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Fun fact: Great Tits are common in Europe

To know love is to know trust; to know oneself is to know truth


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Re: Notching and A Secret of Spirituality

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Re: Notching and A Secret of Spirituality


Unwinding the Cosmos

Richard Merrick

At present there is a great deal of interest (and confusion) around a new field of science generally referred to as torsion physics. The Einstein-Cartan theory upon which it is based describes magnetism and gravity as two sides of the same coin – the curvature and twisting of spacetime. It may well give us the missing link needed to solve the world's energy and ecological crises while offering the ultimate "Theory of Everything."

Most of us are aware of Einstein's General Relativity Theory and how it describes gravity as the curvature of spacetime similar to the way a bowling ball stretches a trampoline. In torsion physics, this model adds a spin or twist to spacetime making it more like the surface tension of water going down a drain. As water swirls due to the change of density between the air and water in the drain, the water surface curves and curls towards the drain creating torque. Torsion physics describes everything as spinning like this into regions of high density.

Now, as hurricanes and galaxies rotate they form arms that spiral inward. This is due to the "Coriolis Effect" which creates two rotating toruses (or donuts) of material spinning in opposite directions one on top of the other. As they spin, their circular outer surface also rotates over and into the donut hole causing anything on the surface of each donut to appear to spiral continuously inward like a vortex.

When the Coriolis Effect is perfectly balanced and most coherent, a very special spiral called a golden spiral begins to form. A golden spiral is a logarithmic spiral that gets wider from the origin by a constant factor of the golden ratio (about 1.61803) for every quarter-turn it makes.

The presence of the golden ratio as an organizing principle in torsion physics led the team of Haramein and Rauscher to arrive at a Unified Field Theory that connects black holes to the structure of an atom.

From the micro to the macro, torsion physics describes everything as a double torus of orthogonal (or "right-angled") gravitational and electromagnetic forces that together spin off resonant harmonic structure at the perfectly balanced event horizon between them.

Telsa found that when he placed two resonantly tuned electromagnetic coils near one another, they created a very strong repelling interference pattern and dense electromagnetic field between them. As we might expect, this then induced the double torus Coriolis Effect to occur and cause electromagnetic standing waves, known as scalar waves, to ripple outward longitudinally like compression sound waves. He found that these waves could even be used to transmit electricity without being absorbed into the surroundings like other waves.

In 2001, German scientist Dr. Konstantin Meyl reproduced Tesla's wireless electricity experiments using a simple demonstration kit he built consisting of a dual-coil transmitter and matching receiver. He found that as the frequency was increased on the transmitter, scalar waves were produced that tunneled over to the receiver to light an LED. Sold as a simple demonstration kit to more than fifty universities, the apparatus not only proved that electricity could be transmitted wirelessly, it also showed that scalar waves could not be blocked by a shielded Faraday cage. More stunning than this, Meyl found that the scalar waves traveled more than 1.5 times the speed of light, confirming Tesla's own experimental results.

But perhaps the greatest loss in ignoring torsion physics is [highlight]the continued misunderstanding of how nature really works and the very special role we all play in it.[/highlight]

As Nassim Haramein says in his four DVD set entitled Crossing the Event Horizon: Rise to the Equation:

"Everything we see in the Universe is the infinity of the energy density of the vacuum in various scales.

[highlight]The biological resolution is the link between the large and the small. You are the event horizon. Instead of seeing yourself as an insignificant little dot that means nothing to the Universe, you start to see yourself as the center of creation.[/highlight]

Everyone else is the center of their Universe as well. And thus we are all equal and we're all one."


Submitted by Daniel Pinchbeck on Thu, 12/27/2007 - 22:56.

This is the contemporary "Holy Grail" it seems.

I was told that Nassim said this about the free energy devices, that they may only work if you think they will work. Is it possible that this next level of technology is dependent on the consciousness "set and setting" of the user? This would make sense with other aspects of psychic experience, such as psychedelic states.

We are learning more about how consciousness creates waves, energy fields, etcetera. Perhaps it is at that subtler level that these devices would be accessible and activated?

This make any sense?

If it was the case, then a training in intensified states of consciousness would be a prerequisite for using these technologies - like the training a jet pilot goes through, but on another level. It would be necessary to deeply explore the polarity of the psychic/physical - technically, aesthetically, phenomenologically to access "free energy," teleportation, etc.

