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I just went to HRM'S site and my intuition was it was right on. What I read resonated deeply with me.

What are fruits and veggies ? But store houses of sun, moon and star light. Is not every thing just energy, everything made of protons, nuetrons, electrons and the smaller packets of energy that make these up ? And make those up, And make.... then there is light?Or smaller still ?

He gives a few great examples and his info on the brain, especially the pineal gland Awhsome stuff I think. I don't know about you guys but I love the start and end of the day(sunrise and sunset) What makes life on earth possible ?

What about the GREAT declaration " LET THERE BE LIGHT"  Do you believe what the powers that be say, the GOV and the CHURCH most of what they have told us is one LIE after another LIE. Don't we want to increase our vibrations to the point we are beings of LIGHT ? I know I do. I am a spirit that has a physical body not the other way around.

Why has man always had such a love affair with the Sun / Son ? How/ why did it get this name when there are millions of names available?

I have taken an RI/RV course and one of the exercises was to look at the Sun ( eyes CLOSED ) and to try and merge with the Sun, does increase your vib rate. So why not prudently do it eyes open ?

I like the part about being bare footed, don't need those ion bracelets if you go bare footed and get excess energy going to ground, all electric circuits need to be grounded to work, when was the last time you were grounded ? Most of us are insulated all the time, shoes, carpet, etc.

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pythagoras wrote:

I just went to HRM'S site and my intuition was it was right on. What I read resonated deeply with me.

What's the url?

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I went to a talk given by Hira Manek last May in Sedona, AZ.  I had been practicing sungazing for about 3 months at that time (without any noticeable changes in eyesight, etc).... not long enough probably.   What he teaches makes sense to me, however, I feel like I want to share my experience of being in his presence.  I was sitting not far away from him at a small gathering.  There was something very lifeless about him which I don't have the words to describe and he spoke in a monotone, almost as though pre-recorded.   He seemed very stiff, as though in physical pain.  Not sure what that means, perhaps someone else would have had a different impression, although my companion observed the same.    Not too long after I heard him speak, I received an email from a friend who is an avid sungazer with information that Hira had started to eat food again and had not informed anyone.  Someone had caught him eating and made it public.  I don't have the details on this, but if anyone is interested, I will attempt to get the info. and post it.

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paradox wrote:
tenetnosce wrote:

As far as mana or prana goes, I have physically seen this for years.  They are like little translucent squigglies that pop around in the sky.  There are definitely more of them around when the sun is out.  I once read that this was the first stages of 'etheric vision'.

dear tenetosce,

i was wondering if you can elaborate on 'etheric vision' and its meaning and implications.

thanks in advance,

Hey paradox.  My apologies for not writing back sooner.  I had kind of forgotten about this thread.

According to my understanding 'etheric vision' is the ability to visually detect electromagnetic phenomena.  Usually it refers to electromagnetic bodies associated with living things, but can also refer to inorganic electromagnetism.

As far as its meaning, it really doesn't mean anything I suppose.  Just an extension of typical eyesight, and it is probably quite normal for most animals, including humans, except that we are conditioned to only pay attention to things in the visual light spectrum.  I don't know how useful it really is.  I suppose it could help with night vision, and it probably has uses that I haven't explored.  To be honest, I haven't put that much effort into developing it, but the little squigglies are fun to look at.  Kind of relaxing.

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Just for the record, I have noticed that whilst sunbathing, looking directly at the sun through closed eyes, things change. Thoughts are very positive, and visualisation and problem solving become quiet effortless. Lets hope we have a summer here in the UK!!

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.

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Something to Try:

At about the same time that gazing started (coming up on 2 years), I had also become aware of some eye exercises which were incorporated as part of the gaze routine.

One of these is putting your hands together and then gently clapping the fingertips and heals of hands together in a fairly rapid fashion.

So: While looking at the Sun, do this non-noise clapping in front of your face (i.e. seeing the Sun between your hands) in a way that feels ‘right’ to YOU.

For me, this produces a really strange, Positive Feeling Vibe that’s like a ‘Rain of Light’ - Like it’s going Everywhere and Enhancing Everything.......

I just do this until the arms get tired, then move to the next thing.

