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Re: I have this document... ELF

It is important to remember in the context of these writings that the most fundamental issue that must be understood and addressed is the fact that we are living in a fully controlled, artificially sealed hologram in which, as in a hall of mirrors, we are being forced to deal with ourselves. Although it appears that we have been victimized by an externally applied control mechanism, the key to understanding the story of the treaty referred to in Part One of this series, is that nothing could be further from the truth.

The best analogy to draw is that the random elements of our previously random and chaotic, fragmented selves, are like atoms of carbon, that only through intense pressure and heat become the crystalline clarity of a diamond. Such adamantine clarity is what is emerging now through such pressure as has been applied for these 26,000 years, and as the fractal symmetry of the implicate form emerges from the chaos of the seemingly complete enclosure that we have been sealed within, our consciousness is rapidly gaining the clarity to see above the din of our apparent prison.

In the end we must all, inevitably, face ourselves.

--Intro to Part 2 - The Lockdown of Consciousness (TheELFTransmissions.doc) pg 9

We often speak of this reality bubble we find ourselves in as a hologram. But what does that really mean, in true and physical terms? Well, a hologram is created by the crossing of two beams of coherent light, what we call lasers, that create a cross interference pattern that in turn is imprinted upon with an image that is then melded onto some sort of receiving material medium such as plastic or glass. In the larger sense, the two coherent beams of light are the masculine and feminine principles of our whole divine selves and the imprinting medium is the carbon based vehicles of our physical forms. It is when these two coherent beams of light are distorted, split and castrated, then polarized, that the miscreated illusions of separation are engaged and then imprinted onto the carbon structures of our physical template, at the base of which is of course, the crystalline spiral of the DNA chains.

-- Part 2 - The Lockdown of Consciousness (TheELFTransmissions.doc) pg 13

Re: I have this document... ELF

Have any of you been to http://wingmakers.com ? Give it a look.

In man's analysis and understanding of himself, it is as well to know from whence he came as whither he is going.   Edgar Cayce

Beliefs are tools for social conditioning, rather than expressions of inner realization or inner truth.   unknown
Ad Verecundiam

Re: I have this document... ELF

from  The ELF Transmissions, Part Two
The Lock Down of Consciousness

The question this leads to is, of course, how can we truly be creators walking upon this Earth, if all of our life force and energy is spent chasing pieces of paper that are abstracted containment fields of our life force, even another step removed from the gold encasement herein described, if we cannot even ground our true capacity to dream and envision, to form and bring forth, into this vehicle into which we incarnate? The answer of course is, we can't. And that is precisely the structure that we now have decoded and are bringing forth in these essays to bring to consciousness this history and the current construct of the bonded hologram for those with eyes to see and ears to hear, to finally wake up to and become the means and method to break the binding spell.

This is why we are all here, now.  Welcome to the party.  Thanks for this Sowelu, will be up all night again.
Putting the kettle on... cool

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace. Jimi Hendrix 

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Re: I have this document... ELF

I'm finding the whole "Irish/Celtic" thing v.fascinating.

eg:  from Part 4

But prior to that happening, this acknowledgement and understanding of the role of the feminine as the receptive Void of the intentional thought of creation was transmitted from the far North, from the land of the Daal Fin, down through the British Isles to a people who built the megalithic monuments such as the henges which in fact, were designed as astronomical viewing structures to chart the stars as well as to watch for errant visitors in the form of asteroids and other wandering atypical stellar bodies. Thus, Newgrange was designed to track the movements of Venus, Stonehenge was an astronomical observatory, and many of the other monuments of stone in the British Isles were real and practical constructs for the knowledge of the seasons, the cycles and the natural laws of our positioning in the cosmos.  From the British Isles this knowledge made its way to the land of Egypt where the feminine principle was at first honored, but was progressively co-opted by the male priest class that wanted to use such knowledge to bind the people and the consciousness.

