Topic: El Morya's Tale of Atlantis

Here is El Morya's story of his time in Atlantis.

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I tell my tale, not to satisfy idle curiosity but in the telling I expect
that some of you who are reading this will recognise yourselves and
reconfirm our bond of friendship and service.

I could start at the very beginning of my sojourn on the Earth Plane but I
have chosen to begin my tale at the time of the Fall of Atlantis rather than
at the time of the Fall of Man.


During the life I led leading up to the Fall of Atlantis I became a very
brilliant and powerful Priest Scientist. My name was Almo. You will most
likely have come across the terminology, "Children of the Law of One" and
"Sons of Belial". This tends to give the impression that the people of
Atlantis and its colonies were firmly in one camp or the other. This is not
how it was at all. There were many of us who were caught between these two
camps. For myself and the group of people I am telling you about it was a
dance of survival to remain out of the clutches of the "Sons of Belial"
without alienating them. As for the "Children of the Law of One", well they
were so few in number by this time in the history of Atlantis that when we
came into contact with them we did not know it. I know now from my current
point of existence that there were indeed many of them around us but they
kept their true thoughts and feelings well hidden.

I was born into what you would call the upper class of people in a very
prosperous town far from the Capital city. Because the "Children of the Law
of One" had retreated into the background of society the structure of our
society had grown away from that based on family life. Of course there were
families but the members lived very individual and self centred lives. So
that my mother would not have to give up her career as a scientist to give
birth to children she and my father hired a surrogate mother from the lower
classes. This was a common practice in the upper classes. My conception
was in a test tube and I was implanted into the womb of a woman I never even
knew the name of. She was merely an incubator and when I was born she was
paid well and disappeared from our lives forever.

I had a Day Nanny and a Night Nanny. Just when I would get really attached
to them they would leave and I would have strangers to take care of me. I
soon learned not to love. My childhood was typical of that of the upper
classes and thus the majority of us grew up without love and unable to
freely express love. Lust was another matter entirely. We were encouraged
to indulge ourselves in all manner of sexual excess from an early age. My
younger brother was born in the same manner that I was when I was ten years
old and about to go to the Capital city to start my training as a priest
scientist. My parents had consulted an Astrologer to determine what career
path I should take and the difficult one of priest scientist was indicated
most strongly.

I really never got to know my brother as a person. When it was his turn to
go to the Capital for training our sister was born in the same manner. I
never got to know her either. My brother and sister were mere acquaintances
who I saw at rare family reunions.

At the Training Centre in the Capital I lived in a dormitory with fifty
other ten year old boys. This group of boys slept, ate, washed, studied and
played together exclusively for ten years. Actually there were only thirty
of us left after ten years due to the rigourous training and testing that we
had to undergo. It was here that I did at least make some lifelong
friendships. As we all know now, friendship is a form of love but I and my
friends had no conception of what love was.

My first two years were pleasant enough. I enjoyed my lessons and having
companions of my own age to associate with. Our life was very structured
but so was my home life and so I adapted to my new structure very quickly.

In our Temple classes we were taught the principles of spirituality and
Cosmic Law which were the principles that the "Children of the Law of One"
adhered to. However, the commentaries on these principles given by our
teachers was such to water down these principles and encourage us to take
what interested us and forget the rest. It was those boys who were
interested greatly in the pure spiritual principles who seemed to get the
most arduous tests, both physical and mental. Some stayed true to their
beliefs and eventually died or went insane from the extreme tests they were
given. Some took such delight in the suffering of their brother students as
to wholeheartedly embrace the principles expounded by the "Sons of Belial".
Others, like myself had the intelligence to work out what the game plan was
and so began a life of pretense. The "Sons of Belial" got the easiest tests
in the Temple while those like myself who could not bring themselves to
wholeheartedly embrace the principles of the "Sons of Belial" found we had
the harder tests but at least they were surmountable.

In the classes of the Academy as the science classes were called we all had
equal testing as it was critical that only those who truly understood the
principles of the material world could be allowed to manipulate the power of
the Great Crystal. The tests of the Temple got rid of those who should have
been in charge of the Great Crystal. Such was Atlantis doomed well before
the actual cataclysm.

Those first two years of my time at the Training Centre were among the
happiest of my life. When I turned twelve years old the nightmare began.
Many years later I found out that what happened to me happened to many of us
but we were so ashamed we never said a word to anyone at the time.

