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Wow Lono...that's disturbing stuff.  !!  Seriously.   That's good that you were able to see through it.  That line about "if you don't understand then it means you're just not evolved..." etc. is such a hokey bunch of bunk.   What a convenient way to side step the fact that they're basically talking out their ass.   Imagine if we all started using that logic in the every day real world, with whatever trips our fancy.   Imagine turning the tables on these sorts of people - do something like take their wallet or money or whatever, and when they protest, give them a gibberish excuse, and tell them that if they don't understand what you're doing, then gee, it must mean they're just not evolved enough, ya know??  ??  !  haha  See how well that goes over. wink   

I do wonder what was up with the extreme sleepiness/energy drain you experienced while listening to each speaker.   Sounds pretty telling about who/what these "people" really are......

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Re: El Morya's Tale of Atlantis

Yeah, the sleepiness was really weird.  It was so completely profound, it was like being drugged.  No one else seemed to suffer from it, though.  Thinking back on it, I wonder if it was a protective mechanism, or something induced by the material itself?  It was my first clue that something was wrong.

On the other hand, I've read material that suggests this kind of sleepiness is the result of resisting higher knowledge.  But then again, that smacks of "if you don't understand it, you're not evolved."

I like your suggestion of using that logic in daily life, turning the tables on these folks!  But then again, I've seen that sort of manipulation in other venues as well, so it's not like they invented it.  Sadly, it happens a lot in the metaphysical community.

But the strange thing is... I used to get that sleepy feeling when I attempted to read Theosophical material in general.  And just looking at the infamous "Besant blue" books triggers it.  Again-- protective mechanism, or material-induced?  I can't be sure.

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Atlantis is a very prominent theme for some of us and for reasons that seem to go beyond language.
Following are some interesting links for reading of the same.

Nickey Molloy is a fun read if not thought provoking. Her angle on the naughty pleiadians is interesting as well as her ideas about time. Hook the timeline dynamics back into the work of Starfire Tor [ hmmm is that her given name??] The usnusa links are interesting if one can overlook the obvious links back to Urantia and whoa....
Maitreya... a real black flag. Break out your cosmic sifter.

ON the subject of Dwjahl Kuhl, I'd walk the other way. The astral heirarchies, whatever they are, are  part of the problems here and not the solution. If I ran onto Thoth one day, I'd be expecting some serious answers about what has transpired and his role in it. We have been purposely kept in the dark on alot of fronts.

This girl claims to be a channel for Thoth.

I will be doing a post about the shift at some point.


Re: El Morya's Tale of Atlantis

Interesting story. Sounds plausible to me.

There will be two Ages. The first: The Age of Power. The next: The Age of Equality.


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I remember a channeling session with the Pleiadians (B. Marciniak) back in the early 90s when the group present was told that much appearing in this reality as "fiction" should more correctly be called "faction." The mere fact some event (however ephemeral) appeared in one time line suggested it likely had "substantial" existence elsewhere in space/time coordinates. In fact, what we considered our real lives might be as entertaining (and fictional) to consciousness outside our time line as the StarTrek series might be in our experienced time line.

Time itself was an inconstant constant which varied in the now point experienced across the planet at any given time (e.g., my 4 pm on the East Coast was someone's 1 pm on the West Coast or 9 pm in London or 4 am the next day in Malaysia).

The "real" therefore became what resonated as truth and formed part of our awareness.

The experiences described in this Atlantean piece seemed very real to me.  I was overcome by a sense of deja vu -- of having experienced the corruption within the priest cast, the competition between the sexes to anchor high crystalline frequencies independent of the balance provided thru male/female polarities, the prevarication required of light-centered souls to get thru the educational processes and systems, the lack of familial love or bonding, the separation of awareness from love, the rigid caste system, the fact that the elites knew the system was breaking down and failed to warn the populace at large, the dichotomy of advanced civilization existing side by side with primitive societies -- all seemed very real to me.

Who knows for sure what's real, especially now when time itself is speeding up and previously taken-for-granted belief systems/reality constructs seem to collide in on themselves?

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