Watching V for Vendetta for first time the other night I noticed that the Irish were referred to at least twice;

1.   Prothero (the "Voice of London") sacks "the paddy" for lighting him badly (making him look like he is) and just after that proclaims to himself  "Good guys win, bad guys lose, and as always England Prevails"

2.   Creedy to the Detective when he realises that he knows too much  "You're mother was Irish wasn't she?"

curiouser, and curiouser, indeed.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace. Jimi Hendrix 

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Re: I have this document... ELF

Yes, Bingo!!!!  yikes

from Part 5

In 1066 as we have been told in school, William the Conqueror took control of the British Isles. He established something called the City of London, a one square mile of absolute domain, a city-state Nation of its own right and authority. Around this enclave grew the municipal city of London. On this same Island nation a previous era reigned for a short while, and whether of actual fact or simply mythological symbol, it is all the same to our discussion. This, of course, was the time of Arthur.

Arth being the Celtic word for "bear," Ur as previously discussed the sound tone for Light, for the first chakra, and also the Latin word for bear as well (ursa). Aside from the previous reference to "bear" and bearer instruments in representation as money of real substance, the reference to bear carries another meaning. We have already mentioned the use of the reversed swastika to lock in the controlled life force and it is important to further note the designation of the two constellations that cycle around our polar north star, the Major and Minor Bears that, as they turn, inscribe a stellar swastika above our heads.

The legend of Arthur tells us there was a struggle with his most trusted and loyal knight, another symbolic representation of the split male. In this story two males struggle for the love of one woman, just as in a previous era we have Paris, Menelaus and Helen of Troy. It is no accident that the capital of the Catholic nation of France is named after this earlier version, where later on Napoleon would bring back from Egypt "Cleopatra's" needle, a massive phallic obelisk from Egypt.

Is Arthur in fact the idealized "bearer" of the false male god, just as the scarab became the false bearer instrument for the gold that contained the life force that gods sought and controlled and the people chased after? Is the sword that only he could pull from the "rock" known as Excalibur, another symbol for the rock upon which the Church was built, the sword being the "peter" they claimed provided their apostolic line of succession? In their mythical story, why was that same Peter required to deny the Christed one three times before his supposed crucifixion? Did it have something to do with this story line of bondage and control of the actual and original Christos contained within all beings and only falsely maintained to be out of our reach except through the intercession of the Church and its priests? Is all of this the indication of the true Holy Grail (San Graal, derived from Sang Real which means Royal Blood) sought after by Parcival (pierce the veil)? Of course it is!!

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace. Jimi Hendrix 

Re: I have this document... ELF

Franklin D. Roosevelt once stated, "Nothing in history is an accident." He spoke on good authority, because he himself was very much in the middle of creating history according to a well-laid out plan during his own tenure. You will soon see as we follow this line of convergence of history, consciousness and control, that this applies to things and events reaching hundreds and thousands of years into the past where nothing that has occurred has been by accident and the events of today are the concluding moments of a long history of purpose and design, filled with malice and intent, yet always within the context that we are free will beings endowed with the spark of Original Innocence and Original Power, always with the power to return to this original state and regain our freedom in our lives, our consciousness and our spirits.


"End Transmissions" ?????  yikes   Please, may I have some more?  lol

This was too good.  Better go to bed now and process.  Lots to say about this...  v. cool   Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou!

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace. Jimi Hendrix 

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Re: I have this document... ELF

In Masonic rites and rituals, this understanding was embodied in the presence of the two pillars, over which was laid the mantle of the gods, the controlling yoke, so that the King and the Priest remembered from whence and from whom their authority ensued. Later, this mantle of "divine" authority, in the old testament encodement, became known as Yahweh, the One God of monotheism, nothing more than linguistic crystallizations to abstract such concepts until it was all held in mysterious and mystical removal from the mere mortals who cowered in fear of such outside authorities and powers. A prime example of how natural laws and cycles that were known by the people were progressively mystified and abstracted, becoming more and more the purview of the priests who were the interceding controllers of the laws and the desires of the gods, later the one God, can be found in the cycles of Venus.