[highlight]Will The Transformation[/highlight]


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Re: Notching and A Secret of Spirituality

TUT... A Note from the Universe

If it's not yet obvious to You, the real reason for this season is You, a more perfect Child Of The Universe has never lived. Until now, only a celebration cloaked in myth and mystery could hint at Your Sublime Heritage and Divine Destiny. You are Life's Prayer of Becoming, And Its Answer. The first Light at the Dawn of eternity, drawn from the ether, so that the Universe might know its depths, discover its heights, and frolic in endless seas of Blessed Emotion.

A Pioneer into illusion, an Adventurer into the Unknown, and a Lifter Of Veils. Courageous, Heroic and Exalted by billions in the unseen.

To give beyond reason. To care beyond hope. To love without limit. To reach, stretch, and dream, in spite of your fears. These are The Hallmarks Of Divinity - traits of the immortal - Your Badges Of Honor. Wear them with a pride as great as the unspeakable pride we feel for you.

Your Light has illuminated darkened paths, your gaze has lifted broken spirits, and already Your Life Has Changed The Destiny of all who will ever follow.

Bowing before Greatness,
~The Universe~

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Re: Notching and A Secret of Spirituality

OH MY GOD.  mouth wide open, AGAIN.  I adore all of it.  such messages to US.  there is so much hope.  what a tie-in.  there is ongoing proof, from assorted sources, all merging and speaking, unconnected in the obvious, yet totally connected in the same OBVIOUS.  it only looks covert to those who dont see.  its a case of SEEing and knowing where to look.   feel it.  it draws us to it now.  torsion fields, just like we have discovered.  vortex thru.  portals.  we're the portals ourselves.  in tune, frequencied-in with the finest info as we're seeing, feeling, believing, studying; KNOWING.  this stuff keeps synching and weaving/blending  in all over the place.  or is it that we just KNOW when to look also, and WHY.  magnetically drawn right to it.  i am renewed now after reading/seeing this.  absorbing it in.  taking it in.  havent been on in days.  there have been many winter storms.  they've all blown over.  back to the knitting.  its been COLD.  but all is well now, or so it seems.  it MUST be, as we progress.  all must progress.  perfectly synched timing.  thank u master SiriArc.   grateful, pleased and aghast at the wonders.

GNOTHI SEAUTON "Know Thyself!"

Re: Notching and A Secret of Spirituality



January 2008 (Vol. 4, No. 1)

Within DNA Lives Our Yearning

Toni Elizabeth Sar'h Petrinovich

Deep within the heart of every person alive is a feeling that we often call yearning. In the New Oxford American dictionary, yearning is defined as "having an intense feeling of loss or lack and longing for something." It is derived from a Germanic base meaning "eager."

So what are we feeling a lack of? For what is our longing? What is our eagerness about?

Our minds work and have interplay within a field that is called the Quantum Hologram by quantum physicists. According to them, the basis of subjective experience is rooted in the concept of nonlocality. In a paper entitled "Nature's Mind: The Quantum Hologram," Edgar Mitchell of the Institute of Noetic Sciences shows that humankind's perceiving nonlocal information dates to prehistory. Within this quantum hologram is encoded the complete history of every event.

[highlight]Since the brain looks for that which is familiar and compares it to other experiences based on memory, the yearning we feel must come from something that we already know.[/highlight] If this were not true, there would be no yearning because our yearning is a feeling. We do not experience feelings about that which we do not know.

Let us look at how this translates to our physical bodies, perceptions of our world, and what we loosely all our "reality."

Our body is a protein making machine. The word protein derives from the Greek "proteios," meaning primary. Proteins (our primaries) are made of amino acids. The shape of the protein is derived from a positive or negative signal produced by our environment. The cells read the environment selecting the behavior (movement) that is appropriate based on the information found there. The sequence of the DNA within the cell is the amino acid sequence. The stability of the interaction resides within the DNA rather than the changeable protein.

In the last few years, a team of researchers and authors, Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf, have performed the necessary scientific experiments to confirm that human DNA is effectively a "biological Internet." They published their findings in a German language book entitled Vernetzte Intelligenz (Networked Intelligence).

