Okay folks, this one is news to me.  I did a search but didn't find anything on NR regarding it, so could anyone fill me in.  I tend to relegate all this kind of stuff to new age foo foo, but I also want to keep an open mind and be informed. 

NESARA-for the skeptic
7 July 2005

I Am Skeptical About NESARA.
Can You Answer My Questions?

I just read an article titled:

THE N.E.S.A.R.A. LIE January 29, 2004 Co-authored by Creator God and Patrick H. Bellringer.

I have a legal background, and a spiritual orientation. As I am somewhat skeptical, can you answer the following questions?

1) When the military forced congress and the president to sign nesara under penalty of death, who commanded the military? I believe that any law passed under such duress is not a law.

2) Any and every law must be published in the Federal Register (F.R.). A law cannot be enforced unless the people are told that the law exists, and publishing in the F.R. gives notice to the public. Do you have a date or citation of the F.R. in which NESARA was published?

3) Can you email me a bona fide copy of the NESARA act? I understand that the one at is bogus.

4) Is there a website that documents the whole nesara movement, with citations?

Thanks, R

Dear R:

Thank you for your letter and questions concerning NESARA. I may not be able to satisfy your "legal mind", for NESARA also has spiritual aspects.

Q. l: Answer: Violinio Germain (St. Germain).

Many years ago NESARA was born under the guidance of the Ascended Masters. Germain created The World Trust more than 250 years ago and is presently in charge of NESARA and the banking change back to a gold standard system.

The records of the original Thirteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution were deliberately destroyed by Britain in the burning of the Library of Congress in the War of 1812. That amendment stopped all people who held titles of nobility such as Esquire, Doctor, Reverend, etc. from holding any public office in the U.S. This amendment would have removed British control of the U.S. Government by removing all British Esquires (attorneys) who held offices in the U.S. Congress. Titles of Nobility are granted by the Crown of England even today, and as such the holder of a Nobility Title is a foreign agent. If you are a member of the BAR (British Accreditation Registry) today, you too are a foreign agent operating within the U.S.

My point is that, since the time the original Thirteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was destroyed, there has been a dual congress in the U.S. There exists the unlawful congress at large made up of esquires, doctors, clergy, etc. and the lawful congress of those who hold no Title of Nobility. Today, the lawful House of Representatives has only about fifteen members. The lawful members are the only ones who can lawfully conduct business in either the House of Senate. These are the ones who passed the NESARA Bill on March 9, 2000, which was signed into law on October 10, 2000 by U.S. President Bill Clinton.

By what authority do you say that passing the NESARA Bill under duress of the White Knights and St. Germain is not a law? If you truly have a legal background, then you know that in March, 1933 U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt put the U.S. into bankruptcy and in cooperation with the unlawful congress created Commercial Law to replace Common Law. Since that time all laws that have been passed by the unlawful U.S. Congress are unlawful and will be struck down by the implementation of NESARA.

Another consideration is that since August 17, 1987 our world in general has been under Galactic Law. Because the Darkside had broken their agreements with Creator God/Christ Michael and brought 4D evil beings onto Earth Shan, the Forces of Light were allowed to compete with these 4D beings and remove them from the planet.

Then, due to the Darkside's refusal for four years to cooperate with the White Knights to enact NESARA, in May, 2004 Creator God/Christ Michael placed our world and specifically the U.S. and NESARA under Divine Intervention. Therefore, we are under Galactic Law at this time, and the authority for NESARA is Galactic Law.

Q. 2: Answer: No! NESARA was never published in the U.S. Federal Registry by order of the U.S. Supreme Court. The Court placed a "gag order" on NESARA and nothing could be made public concerning NESARA until the "gag order" was lifted. This has not yet been done.

The public notice of NESARA which implements the law is to be the public announcement of NESARA on national and international television and radio and press. Such an announcement is at the point of being made, even as early as this week.

Q. 3: Answer: No! All NESARA records have been sealed by the U.S. Supreme Court and are presently being held in safe-keeping in the Supreme Court files. Only a generic (bogus, as you say) copy of NESARA was allowed to circulated in the general public for these past five years.

Q. 4: Answer: Yes and No.

As I have said, all official records of NESARA are being held in security until such time that they are released to the public. Various websites carry NESARA information, but I refer you to for a more complete history. What is presented there is only a fraction of the whole story, for as most people, "The Dove" has little knowledge of the "NESARA trail" over these past many years. That "trail" and all of our history will soon be revealed for all to read.

You will probably say that my answers are inadequate, because I present no"proof" of the existence of NESARA. The proof that you seek is all around you. The banks are holding the new Gold and Silver Certificates (rainbow) money ready for circulation. Bank employees have been trained in the new NESARA banking procedures for a gold standard system.