In light of this, how might we view 9/11?  The destruction of the twin pillars?  Anyone?

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace. Jimi Hendrix 

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Re: I have this document... ELF

Receiving ELF transmission now... never noticed the thread before. On the subject of pillars, masons, etc..

"Hail! ye twin warriors about the pillars of the world! for your time is nigh at hand.

"I am the lord of the Double Wand of Power: the wand of the force of Coph Nia - but my left hand is empty, for I have crushed an Universe; & nought remains."

[The Book of the Law; chap III : vv. 71, 72]

On a Thelemic forum I postulated a "Thelemicidal" numerology theory, just as easily a coincidence theory or revelatory Synch theory, about 9/11; both facts and myth... The idea of the paranoiac dissertion being "them" trying to get the 93 current to skip a beat, if not end it.

All of the references would  be known by both white and black lodges, numerology is nobody's secret nowadays.

An' it goes a li'l sumthin like this:

Twin Towers = 11 = K = ABRAHADABRA; Magick, outer wand of double power etc.:

[Flight 11 hit first and hit 1 of 2 "pillars" of the world, first strike is made with "the wand". no, not THAT wand...]

93 = Thelèma (WILL) and Agapè (LOVE); aoidè (MYTH, LEGEND) {by the greek};
TzBA (an army); BNI AL (the sons of the merciful god) {by the hebrew} ;

[downed in a field, "failed", "downed by internal fighting" "suicided"]

77 = OZ (a goat, strength); MGDL (towers, citadel) {hebrew} 
CURSES, DARKNESS, DEVOUR, VENOM {New Aeon English Qabalah}

[hit the "citadel" of martial form]

175= MKPLH (duplicity) NPILH (slipping, falling) QDMAL (spirit of venus) {heb}
amothen (from anywhere); eneimi en (to be within one) neon (afrsh, anew) {gk}

[a "clean break" with one of america's patron goddesses (through masonic symbolism, ISIS) brought by a threat seemingly from everywhere, that is really within]

For punctual fastidiousness:

175 reduces 13, 4 (Hesed) .   
93 reduces 12, 3 (Binah).
11 reduces 2 (Hockmah)
77 reduces 14, 5 (Gevurah).

A rectangle centered around choronzon, i.e. fox news.  wink

He who hath earphones for hearing, let him pump up the volume, pump up the volume, pump up the volume,   Dance. Dance.

And of course, please excuse this Centre of Pestilence, etc. etc. quite besides the OT. Very sorry.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Love is the law, love under will.
     Zejith Themis

Re: I have this document... ELF

I was soooo pumped to read these ELF Transmissions.... printed the whole thing out, sat down with them and a cup of coffee.... and lost it on page 2 with the elves and fairies.

Am I the only one who has a problem believing in elves and fairies, and/or that they figure into our human destinies?

Flame me if you want, that's a real stumbling block for me.


Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I've tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great and would suffice.  ~Robert Frost

Re: I have this document... ELF

Aquarius wrote:

I was soooo pumped to read these ELF Transmissions.... printed the whole thing out, sat down with them and a cup of coffee.... and lost it on page 2 with the elves and fairies.

Am I the only one who has a problem believing in elves and fairies, and/or that they figure into our human destinies?

Flame me if you want, that's a real stumbling block for me.


In the past, I would have had the same reaction.  But look at the pictures I posted in this thread:


I can't help but feel it's at least possible after seeing that.

Re: I have this document... ELF

Aquarius wrote:

I was soooo pumped to read these ELF Transmissions.... printed the whole thing out, sat down with them and a cup of coffee.... and lost it on page 2 with the elves and fairies.

Am I the only one who has a problem believing in elves and fairies, and/or that they figure into our human destinies?

Flame me if you want, that's a real stumbling block for me.