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I just tried this for the first time last summer, and I found:

1.) Don't look directly at the sun.
2.) Barefoot on the grass just before sundown, looking in the direction of the sun but not at it, plugs you into the circuit. That electrical effect is very powerful, and you should start slowly, esp. if not used to it.

From what I learned at, I added :

After the above, turn around 180 degrees, look up at the blue, blue sky and just appreciate the Earth, our Mother, for giving us her body to live in and on, and protecting us from the harmful aspects of the sun's rays, and for greatly limiting direct interference by the Archons, so that their interference is mainly indirect, thereby giving us the chance to choose a better experience of reality, without doing it for us.

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Siri Arc, this is a good one
On the squigglies,  Annie calls them spermies, as I was trying to describe what I saw and she intuitively knew where I was going, and they do look very much akin.
I noticed them at about 30,000 feet on a recent flight to NM. I was in an inspired vibrant open state.
There are some types of Sun healing that the Toltecs have gone into. I may see about recollecting that info and posting. It has been noted by others that its absolutely essential to have the Suns rays enter the eyes for the activation that we are needing in these times. Notice all the people wearing real dark glasses when the sun is not even out....very reptilian. Also notice the campaign against the sun that is mirrored in popular consciousness. I told some girls at the optometrist that I wanted to let as much sunlight into my eyes as possible and they freaked telling me that they had their kids in the glasses that change automatically [photochromic] a very bad idea indeed.
All kinds of things to shut people down. No matter, there is not stopping the activation sequence for those that have found it. From here we move large.
More later


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Hi SiriArc - Thanks for that eye exercise - (One of these is putting your hands together and then gently clapping the fingertips and heals of hands together in a fairly rapid fashion.)

I have sungazed on and off before I knew that it had a name. Often when I close my eyes, whether indoors or outdoors I see beautiful geometric patterns, which appear to pulse and slowly roll and turn. The colours are either shades of magenta or violet and then golden yellows break through and as I continue to observe this play of shapes and colour, images begin to form.

Yesterday and this morning I followed the instructions for the eye exercise and it greatly enhanced the process - thank you! :-)

I have also started working on a series of paintings a couple of weeks ago and then saw this thread. Cool.


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I will try to wakeup early to do this with the first sun rays.
It is so cold, but I like the first sun rays smile

Bye, Pictus


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Either way, it seems beneficial to be an early riser.

I'll try the sun thing.

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" Food makes us commit the maximum pain to others and exploit others."

"Humans have good and bad qualities, which are 2 sides of the same coin.  In the absence of the sunlight we develop bad qualities.When sunlight enters the brain, good qualities come into appearance replacing bad ones."

"Food is not a necessity for the body to function, only energy is."

Seekers and students of metaphysics should ponder this phrase and how it relates to the predatory reality field, its memes, resident programs, and alterations and edits to the prominent timeline. Also take note of people that wear sunglasses at most times, even on " Grey " days....and note how the intake of certain foods influence and bolster tainted behaviors and belief systems. The ego will always seek to deny the negative reality of any of its appetites [addicitons]. What has been referred to as the natural order of things is actually quite unnatural to our original way of being. This is being remembered. Strange ,we live in an age where everything people eat in the western world is killing them largely and the masses are in denial of this simple fact. Allopathic medicine adds insult to injury teaching people to further lie and disconnect themselves from the truth, while giving them poison to cover symptoms. Human suffering " feeds " another order of creation removed from the common sight.
We live in times of mass insanity.
Sad indeed.
"The bigger the lie the more people will believe it"
[Paraphrased quote from Adolph Hitler.]

The nature kingdoms are going to be freed.
The elemental kingdoms are going to be freed.
The machine age ends.


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Thanks for starting this great thread, Siri Arc ... and as usual, for the phenomenal pictures.

The Pleiadians say the we actually receive 'information' from the sun and the reason for its greater intensity in the present, is because we are literally being blasted with information ... we need it! big_smile

Should we be surprized that 'the other side' campaigns so vigorously against the sun, making it our 'cancer causing' enemy and advising everyone to 'remain covered'  with sun blocking oil. Truth be know, there has never been a test that 'proves' that any of the suns rays causes cancer.