Fosar and Bludorf's basic thesis is that DNA can be influenced and programmed by words and frequencies. They explored the ninety or more percent of our DNA that is not widely understood and is commonly called "junk" DNA.  Junk DNA, drastically misnamed, could more accurately be called "non-coding DNA" or "potential DNA." Fosar and Bludorf's study resulted in the conclusion that our DNA, while responsible for the construction of the physical body, is also a data storage and communication device. In particular, non-coding DNA follows the rules of syntax, semantics and the basic grammar rules with which we are all familiar. Quoting from Vernetzte Intelligenz: "Living chromosomes function just like solitonic-holographic computers using the endogenous DNA laser radiation."

What exactly does this mean? It means that laser radiation, inherent within DNA, flows as a unique holographic wave. Since DNA contains within this wave the basic rules of language that are used in daily life, no genetic decoding is necessary to interface with DNA. Simple words and sentences of any human language suffice to create a vibratory environment that is compatible with the wavelike, holographic activity of DNA, linguistically encoding it with information that cell receptors respond to in order to create changes within amino acid chains and hence proteins. Thus through our thoughts, words and feelings, we create not only our perceptions, but also our bodies!

The question remains, How does this correspond to our yearning? Since mankind appears to be on the fast track to accelerated conscious awareness, the vibrational frequency of the DNA wave must also be accelerating ("As above, so below"). As the frequency (or oscillation) of the holographic mind (in nonlocality) increases, we find our language changing, thereby directly impacting DNA.

The frequency of our thought patterns, words and feelings must be coherent (troughs and crests equal in amplitude) to manifest this acceleration physically. This explains why some of us feel that we are experiencing the shift in our DNA, and some do not yet. Coherent frequencies allow us to consciously communicate with our DNA and create the space in time for DNA to embody these frequencies, opening the door to clear reception of multidimensional information.

How is this possible? Fosar and Bludorf also found that our DNA, when wave-activated, can create patterns of disturbance within the space-time continuum by producing magnetized wormholes. Most audiences are familiar with wormholes through science fiction (Star Trek, for instance). Wormholes are actually tunnel-like connections between different universal areas that transmit information outside space and time. Imagine an hourglass with one round globe situated in one universe and the other globe situated in another, with the second globe being energetically compatible or "aligned" with the first globe enough to receive input. In the case of a wormhole, the two globes are connected by a thin "tunnel" through which information travels instantaneously from one dimension to another.

The emotions we experience that create our feelings and manifest the thoughts created within our minds generate a frequency within our DNA that attracts information from these other dimensions (through wormholes) and passes it on to our consciousness. Again, this ability is predicated on the proper frequency within our bodies which is most easily created through states of relaxation, peace, and ease. Stress, worry and similar states create incoherent waves resulting in
confusion that prevents an optimal state for information transfer that Fosar and Bludor refer to as "hypercommunication."

Based on these scientific findings and many others, it is apparent that the conscious awakening of our holographic awareness is being promoted by the strong yearning to become consciously aware of our inherent Oneness with All That Is--the very sense of being we believe we lack or have lost. When our perspective of reality returns to that of the holographic connection to multidimensionality and beyond, we will begin to experience an awareness that is outside of manifestation in any form or expression. Every coincidence will then become a "co-incident" (experiencing together). Intimacy will become "into-to-me-see." At that moment, the yearning will cease and the "YOU-ning" that is Oneness will be the only experience.

Practices that allow for the interpretation of day-to-day expression as one of union, joy, appreciation, love and gratitude bring about a coherent waveform within the various bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical). Focusing on and deriving pleasure from these practices creates the nonlocal paradigm and platform within which we are currently being invited to function. When truly living within this new framework of perception, our attention on our intention of Oneness is our only focus. We can then experience our yearning as fulfillment without lack or loss and acknowledge that our yearning has awakened within us the knowledge that we are truly home.

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Re: Notching and A Secret of Spirituality

Aaahhhhh! Oneness!

Thank You, SiriArc!:)   Happy New Year!:)  Happy Oneness!:)
Found this Oneness Pendant today,  had to share here!

Re: Notching and A Secret of Spirituality


[size=14]What Nature demands from US is not a quantum theory or a wave theory;[/size]

[size=16]Rather, Nature demands from US a SYNTHESIS of these two views [/size]

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Re: Notching and A Secret of Spirituality


Again I would put this to a lot of different threads, esp. Magnetics and Ascension thread, but this one goes very well.