Aquarius, me and Mrs Me had the same discussion today.  I always believed that the elves and the fairies were kids stuff.But,the children are more in contact with 'reality' than we are. We just kick the truth out of them , by ridicule, as they grow up.

Maybe these things are just fairy tales, but personally, I am behaving more like a child at the moment. Otherwise I will not be able to open myself to possibilities...These legends, myths, have survived thousands of years, why is that?

There is incredible magic going on in my life (albeit in small but significant proportions), but I think it is only because I have opened myself up to it. Yes, it is on the verge of insanity at times. But. In my meditations I firmly ground myself to Earth (and physical material reality), whilst at the same time inviting the unknown dimensions to enter from above, via spirit.

It feels very weird at times. I open myself up to ridicule just by posts like this. But I am an IT Manager, just completing (this weekend) a seriously difficult , and personally funded Open University course on Web server management (which is heavily linked to my spiritual destiny), I may post like a fool, because I am spiritually naive, and just awakening, but I am actually grounded, and not without common sense. The whole thing is very paradoxical, but I know that I need to be open to all possibilities, on one hand living in the world, and doing a course that is so materialistic , while holding down a job where all my time is spent wasting my intelligence on pointless profit inspired activities that do not further the fate of mankind (Just the fat German directors pocket).

I long to explore the possibilities. Just tonight, another magical, mystical moment that made me feel potentially limitless in possibilities.
Tommorrow,more  mindless numbing crap, that will make me forget tonights magic, and drive me to drink to forget the day I endured.

I want to to believe in Fairies and Goblins and Elves and Magic. Its better than the daily Yrap I am having to put up with, and it is starting to seem more real than the crap I am putting up with, day, by day.  Is that all there is? Because if that all there is , then take me to the Magical Kingdom anyday.

you can say I am mad, and I would understand you. But I want to escape THIS madness. And if believing in Fairies and Elves is part of that escape route, then so be it.

Blue - News at Ten - Loonyville,

Re: I have this document... ELF

Blue wrote:

It feels very weird at times. I open myself up to ridicule just by posts like this. But I am an IT Manager, just completing (this weekend) a seriously difficult , and personally funded Open University course on Web server management (which is heavily linked to my spiritual destiny), I may post like a fool, because I am spiritually naive, and just awakening, but I am actually grounded, and not without common sense. The whole thing is very paradoxical, but I know that I need to be open to all possibilities, on one hand living in the world, and doing a course that is so materialistic , while holding down a job where all my time is spent wasting my intelligence on pointless profit inspired activities that do not further the fate of mankind (Just the fat German directors pocket).

Like a growing plant your roots are in the dirt but you aspire to the light. Sometimes both are necessary.

We're all butterflies flapping our wings and changing the world.

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Re: I have this document... ELF

NO NO NO aguarius, its cool--its a PLAY ON WORDS not fairies as in those kinda faeries, but in the tuatha da naan.  the ancient core ppls of the celtic lands, and prob descendants of the annanuki, as we all are here, in actuality, some more than others.  link to this and all will be better understood, yet there will be more questions.  stay hepped up on it, its ok.  its a matter of semantics and language, which was coated, hidden, "coded" in the older darker days (geez, can they get any colder and darker thab now, talk about the "dark ages) here--take a look. The concept of fairies (the fair folk) was born directly from Dragon and Ring Lord cultures, being a derivative of the Greek ’phare’, meaning ’great house’. (it is from this that the word ’pharaoh’ also derives). In the Gaelic world, certain royal families (especially those of the Pendragons) were said to carry the fairy blood – that is to say, the fate or destiny of the Grail bloodline and of humankind at large – while the Elf-maidens of the Albi-gens were the designated guardians of the earth, starlight and forest. It is for these reasons that fairies and elves have so often been portrayed as shoemakers and lamplighters, for the fairy cobblers made the shoes which measured the steps of life, while the Shining Ones of the elven race were there to light the way.