I do not want to linger on this part of my life but what happened to me was
a sign of the times, so to speak. Several of the priests who taught us our
lessons in the Temple were pedophiles. They preyed mercilessly upon the
boys aged twelve to fourteen. None of us spoke of it and so we did not even
have the comfort of a shared nightmare. I found out years later that the
girls undergoing training for the Temple endured a similar nightmare.

At the age of fourteen we moved to a different Training Centre. Over the
years we endured many tests in our Temple training. Rather than becoming
spiritual leaders we were trained to be masters of the mind. As part of that
training we had to frequently endure days locked in a small dark cell with
no light and no food, only water. It was these trials that were increased
for those boys who clearly held to the pure spiritual principles of the
"Children of the Law of One" or the "Common Law" as it came to be called
during my years of training. They either became so malnourished as to
succumb to serious and fatal illnesses or they went insane. They were
denied adequate medical aid.

At the age of sixteen I underwent the tests of my mental powers of telepathy
and telekinesis. The testing was rigourous and lasted four weeks as you
would measure time now. I passed with high scores and thus passed into the
higher level of my training for the Temple. Concurrently to this my
education in the material sciences continued.

The four years of my Novitiate were spent in ever more rigourous training of
my mental powers and the "Common Law" was never mentioned in any classroom.
I did not forget it although my knowledge of it was patchy. I tried hard
not to lose my soul to the "Sons of Belial" who ruled my life.

It was during this four years of my life that I was taught in the Academy by
the greatest scientific mind of the day. Achmeed was the most interesting
old man I had ever met. Many a time I found myself daydreaming that he was
my father instead of the man I only saw four times a year when he and the
woman who was my mother came to the parents days at the Temple and the
Academy to be made proud by my achievements.

Achmeed did seem to favour me above my fellow students and there was many an
evening of lively debate held between us in his home. He gathered a select
group around him of the most promising students from the four levels and
this group became the family that I never really had.

Achmeed's wife was a very kindly woman who was much younger than him.
Marlyssa came from a family who were of the "Children of the Law of One" and
while she no longer openly supported them she continued to practice many of
their principles in her daily life. She and I had many interesting
discussions on these principles and I do believe that it was her influence
that allowed me to eventually act with honour when I came face to face with
the biggest decision of that life.

At the age of twenty, having passed all my tests both academic and templar I
was invested as a priest scientist in the Temple Academy in the Capital of
Atlantis. In Atlantean society the highest class was the Royal class who
were the rulers and high government officials. Under them in importance
were the Priest/Priestess Scientist class. While outwardly this class was
subservient to the Royal class they were in fact the most powerful class of
all. Under these came the Priest/Priestess class and the Scientist class
who had equal standing in society. Below these were the classes very much as
you have them today.

On the day of my investiture as a priest scientist a group of sixteen year
old girls was invested into their Novitiate into the sisterhood of
priestesses. There were other groups being invested into various levels as
well but it is this group of girls that drew my attention.

The general public had the perception that the Priesthood, both male and
female remained chaste throughout their lives. This was originally the case
but by this time there was much about the Priesthood that was deceptive to
the general public and even the Royal class.

The only aspect of chastity that was enforced was that in the four year
Novitiate period of between the ages of sixteen to twenty, both men and
women must remain virgins. Of course it was easy to examine women to test
for virginity and no way to tell what other activities they were forced to
take part in that would not cause them to fail the physical examination for
virginity they must first pass at sixteen. With the men it was a matter of
observation and catching them out. Any found to have broken the rule of
chastity were executed.

When you consider the depth of sexual depravity that infested the priesthood
this seemed ludicrous. However, the rule was adhered to outwardly and any
unfortunate enough to be caught out were indeed executed, more to protect
their superiors than as just punishment. Interestingly, the young men and
women between the ages of sixteen and twenty were not preyed upon by their
superiors as they had been up until this time. Therefore, for many of them
it was a wonderful release, until of course nature took over and the forced
chastity became a burden.

