured dog who has no other source of food than their morally bereft owner, and attack anybody who so much as hints at the futility of staying in an abusive relationship. 

The reason that people stay in abusive relationships is because they are addicted to them, and subconsciously encourage them.  For most, it is far easier to deal with the shame of being abused than the guilt that comes with the realization that, in some sense, you asked for it.

You may not have asked for it in the beginning, but you are definitely asking for it every time you come back for more and offer all sorts of excuses and justifications for the abuse.  A child may not know any better, but an adult needs to take responsiblity for their own boundaries.

Once your boundaries have been clearly established and the experience fully mourned and processed, then it is the proper time to go back and engage the abuser with love and compassion, but by no means is anybody required to do so.

Yes it's true, that on some hyperdimensional level, somebody may have agreed to take part in an abduction so that they may use that experience as a catalyst for growth, but that does not make abduction a positive experience  in and of itself.

For somebody wishing to incarnate at this time and place, I would imagine that the opportunities for finding parents that are capable of raising a child with healthy boundaries are few and far between.  So maybe it's a case of taking what you can get, and making the best of the situation.  I don't really know.

What I do know is that not one of the communications I have received from beings 6th or higher density, such as the Pleiadians, the Cassiopeans, Seth, or Ra, makes any allusion to abduction being a positive or necessary experience.  These beings communicate with humans through careful and gentle guidance and kind words of upliftment and encouragement. 

They do not steal you away in the night and violate you and harvest your eggs, or implant you with devices so they can monitor and track your behavior.  In every case they exercise supreme caution and concern in regard to free will and boundaries, and seem to exude a sense of reverance and awe for humans, as if we are a precious jewel that should be handled with great care.

So when I hear somebody say that we should love the negs, I can't help but think that it sounds like the child allowing daddy to touch their privates because they 'love' him, or the wife justifying her blackened eye because she 'loves' her husband.  This is not love, this is insanity.

The highest service that a being of positive polarity can offer to a being of negative polarity is to clearly, and on no uncertain terms, communicate to them that their services are no longer necessary, and that they have been released from duty.

It is not for us to understand love, but simply to make space for it.