In national terms, although fairies present a widespread image, they are particularly associated with Ireland, where they are epitomized by the ancient people of the Tuatha Dé Danann. This formidable king tribe was, nevertheless, mythologized by the Christian monks, who rewrote the majority of Irish history to suit their own Church’s vested interest in Eire. From a base of the monastic texts (which arose onwards from medieval times) it is generally stated that these people were the supernatural tribe of the agricultural goddess Danaë of Argos, or perhaps of the Aegean Mother-goddess Danu. But their true name, rendered in its older form, was Tuadhe d’Anu – and as such, they were the people (or tribe) of Anu, the great sky god of the Anunnaki.  i lost this twice.  tryin to show ya, DAMMIT. its a thing on the tuatha da annan.  i have a good link for ya, but i cant do it in a hurry..not little leprechaun, but yes, leprachuan which meant ppl like that of a leper, with scaly skin. vs armor they wore:

The word is said to come from the old Irish luchorpan, lu=small + corp=body. However, as we know, the Irish leprechauns or Sidhe were the Danaan, and these were full sized people. Old Irish would have been spoken in a time when the Danan were still around, if only as a remnant. St Patrick was the guardian of a Danan Princess and her descendants are recorded as witnessing the battle of Clontarf, for insance. So Irish people would have known that leprechauns weren’t midgets. The leprechauns are most commonly depicted wearing green, Robin Hood or Artisson’s colour. In the case of leprechaun the lepre stands for lepra meaning scaled, as in leprosy, rendering leprechaun as ’scaly-bodied’, not small-bodied. yes, too its linked to THE SCALED ancestors, sorry to say, but of the reptilian gender and we already know that.  we have to admit it. elven race, not just plain elves but nuthin wrong with them either.  its myth and in myth there is truth.  elves, witches, WOMEN.

"Here we enter in upon the realm of the Holy Grail. Royal Witches were Elven by blood and everybody contemporary to them knew this. Professor Murray made this assertion in England and was followed by Jules Michelet in France who recorded that the epithet ’fairy’ was attributed by the French to the ancient Gallic Queens."

they had to HIDE it.  the supernatural power to co-create.  they knew plenty, they hid from the RC church.  they murdered the cathars, these ancient ppl's had knowledge, and it was from the blood, and the belief system.  they refused to be enslaved.  they had their own beliefs.  the church hated all their guts, rounded em up, all but destroyed em in total.  they believed its in the DNA, the memories, and it takes a magnetic field to hold the memories.  i will link it tomorrow.  i have to find it again.  dont let the elven thing sway u.  what will bug u prob is the fact, and its gonna come out, that theres a direct link ancestrally to reptilian blood and nobody's gonna like it necessarily, but its gonna reveal itself.  cant help it.  thats the darkside, of US.  the limbic brain part and more.  i had to stare this in the eye awhile back.  i always suspected it.  dont let any of it bother u, just keep an open mind. but some facts are important, such as the hidden meanings behind words, titles, and symbols.  i been sittin on this stuff for over 10 yrs now, its been driving me crazy.  traced it back and back and back.  and u know what happens when ur a detective, lookin for stuff, u will find stuff that cross correlates and references.  and if u do alots of research and look up whats available on earth, even if u use real history books, channelings, whatever is available, u will see the progenitors were sumerian, annanuki, reptilian, cuz thats whats there.  and u will run into all kinds of myth, gods and goddesses.  it cannot be helped. thats whats THERE.  and what is so cool is that as the descendants, we have the chance to clean things up.  we cant help who birthed us.  we chose it yet we didnt, you know the drill.  this is our chance to clean up the legacy of the evil masters.  the SON RISES>  we wrap up the mess they started.  thats one of my finest theories, we came in, with the alien genetics of the them, yet we r the liberators, the prison-enders, the mapmakers, the REBELS.  we went against their teachings, we discovered their lies, we r spiritually immune and we will redeem them.  this time, with living love.  with warrior heart, to stop the carnage, and get the integrity back.  we will do it with crystal intent, merely to do it. we're on a mission, we have searched far and wide, and its staring us in the face.  its been in our own backyard closet all the while.  this is the true challenge to rectify all parts of self.  i stopped the child abuse in my family with ME.  we're the bastard creation that frees the slaves.  the ones that come after us. we pave the way, as others have before us. we pick up the sword now.  we do it with what we know now.  we create it from all we have and have learned, and are.  we have a big fight on our hands, but we believe in us, as we gather info for the times to come.  its ok.  no one needs to be flamed. wouldnt think of it.