I had been faithful to the rule but now I was a twenty year old man filled
with all the natural urges of a man of that age and now I was given
permission to take my pick of all the willing priestesses. Unfortunately for
me, my eyes fell upon Arna as she walked in the middle of a line of new
novitiates ready to take their oath of chastity. There was something in the
way she moved her hips as she walked that caught my attention. After the
ceremony I managed to find her alone in a quiet part of the garden. Those
eyes, never had a pair of almond eyes looked so delicious. I frightened her
with the intent of my gaze. She would have run from me if I had not caught
her arm. "In four years time I will claim you for my pleasure", I
arrogantly declared.

Arna, still frightened, was now also insulted. "Never", she shouted as she
broke away from me and fled back to the safety of the crowd. Nevertheless,
as she told me much later, her arm burned where I had held her and it was
not an unpleasant sensation, she confessed.

Many times in the next four years we came across each other and very soon
Arna felt for me the way I felt for her. Not that I denied myself the
pleasures of the flesh offered so freely around me. However, it is always
that which we cannot have that holds the most desire. Never once did we
consider that we might love each other. Never did we say, "I love you." It
was always, "I want you." Never in that entire life together did we realise
our true relationship, that of twin souls. This was a concept we knew
nothing about.

Finally the day came when Arna was invested as a priestess. Her time of
chastity was at an end and finally we could have that which we had longed
for. Nor were we disappointed. Far from it.

Arna was a priestess seer and not a priestess scientist but all the priests
and priestesses mingled freely with the priest/priestess scientists and it
was rare for couples to form. Generally people swapped partners almost as
often as they changed their clothes. Arna and I were one of the rarities in
that we were a couple. We were not the only couple but compared to the
norm, we were odd.

I'm not saying that we were always faithful to each other but we always
ended up back together in a very short time.



Re: El Morya's Tale of Atlantis

The Beginning of the End

The primary energy source in Atlantis was the Great Crystal. We scientists
were always looking for new and more efficient ways to utilise this energy.
Apart from the Great Crystal we used crystals for many other things as well.
As a priestess seer Arna used a Knowledge Crystal to tap into the Akashic

To look at a Knowledge Crystal you would not, at first glance, think that it
was a crystal as it did not have the usual crystalline shape. Its shape was
that of a flame and in its quiescent state it was perfectly clear, like

The Atlanteans were well aware of the existence of the Akashic Records, that
great etheric Hall of Records containing an impression of everything that
has ever happened since creation began. Seers have always been able to see
into the Akashic Records but the Atlanteans devised a method of organising
these Records so that their Seers could read them like books. They created
Knowledge Crystals that had the ability to link into the Akashic Records in
an intelligent manner.

A modern analogy would be to liken these Records to the abundance of
information on the World Wide Web and to liken the crystal to the Search
facility that is provided to glean information from the Web. Without the
Search facility you may or may not be able to keep following links till you
find what you want. The Search facility helps you to home in on the
information you want, thus saving much time and effort. The Knowledge
Crystal did just that with the Akashic Records to an even greater degree
than the Search facility of the World Wide Web.

The Knowledge Crystal, shaped like a flame, made from clear quartz crystal,
had grooves around its base so that it could be fitted into a base made of
copper and gold. Thus fitted it could be used to read from the Hall of

To use the crystal required a man and a woman to work together. The man
projected energy to the area where the crystal joined with the copper and
gold. Gradually the Crystal would start to gain colour. At first, just a
pink glow appeared. As the man continued to project energy the pink glow
became red and soon the red would be interspersed with orange and yellow so
that it took on the appearance of a flame.

Once the Crystal Flame was burning steadily the woman could clasp her hands
around it and in a few seconds the image of a book would appear on the
screen of her mind. Now she could direct the book to open to the section
she wished to explore and all would be revealed to her. It required the
male energy to activate it and the female energy to receive the images and
knowledge. It could not be done the other way around. However, this was
one of the projects that I was working on at the time of the destruction of

A group of male scientists of whom I was one were trying to develop a
Knowledge Crystal that could be used by men alone, thus doing away with the
necessity of the services of a priestess seer.

A group of women scientists were working on a similar project to develop a
Knowledge Crystal that could be used by women alone. Both groups knew of the
other's project and we did liaise with each other to a certain extent.
However there was a certain competitiveness involved and a race to see who
could develop a single sex Knowledge Crystal first.

Arna knew what I was working on and she was involved with the women's group
in the capacity of a tester. The energy of the Great Crystal flowed in a
balanced positive/negative condition. In what we were doing we needed to
separate the positive and negative flows so that the male crystal could
utilise the feminine/negative flow and the female crystal could utilise the
masculine/positive flow.

