Topic: Incredible but True!

I am very bored and it's raining so I decided to share some jokeful insights with whoever happens to have some spare time to read them.

Believe it or not:

-There are 2 parts in the human brain. One which asks and one which agrees.

-There are 22 pairs of Chromosomes...or is it 23? I'll have to check on that one!

-Some top secret information just being made available to the american public suggests that there is life elsewhere.
Some places have weird names like Spain, Morrocco, Belgium, Ghana, Indonesia (lots of people there apparently), Burkina Facao, Egypt, Poland etc. There seem to be hundreds of them. These are not cities or states but actual countries where people live, have different languages, watch non-american Tv etc. Incredible!

-Christopher Columbus was NOT the first man. He was an immigrant actually.

-The word 'sex' is not related to the word 'love' at all. It is not even a dirty word.

-Time, space and consciousness are malleable substances.

-Animal are living entities. No they are not to be worn as jewellery or put on a display stool. It actually disrupts them when they have to do that.

-The heart chakra (related to unconditional love) is only operational in about 1/3 of

-The word "oystelofhausen"is an old german word (i.e: from Germany, in Europe). It is not being used since 1780. Apparently.

-Britney Spears is not a man. These rumours are unfounded.

-The centre of the Universe is located in the middle of your chest...but also in mine, Montalk's, Britney Spears' and Condoleeza Rice's.

-God doesn't have a beard. "He" doesn't live in a cloud and cannot stand the smell of burning.

-The right hemisphere of the brain may actually have a function (Yes, even for men) It can be strenghtened by writing with both hands. Left handed people, just read this know what I mean...

Anyway...Have Fun.

                                                                                                 Your Friend,


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Re: Incredible but True!

No, the center of the universe is NOT in Condolezza Rice's
chest.  That area is occupied by a black hole.