GNOTHI SEAUTON "Know Thyself!"

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Re: I have this document... ELF

I did ask for more, didn't I!  googled "path of the Lion +shpinx" and found this website  http://www.pranaspirituallifecentre.cof … x_link.htm

I've only just begun reading it and this little wink connection pops up...

from ELF Part 5

So back to 1066, the so-called creation of the Anglo-Saxon race, Saxon being derived from "Isaac's Sons," and the establishing of the City of London took place. Thirty three years later Jerusalem was retaken by the "Christians" in the first crusade, while at the same time an island off the south western tip of Britain sank below the ocean surface, an island known as Lionesse, whose symbol was the two lions guarding the gate. In part six we will further explore the significance of the lion's path, but for the moment suffice it to say that there is no accident of the timing of the sinking of Lionesse concurrent with the "rising" of the Temple in Jerusalem. The sinking of Lionesse, by the way, took place and is recorded as having occurred on November 11, 1099, the day of the 11:11, the number eleven having an obvious symbolic significance in many ways, not the least of which is its resemblance to two pillars.

from website quoted at top of this post...

Between the Paws of the Sphinx

Just after the lunar eclipse on August 8, 1998, the Sun moves into the constellation of the Lion. On August 21-22, a solar eclipse takes place immediately in front of the star Regulus, the "Lion's Heart". This corresponds to the "doorway" between the paws of the Sphinx. Edgar Cayce cryptically spoke, "the line of shadow falls between the paws of the Sphinx ..." while referring to the entrance to the Hall of Records. During this eclipse, a shadow will cover the Sun between the paws of the Lion/Sphinx. What is unique and special about this particular solar eclipse is that it occurs near the time of Galactic Alignment. The last Galactic Alignment, when an equinox aligned with this galactic pole was just prior to the last Age of the Lion and the "sealing" of the Hall of Records. The true history of humanity is supposedly contained amongst these records. Maybe the only time that we can reconnect with our true ancestors, who are probably intergalactic travellers, is during a Galactic Alignment.

The archetypal Lion is the guardian of the galactic pole and also the entrance to the Hall of Records below the Sphinx. This archetypal being has been called by the names of Jah, in the masculine and Sekmet, in the feminine. The brightest star in the Lion's constellation is called Regulus and is the key to the Lion's mysteries. This star is the only bright star that lies along the path of the Sun as the Sun appears to move through the zodiac. There is an intimate relationship between the Lion and the Sun.

In Galactic Astrology, the Sun represents a center of consciousness, usually self-consciousness and ego-consciousness. It is the place we identify with as "I" or "me". The stars and constellations represent the dimensions of the soul and spirit. The stars are out all the time, yet we cannot see them during the day because the Sun is too bright. In a similar way, the archetypal dimensions of the soul and spirit cannot be seen when the light of the ego or self-consciousness is too bright. The stars
appear when the Sun goes down. Multidimensional realities appear when the ego is transcended. During solar eclipses, the Sun (and ego) are temporarily blocked out. The stars can actually be seen during the day at the moment of a total solar eclipse.