It was in the testing of stage two of our project that I began to get
uneasy. The tests went well but I noticed that the flow from the Great
Crystal was "rough" for want of a better word for several days after the
testing. In our next set of tests we drew less power from the Great Crystal
but got poor results. However the flow from the Great Crystal remained
"smooth". After more testing I and some of my colleagues agreed that the
project in its current state was too unstable and the risks were too great
for us to continue with it in its present state.

Arna did some spying for me in the women's project camp and while she didn't
get anything definite her feeling was that their project was having similar

My colleagues and I approached the head of our project team with our
misgivings concerning continuing the project in its present state. We were
shocked at the reaction we got. Our concerns were brushed aside. When we
persisted it was suggested that we might prefer a transfer to a less
interesting project. We soon realised that our superiors did not want to
hear of any possibility that their pet project was dangerous.

I was also shocked to find that Achmeed brushed our concerns aside when we
confided in him. If anyone could have done something to stop the project it
would have been him but he wanted none of it. I appealed to Marlyssa and
she suggested that if we could get proof beyond what we had already, he
might listen to us.

Achmeed was very fond of Arna and he always consulted her when he wanted
accurate information concerning future events. The only thing I could think
of to do was to get Arna to use a Knowledge Crystal to look into the future.
Knowledge Crystals could be used to look into the future as well as to
consult the Akashic records.

Now Arna didn't have her own personal Knowledge Crystal and she wasn't
allowed to use them on a whim. People paid a fee to have a priestess seer
consult a Knowledge Crystal. It was a revenue generator. However, she
managed to get one and brought it to my apartments. I focused my mental
energy on the Crystal and soon she could see the Blue Book of the Future. I
had to keep my focus and so I was not able to see her very well. Suddenly
she gasped and fainted. I ran to her aid and as she was coming out of the
faint she started raving hysterically. She was raving about Atlantis being
destroyed and the Great Crystal exploding and people drowning while others
went into a light in the sky.

I got a message to Achmeed to come to my apartments straight away. He wasn't
in a very good mood when he arrived as I had interrupted an important
meeting. He soon calmed down when he saw the state that Arna was in. Then
she told us as calmly as she could, what she had seen in the Knowledge

What she saw was this: Great competition between the leaders of the male and
female Knowledge Crystal Projects teams. They insisted on continuing with
their experiments and the race to be the first took precedence over all
else. They ignored all indications of impending danger until it reached a
stage where the energy from the Great Crystal became erratic and unreliable.
Only then did both teams abandon their projects to focus on rectifying the
situation. It was too late. Whatever they did in trying to separate the
male and female aspects of the energy flow of the Great Crystal could not be
reversed in time. All the greatest scientific minds were brought to the task
but to no avail.

The Great Crystal let off so much energy that flowed into all the crystals
of the energy grid that criss crossed the continent. This ripped the
continent apart, causing massive tidal waves and volcanic eruptions. The
Great Crystal itself shattered into millions of shards. Most of the
population were killed but some were uplifted into great lights in the sky.
That last sentence puzzled us greatly at the time but I now can tell you
that the ones who were lifted into lights in the sky were the truly
spiritual people who at that time ascended into the fourth dimension from
where they have guided mankind ever since.

Now Achmeed was prepared to take our concerns seriously and he did all he
could to change the tide of the future. He appealed to the Royal class but
that fell on deaf ears. Eventually my colleagues and I realised that we
could do nothing to save Atlantis but perhaps we could save ourselves.

More than that, we began to feel our responsibility for what was to come for
we had played willing roles in these projects. We realised that we had to do
more than save ourselves. We had to do something to save the best of our
culture and to carry a warning down through the ages in the hope that this
catastrophe would not be repeated.

Our plan was to take as many Knowledge Crystals to the farthest reaches of
the earth, where they could be kept and used wisely down through the ages.
The Knowledge Crystals would allow people of the future to read the past and
see what we did in Atlantis and hopefully avoid making the same mistakes.