From DNA Monthly e-magazine that Siri quoted above (Nov-Dec 2007 issue):

A comprehensive scientific model for the "Energetic Engine of Evolution" has been proposed by David Wilcock, a highly gifted psychic and speculative scientist whose theory of "Evolution as 'Intelligent Design'" deserves summarizing. Citing the work of a vanguard of researchers, Wilcock presents a model that unites many disciplines and provides several critical missing pieces to the evolutionary puzzle. In his own words, this provocative model "suggests that humanity is on the verge of a near-spontaneous metamorphosis into a more highly evolved state of consciousness."

Basing his analysis on the realization, embraced by more and more of today's scientists, that Darwinian evolutionary theory is "extinct," Wilcock observes that the "probabilities that DNA could evolve by 'random mutation' are so minute as to be utterly laughable--akin to the idea that if you have enough monkeys tapping away on typewriters, one of them will eventually produce a complete Shakespearean play." Far surpassing the reach of gradual, incremental evolution, which certainly occurs as environmental adaptation, the fossil record from all over the planet makes it abundantly clear that species regularly evolve in heretofore inexplicable leaps and bounds, skipping what would seem from a Darwinian perspective to be crucial evolutionary phases. At the top of a long list of species whose evolution has baffled science is the human species.

Although for more than a century a "missing link" has been assumed to exist based on largely unchallenged Darwinian presumptions, scientists have never managed to discover it. "When we consider that the size of the brain literally doubled between that of humanity's apparent ancestors and ourselves, with no evidence of a smooth transformation whatsoever," writes Wilcock, "once again we see a spontaneous evolution of the creatures on Earth." One scientist associated with National Geographic, studying the intricate bone carvings dating to 70,000 B.C.E. found at Blombos Cave in South Africa, concluded that behavioral evolution mirrors anatomical development--an important observation meaning, in Wilcock’s words, that "spontaneous evolution is not simply physiological, but consciousness-related as well. When a new bodily form has emerged, consciousness changes appear to occur."

Moreover, as indicated by the Mayan calendar, rather than in fits and starts, such evolutionary fast-forwards of physiology and consciousness happen in organized, predictable cycles. Theorizing a "harmonic relationship" between the 26,000-year Mayan calendar and 26-million-year period between extinctions/evolutionary leaps in the fossil record, Wilcock notes that all Earth species have suddenly evolved, or metamorphosed, every 26 million years, making a strong case for "an outside energetic influence that operates in a regular, cyclic fashion."

So, this is absolutely what was on my mind in my Magnetics & Ascension posts.

Again synchronicities were waiting for me. Not surprised. This morning I found this on my yahoo page: … VYGiWHgsgF

Astronomers have observed for the first time a jet of matter spiraling outward from an infant star, as if a lengthy strand of curly pasta.

The enormous jet, which shoots out in two directions, is rocketing material away from the so-called protostar and into interstellar space at more than "supersonic speeds."


Theory suggests nascent stars could shed excess angular momentum in the form of gas spiraling outward around shooting jets. Zhang and his colleagues glimpsed such spiraling gas using the Submillimeter Array (SMA), which consists of eight radio telescopes located atop Mauna Kea in Hawaii.

Measurements showed matter rotating around the jet's axis in a sort of "reverse whirlpool." The results suggest the bipolar jet moves outward at a speed greater than 200,000 mph (322,000 kph), while matter swirls around the jet's major axis at more than 3,000 mph (4,828 kph).

"HH 211 essentially is a 'reverse whirlpool,'" Zhang explained. "Instead of water swirling around and down into a drain, we see gas swirling around and outward."

Well, nothing left for me say. But wait, maybe I can add some prog. rock lyrics, best music as usual:

YES - Rejoice (from 1978 Tormato album)

Rejoice forward out this feeling
Ten true summers long
We go round and round and round and round
Until we pick it up again

Time flies, on and on it goes
Thru the setting sun
Carry round and round and round and round
Until it comes to carry you home

--- | ---

Rejoice forward out this feeling
The white eagle soars
He goes round and round and round
Until the early winds of change

Dawns new light conquering timeless ease
Spread the harvest breeze
Let our hour of passion
Gently hold our heads on high with you

Gently hold our heads on high

Change we must, to live again
- Jon Anderson