The archetypal Lion is the "ruler of the heart" for each individual. Often this archetype is projected onto a celebrity, such as a member of a royal family, a rock star, or a movie star. Integrating this for yourself involves being open to the Lion and being willing to experience your heart as the ruler; in other words, always doing what you truly want and acting out of love rather than fear.

and get this from Part 3 ELF

Sirius has a precise 50 year cycle known as the periastran when Sirius B comes closest to our solar system, a cycle known and documented by the Dogon tribe of Africa only discovered in the latter half of last century, as well as inscribing a perfect helical spiral in that 50 year cycle that is exactly the same spiral of our DNA. The number 50 is another number with significance in the code of the Matrix, found for example in the fact that the United States Code is structured in 50 volumes, Title 26 being that of the Internal Revenue Code, with an obvious correspondence to the 26 sound tones of our alphabet (19 consonants, 5 vowels, reflective of the 19 hard sounds of the masculine and the 5 open sounds of the feminine intonations, prime numbers 9 and 4 respectively).

The three stars of the belt of Orion are precisely aligned with the three pyramids of Giza, and they have a precise correspondence to the three primary centers of our Earth vehicle, the physical, emotional and mental bodies, that when controlled, become the overriding method to maintain the hologram of our imprisonment, a subject we will visit later on when we discuss the legal, monetary and energetic systems of the coding in the matrix of planet Earth as we now have it today. It was 13,000 years ago, when the rising sign of the eastern sky was dawning the Age of Leo, that the Sphinx facing due east was carved with the head of the lion to remind us of the Path of the Lion that we will explore in Part Four, the path of remembrance on how to walk through the Pillars and return to Wholeness.

this is important and there are so many synchs in this for my personal life and story I am literally staggered.  I had to call the hubbie and tell him about it, it's that ridiculous!  yikeslol  And there IS MORE!  I did ask, didn't I... smile

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace. Jimi Hendrix 

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Re: I have this document... ELF

no blue, ur not nuts, u r AWARE.  thats what theyd like u to think, that ur nuts, they say we're all nuts. its them thats nuts. and cruel and awful and their time is nigh.  believe in what u BE_--what u BE--LEAVE.  now im doin it constantly, plays on words to show how it will circle round and break their angles, theyre/their traps. T-RAPS traps.  they just hate it when we tie shit together.  we've done it, we KNOW these things, we r celestially challenged.  we get it.  others dont, yet we will drag them along too.  endless searching for the real-EYES REALIZED stuff was not to be helped. it was inevitable.  we follow nothing, no one, but ourselves.  sometimes we're duped, sometimes not.  we have the drive to keep searching and knowing, we refuse to be enslaved much longer.  we have so many jobs to do, its a service to others to be the detectives we r. we've taken this on, which is honorable.  we have IMPROVED ourselves in so doing.  im so much more tolerant now than i was before, yet o ready to fight the fight.  with a purpose.  i see so much good in the world, yet its horrid. but its a changin, and we're in the front leagues.  no longer the outsiders lookin in, but the insiders looking out.  and found it:

"In this regard, it is significant that the Elves in Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings are quite unlike the cute little characters of many fairy tales; they are actually larger and more powerful than average mortals. They are also endowed with greater powers of wisdom; they ride magical horses and closely resemble the ancient king tribe of the Tuadhe d’Anu. Settling in Ireland from about 800 BC, the Tuadhe d’Anu hailed from the Central European lands of Scythia, the Black Sea kingdoms which stretched from the Carpathian mountains and Transylvanian Alps, across to the Russian River Don. They were strictly known as the Royal Scyths and their classification as fates or fairies occurred because they were masters of a transcendent intellect called the Sidhé, which was known to the druids as the Web of the Wise."

"The whole scenario was presented, time after time, as if it were a struggling nightmare, wherein the female (the Elf-maiden who carried the essential mitochondrial DNA) was out of reach of the Grail prince, so that his torturous quest to find her was akin to the quest for the Holy Grail itself."