At first we planned to take the gold and copper stands as well as the
crystals but we realised that they would be too cumbersome. We decided to
take the plans for constructing the stands as gold and copper could be
obtained from where ever we were. It was decided that teams consisting of a
man and a woman would head off in different directions with a crystal. Once
they had reached their destination they would find or build a place to house
the crystal and build the stand for it. They would then carefully choose
from among the local people those who had the ability to be trained in the
use of the crystal. The plan was to perpetuate this down through the ages.
As you know it did not work out that way but that is where the ancient
tradition of Oracles and Seers originated in the various cultures of the

This was a time of great secrecy and all the stress that goes with sneaking
around, planning in secret and gathering all the things we needed to make
our plan work. We had to be so very careful of who we trusted but we
eventually finalised our teams. Achmeed and Marlyssa refused to be among
those who were leaving with crystals. They felt they were too old to make
such an arduous journey and opted to stay to help in what ever way they
could, right to the bitter end. It was then that we all realised that this
wasn't going to be a holiday adventure. We were all used to a very soft and
civilised lifestyle and we couldn't even fully imagine just what we were
getting into. The fact that there was no viable alternative gave us some
courage to move forward with our plans.

Couples were to set out for various parts of what you know as North and
South America, Greenland, Sweden, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey,
Egypt and parts of Africa along the Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines.
Arna and I were allotted the place which is modern Greece.

We were faced with a moral dilemma. It became quite clear to us that we
would be stopped from taking Knowledge Crystals out of the country. After
all, we were stealing them and the people with the power did not want to
know about our concerns for the future. We could leave the country at any
time without any problems and so we could have warned people and then fled
the country to save ourselves. Because we felt that it was so important to
adhere to our plan for the Knowledge Crystals we really couldn't tell many
people what we knew. Hence our moral dilemma. We could not warn people and
carry out our plan. We chose to carry out our plan.

We decided that we needed access to a Knowledge Crystal on a regular basis
and so Arna bribed one of the keepers of the Crystals to report that one of
the older Knowledge Crystals had been broken while enroute to a gathering
organised by Achmeed. We could use this crystal to see who we could trust.
We also used it to see how much time we had to make our plans and carry them
out. We had six years before it would be too late.

We decided to make our plans while staying on in our positions in the hopes
of swaying more to our way of thinking and perhaps avoiding the catastrophe
after all.

It was decided that the first couple should leave as soon as possible with
the others following at irregular intervals during the six year period.
There were many places in Atlantis where Knowledge Crystals were kept and so
we were able to arrange, with the aid of bribery and in some cases willing
and free collusion of the Keepers of the Crystals, for a Crystal to be
"broken" from time to time. Those who willingly helped us were able to make
their escapes from Atlantis before the great catastrophe.

That six year period was one of great tension and worry for us all as we had
to seem as if we had put aside our concerns and carry on with outwardly
normal lives.



Re: El Morya's Tale of Atlantis

Our Escape

Three couples stayed almost to the end. Arna and I were one of those
couples. All had gone well with the ones who had left in the time up till
then at least up till they reached their destinations. Communication with
them after that was not possible as they did not have access to the
necessary technology to remain in contact with us. None of it would have
been possible except for Achmeed's considerable influence and personal
fortune. A great web of deception had to be woven to account for the
departure and non return of each couple when it was their turn to go.

The time came for Arna and I to depart. It was with great sadness that we
said goodbye to Achmeed and Marlyssa. We made our way to a little used
natural harbour on the coast where a submersible vehicle awaited us. We had
previously been instructed how to program this vehicle to take us to where
we needed to go and to do whatever else we required of it. This vehicle was
about the size of a modern mobile home and was our home for several weeks as
we made our way into the Mediterranean Sea and to our destined landfall.

We did not go directly to our destination but chose to stop off at some
interesting places on the way. We knew how much time we had and we also
knew that this was our last chance for a holiday of sorts in the comfort
afforded by our technology. However, it was very hard to maintain a holiday
mood as the reality of our situation weighed in on us.

We finally came ashore in what is today, Central Greece. We chose a place
that was quite close to a mountainous area. We had maps and a destination
within this mountainous area which we knew to be inhabited by a primitive
people we had every intention of making contact with in such a way as to
ensure their co-operation with our plans for the Knowledge Crystal.

Once we had everything ashore that we needed and this was not much as we had
to carry it, I very reluctantly set the vehicle to go out to sea and sink to
the bottom of the ocean. There was no going back.

Now the hardship began in earnest. We wore body suits made out of an almost
indestructible material to protect our bodies from the elements and the
harshness of our trek through the mountains. In our packs we had
lightweight, full head helmets that utilised little oxygen generating
capsules in case we needed them. Our food was highly concentrated and we
had an initial supply of water. The maps we had showed the various places
we could expect to find water on our journey. We each carried a
lightweight, inflatable mattress. Our body suits were such as to keep our
body temperature at a comfortable level no matter the outside conditions. I
carried our food and water supplies while Arna carried the Knowledge
Crystal. We reluctantly turned our backs on the sea and headed inland and

For the first few days the terrain was fairly easy going but then the
incline got sharper and the outcrops of rock became more numerous. We
followed a rough path that had been made by either man or beast but the
going was hard for us who were not used to this type of activity.

Reaching a resting place at last, Arna carefully placed her precious bundle
upon the ground. We stood together looking out in the direction of the sea
from whence we came.

As we stood there the sky on the horizon became black as though a fierce
storm was brewing. Our hearts sank as this, we intuitively knew, was no
mere storm. The blackness grew until day became night. The earth shook and
Arna and I fell to our knees clutching each other in horror. We knew that
our homeland was no more. Worse still, we could not escape the truth of our
part in the destruction of our homeland and so many innocent people. The
burden fell so heavily upon us that we crouched even lower, fell sideways in
a heap and wailed in unison, a cry so filled with anguish, remorse and the
horror of the burden of restitution.

For three days the darkness lasted. Arna and I huddled together, trying to
give each other comfort and courage. We had to put our helmets on because a
fine ash began to fall and cover everything. After three days the darkness
began to lift and for the next few weeks we existed in a twilight world. We
still had plenty of our concentrated food but we needed water. I eventually
located a stream fed by a spring coming from out of the rocks. The water
was pure and uncontaminated by the ash as it flowed. We set up our meager
camp here and it was from this vantage point that we were able to see some
of the primitive people of the area approach the stream below us.

They looked thin and frightened but as the days passed they began to look
better, as if they were beginning to cope with what had happened. The
sunlight eventually returned but it filtered through a haze for many years
to come.

I was able to read the thoughts of these people and after awhile I knew
enough about them for us to venture forth to where they could see us.

At first sight of us they stood back in fear. Picture us if you will, in
silver body suits and helmets for we chose to wear the helmets for this
first encounter.

I transmitted thoughts of peace and friendship to these people and then gave
them a demonstration of my telekinetic powers. This brought them to their
knees, bowing in worship before us. This was just what we wanted as we felt
that this would ensure our safety and their co-operation in setting up a
sanctuary for the Knowledge Crystal.

They welcomed us into their society and built us a large hut a little apart
from the rest. Servants were assigned to us and we very soon became quite
comfortable in a primitive way.

Imagine their surprise to see us without our helmets. Thus they came to
know that we were very like themselves. After a time we adopted their
primitive dress and this impressed them more. We were able to teach them
things that made some of their daily tasks easier for them. I could help
them build things with my telekinetic powers.

These people truly loved us. At first it was because of what we did for
them but after a time in little ways they showed us that they loved us as
for ourselves and not just for what we could give them. This primitive
people had strong family and tribal ties based on love and Arna and I
gradually came to understand what love is. They may have been primitive but
they were an intelligent people and while they always revered us as Gods
they interacted with us as friends.

Imagine their delight when their Goddess Arna became pregnant. Imagine our
surprise when it became obvious that this had happened. In Atlantis
priestesses never bore children. Just like my mother did, Arna had yearly
injections to stop conception. If a priest or priestess wanted a child they
used surrogates or cloning. Cloning was only just coming into vogue.
Conception had never been a part of our lives and we never thought about how
our changed conditions would affect us in this way.

Our primitive friends were so overjoyed that they carried us along with
their enthusiasm and so we also became excited about it. The women of the
village showed Arna what herbs to eat to help her to remain well and to ease
her labour. Arna became so interested in this that from that time onwards
she took an active part in the pregnancies and birthings of all the local

To say that all went well with the birth would be to tell a lie. Arna was
by this time almost twenty-eight years old which is old to be giving birth
for the first time in primitive conditions. Her labour was long and hard and
I was convinced that she would die. It was then that I realised that I
loved her, truly loved her and I willed her to live.

Arna reassured me that her labour was quite normal and that she was not in
danger of dying and so we subsequently had three more children together
during the next ten years.