"Consequently, many of the tales which emanated from this base were stories of lost brides and usurped kingship, based upon the Church’s subjugation of the Grail bloodline. The fairy tale ideal was essentially geared to relate the truth of these persecutions. They were allegorical accounts of the predicament of the Messianic family – the Ring Lords of the Sangréal, whose fairies and elves (having been maneuvered from the mortal plane of orthodoxy and status quo) were confined to a seemingly Otherworld existence. They emerged as tales of valiant princes who were turned into frogs; of Swan knights who roamed the Wasteland and of Grail princesses locked in towers, or put to sleep for hundreds of years. In the course of their persecution, the Elf-maidens were pricked with bodkins, fed with poisoned apples, subjected to spells or condemned to servitude, while their champions swam great lakes, battled through thickets and scaled mighty towers to secure and protect the matrilinear heritage of the Albi-gens.

"These romantic legends include such well-known stories as the Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White and Rapunzel. In all cases, the underlying theme is the same, with the princess kept (through drugging, imprisonment or some form of restraint) out of reach of the prince, who has to find her and release her in order to preserve the dynasty and perpetuate the line."  kill the grail queen, who in theory is the progenitor of the rightful way to rule, and u kill the line.  even tho of anu blood, they had powers that the gods were jealous of.  they wanted them killed off.  oooooh. those fairy-tales.  more tricks n bull from the PTB.  even then. fairy tales were never really meant for children, they were allegories, secrets revealed in stories, yarns, paul bunyon style.

"In ancient Egypt it was common practice for the pharaohs to marry their sisters in order to progress their kingship through the female line. These wives were often the pharaohs’ half-sisters, born of their mothers by different fathers, for it was the mitochondrial DNA of the matrilinear succession that was important to the dynasties. (Although mitochondria is inherited from mothers by both sons and daughters, it is only passed on by the daughters, since this DNA resides within the female egg cells.) "

kill off or marry into the pedigreed bloodlines, to keep the wrap/rap goin, to stop by killing, the supernatural powers of the orphans/tribes they created.  they had given birth to those that could usurp them... thats why the cover-up.  afraid of their own offspring.  just as theyre afraid of us, THEIR offspring.  so the myths circle and we play them over again, in 2012-2017.  tolkien's lord of the rings was no coincidence, as evil rules the world in the last of days, and the meek (the hobbits/? us)  are there to grab the ring--?stop reincarnation thruentrapment in the theocratic bands?  The Ring was a symbol of wholeness, unity and eternity. It represented a continuance of divine justice - a justice that was measured by the Rod (or Rule). Hence, the Ring was the ultimate insignia of the Anunnaki overlords - the enigmatic Oupires who were responsible for the establishment of municipal government and kingly practice - for they were the progenitors of civilization from about 4000 BC. "In view of this, it is of particular interest to note that Tolkien answered (when asked about his book’s Middle Earth environment) that he perceived its setting to relate to somewhere around 4000 BC."

    "The cauldron has always been boiling", he said, "We simply add new ingredients to the soup".

"Gnomes, like goblins, were said to be the guardians of the underground treasures - which is why the word is today associated with banking, as in the Gnomes of Zurich. The word root is in the Greek equivalent of gno, from which we get gnosis and gnoble (noble). The gnomes were, therefore, once again, of the noble race and were referred to as the Wise Ones. Their job was indeed one of guardianship: they were guardians of the gnosis (the knowledge) and of the sacred bloodline of the Albi gens. It is by way of the noble (or gnomic) distinction that the fairy race in general was referred to as the ’gentry’ - particularly the druidic caste of the Pict-sidhé (the pixies) who were the ultimate custodians of law and culture. Their female counterparts were the Behn-sidhé (the Banshee), which, in old Irish, simply means ’wise women’."  kill all the witches, the midwives. the magicians, the seers, make it evil to see a psychic, forbid it, while kings and empires had used oracles for centuries.  depends whose in power.  theyre always killin somebody and encouraging the idiot sheeple to breed. some bloodlines, ppl. of the ancestry, REFUSE TO BE ENSLAVED, and in that, therein lies the rub. and the ELVEN COVER-UP.

GNOTHI SEAUTON "Know Thyself!"