Perhaps you are wondering by now about the Knowledge Crystal. We had not
forgotten it and after five years a small Temple had been constructed from
wood and rocks in which the Knowledge Crystal could be installed and used.
Our problem lay in obtaining the copper and gold that we needed. Geological
surveys done during our time in Atlantis indicated that this area had gold
and copper deposits but finding them was not easy. The local people were
not metal workers and it was hard to describe to them what kind of rock
formations I was looking for.

After seven years a cave containing gold bearing rock was discovered and I
was able to show the men which rocks to mine. It was not easy without metal
mining tools but fortunately there were outcrops containing sufficient gold
for our needs.

After ten years a small copper deposit was discovered and we had the metal
we needed for our stand. I had to make most of the stand out of wood and
rock and just fashion the part for the Crystal to screw into out of the gold
and copper. Some of the men came to watch me extract the metal from the
rocks and soon I had willing assistants.

Eventually we had the Knowledge Crystal functional and when Arna and I had
tested it we invited the local officials to see a demonstration. They were
awed by the Crystal Flame as they called it and Arna was able to tell them
things about themselves that she could not possibly have known. Then she
told of future events to happen quickly and when they did we had all the
boys and girls we needed to attend our Temple school to train in the use of
the Crystal Flame.

We also taught them all we could remember of the Common Law and the values
that we had found so enriching from their own belief structure and behaviour

Soon the ones who helped in the gold and copper work were out gathering
more, extracting the metal and fashioning decorations for the Temple and for
our adornment. We encouraged them to make these things for themselves also.

The Temple was enlarged and improved over the years and we had teachers,
seers and astronomers. Astronomy was my hobby in Atlantis. You would call
it a combination of Astronomy and Astrology and I taught it to those who
showed an aptitude for science. The things we taught these people were the
things that could enrich their lives and so there was a lot that we did not
teach them. Future generations would discover these things all in due time.

Our own four children embraced areas of work within the Temple as did their
own children. Arna and I grew old together, knowing what family life should
be like and knowing how enriching it was to be a part of a community where
everyone looked after each other. It was a simple society devoid of
technological wonders but it was huge on love, trust, honour and respect.

Arna died almost two years before me and I must admit that those last two
years were empty for me. It was with great happiness that I joined her when
my time came.


Re: El Morya's Tale of Atlantis

El Morya is part of the parasitic hierarchy vampirizing mankind from the astral world. I doubt his message contains any useful information for those who wish to free themselves.

Re: El Morya's Tale of Atlantis

I don't know about El Morya - I had not previously heard of him, so I can't comment from a knowledge of other sources about whether his intentions are positive or negative or something else.

I found the story interesting - even plausible in some ways.  While today there is plenty of technology around, and it may be tempting to hold onto to a "technology will save us mode."

In the story, abilities that are now known as "paranormal" powers as presented as part of everyday life, at least for the people who know how to use them.

In a similar manner to technology, it is not the paranormal powers themselves that make the society and culture better or worse - it is more the intentions behind the use of these powers.


Re: El Morya's Tale of Atlantis

As with many of the "famous" upstairs names, there are those who use the name El Morya who are not the real deal, and I know that some are part of the parasitic world. Even the "real" El Morya has his shadow side, as we all do. This Morya is a 13D entity in my family. Nothing parasitic about him. In my memories, this info is quite accurate.

Re: El Morya's Tale of Atlantis

He comes from the same hierarchy as Djwhal Kuhl. Make some researches if you dare to.

http://www.conspiracyarchive.com/NewAge … Bailey.htm


Re: El Morya's Tale of Atlantis

The ones I work with (including DK) are not those who intend to start a new religion but those who steward full knowledge and finding divinity within. Many things have been misinterpreted in these ones' names. The limited information indicated by this link seems to rehash old information, not build on new. And again, I do not deny that they all have their shadow side and have carried out "dirty deeds" as we all have, but they now integrate both "sides" of themselves and their integrity would not allow them to carry out what is indicated. They have taken an oath to stewardship and integrity and sovereignty.

Re: El Morya's Tale of Atlantis

Whatever you wish to believe... Here's another (exclusive) text for those not already trapped in the claws of these parasites:

http://www.reclaimyoursoul.org/files/ne … screen.doc


Re: El Morya's Tale of Atlantis

Remember that the parasites you are talking about have no qualms about using names and information of entities that they would like to disempower. A non-3D entity can tell people anything s/he wants to, including a name that is not accurate, in order to take away from the Truth of what any of those assisting the ascension to sovereignty are actually doing.

Here are some other choices.


Re: El Morya's Tale of Atlantis

ermolai wrote:

He comes from the same hierarchy as Djwhal Kuhl. Make some researches if you dare to.

http://www.conspiracyarchive.com/NewAge … Bailey.htm

That mirrors my own misgivings about so called "ascended masters"

Surely spiritual truth does not need to externalise itself and call it self by grand titles, posess people, we are the truth, we are the creater living as the created we are god its our higher selves we need to access, not some external thought form or alien predator.

IMO these  same entities are the ones who control TPTB and all the satanic white brotherhoods and secret societies.

Its not like we are fractions of the whole but rather versions of the whole.


Re: El Morya's Tale of Atlantis

The way I look at it, as a creator of All That Is, the parasites are an aspect of me. To get them to stop sucking off me I have to be of a vibration they can't reach. But I also must realize I can't just let them go because they are me, so I have to bring them home to me or release them to sovereign choice or have them repealed (removed from individuation).

My shadow self has a sordid history. When I light up that past, I clear it, keep what's good, and let the rest go. Everybody ascending polarity has to face this. I've sucked off people. As a creator of this reality, the parasites are a possibility because I have that possibility in me. Pedophilia too. So you re-experience these things emotionally as part of ascension to look at them and release them and get clear of the attached emotions. It's not who you are at heart, but it is something you've experienced.

Everybody and everything involved with earth is part of this intense cosmic upliftment. The forces of many many experiences are being focused here to realign.

I talked to El Morya about this thread. He admits he is the El Morya of the link you sent, ermolai. He is also the El Morya of the first story. Like you and all, he has many experiences, some shadow some known. If you look close, you can see hints of certain patterns unfold, boundaries issues and what to do with the power ... the pedophilia experience in Atlantis, the "loose" (for lack of a better term right now) sexual society, the doublespeak of his training which, though he held his own in the say-one-thing-do-another moves, was confusing in the soul ... moving then to the links you sent which indicated crossed boundaries, confused use of power, misunderstandings of the motives of spirit. Not all that great of a leap to see how that happened.

Many aspects, many experiences, and when it comes down to it, it's all the same. El Morya's and Djwahl's growth is apparent to me as I know them to be principled in the ways of sovereignty and integrity and balancing their responsibilities to the people and the planet over what had been misuse of personal power. The links you sent about him and others are the past, in my world.

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Re: El Morya's Tale of Atlantis

Alice Bailey and Blavatsky were heavily influensed by freemasonary and the Golden dawn. Bailey's husband was a mason, Blavatsky was a high level occult initiate. These were not STO people full of love and light but STS dabbling in demons and the occult, rubbing shoulders with satanists and high level masonic initiates from TPTB.
DK seems to have had enormous influence on masons and secret societies  and his brand of spiritual control leaves me a little cold, same old controlling thoughform wearing a different mask.
Crowley had Aiwass another so called ascnended master who posessed him and passed on his knowledge.

http://www.home.no/alice.bailey.tibetai … r_tibetan/

Its not like we are fractions of the whole but rather versions of the whole.


Re: El Morya's Tale of Atlantis

Humans gave the term "ascended masters" to these ones. They didn't give it to themselves.

The ones I'm in council with include:

Djwhal Khul
El Morya
Serapis Bey
St Germain

All of them were involved in STS (as were you, if you're a whole being) and all of them acknowledge their shadow and are working for integration. Perhaps your work toward revealing these truths is part of your karmic balance for your involvement. STS and STO are different levels of unity consciousness.

Do you have any info of current activities by any of these?

Re: El Morya's Tale of Atlantis

of course manipulative people are never going to admit they are manipulating... maybe you should rely on other sources to find the truth?

i didn't know about serapis bey, but his astral image is just as creepy as the other ones...



All of them were involved in STS (as were you, if you're a whole being) and all of them acknowledge their shadow and are working for integration.

i may have STS behaviors, but i didn't set a blueprint for the new world order (blueprint which is still being followed) or celebrated the nuclear bomb as a "liberation of divine energy"... it's some pretty huge karma these people are working with, eh? big_smile