G.W. Bush and Co. knew of the pending legislation of NESARA when he took office, January 20, 2000. Rather than cooperate as he had agreed, he "blew up the place" on 9/11/01 to stop the first attempt to announce NESARA to the U.S. public on that date. Most people have honored the gag order under threat of earth, but some have talked, especially the military. Twice recently on C-SPAN 3 discussion has been made of NESARA and government employee resignations related to it.

Spiritual proof of NESARA can be found in the various messages received over the past months and years from the Ascended Masters and other beings of the Lighted Realms. The more recent Sheldan Nidle Updates and the Candace Frieze messages of 2005 carry much discussion of NESARA and its impending enforcement.

There is proof in the Heavens that the Forces of Light are here. You need only look and see the flashing colored lights of their Starships. My friend, NESARA has both physical and spiritual qualities. The "knowing" within from your God Spirit is confirmation that the freedom and peace and abundance that NESARA brings to our world is, indeed, true. The ultimate proof that everyone needs is the actual official public announcement of NESARA on our T.V. screens. That is planned to happen momentarily. Our world is waiting and hoping for this to happen this week. We hold that positive energy and order it so!

In Love and Light, Patrick H. Bellringer

Enlightenment happens!  Attachment to the ego-self leads one into delusion; but faith in one's Buddha nature leads one to enlightenment.

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I'm a little skeptical of this.  First, there are some pretty big factual errors in the post regarding the Constitution.  The 13th Amendment was added after the Civil War in 1865 and outlaws slavery … nstitution

The provision of the Constitution this post refers to is Article I, section 9, which limits the powers of Congress.  One of the clauses reads:

No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.

A "secret Congress" would have been redundant before the Civil War, because the rich already ruled the country! If you didn't have property you couldn't vote, and only the House of Rep was open to direct elections (Senate, Presidency, Courts, all chosen through some indirect means). 

The website this post mentions is here:
...and seems to describe some cases in 1993 where the Supreme Court held that: "the US has been operating outside the Constitution since March 1933, that major reformations of government and our banking system are required, and that financial redress and remedies must be provided for financial losses due to bank fraud suffered by generations of Americans."  There aren't any citations given for these cases though, so who knows if this is true. 

Personally I think this is a little farfetched.  The Supreme Court is by its nature a very conservative institution, and I am hardpressed to believe that it would overturn decades of precedent based on conscience. 

Anything's possible, sure, but even the existence of NESARA would still require a motivated and educated public that would pressure the government for its implementation. And if we had *that* then we'd be in much better shape anyway.


Your focus determines your reality -- Qui Gon Jinn


Personally I think (no, I'm positive) Nesara is a complete hoax. I first found out about it about 4 or 5 years ago and at first I was taken in by it. But I soon realised that everyone connected to Nesara was completely full of shit. The announcement of Nesara is ALWAYS just around the corner, and it has been since I first found out about it. "It'll be this week", "No, It'll be this week" "No, I meant this week" and so on...and on...and on, and it's been like that for 5 years now.

If Nesara actually ever gets announced then I'll go on live tv myself and eat my underwear!


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I think NESARA is yet another false "saviour"; a concept to make people believe everything will be fine as long as they wait passively and do nothing, in other words, a tool of silent oppression. I think the same about Sheldan Nidle's Galactic Light Federation. I get extra suspicious when people start talking about Ascended Masters, with the they-are-better-than-you-so-stop-thinking-and-believe-everything-they-say attitude. In my opinion, these are the tricks of those who want to keep people down, not those who want to truely help people.


Watch out. NESARA is one of the biggest scams afflicting the alternative community. I can say nothing good about it, as those perpetrating this scam are vile and its victims among the saddest gullible people I have ever come across.

The scammers run through a cycle of demanding money, then building up anticipation to fever pitch saying the law will be announced any day now, then making up an excuse as to why the announcement has been delayed, and repeat the cycle over and over. They've made millions.

The victims send in money, succumb to the deepest levels of wishful thinking and anticipation, suffer the big let down, then for some reason reinvest their hopes for the next round. I think after a certain point it's easier to keep hoping than to admit being suckered, just as gamblers on a losing streak think that another couple rounds could redeem them.

Aprogas is right, these scammers want to keep people down. They play upon the noble optimism of the undiscerning by sucking them into the fantasy of being "White Knights" awaiting the moment of triumph. They con those who have blind faith that this law exists in the form claimed and those who have naive hope in our judicial and legislative system. As if a single piece of legislation would restore justice at all levels of the matrix...the world is a bit more complex than a game of chess where a single clever move wins the game.

I think their victims are depressed, confused, and desperate, and the promise of NESARA provides them shelter from having to face reality. Every couple weeks NESARA is supposed to be announced on CNN, and this has been going on for years and years and years. It's just one arm of a disinformation octopus whose other tentacles have the same discombobulated icky vibes and level of subjectivity.

Acquiring fringe knowledge is like digging for diamonds in a mine field.

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SS Elephant wrote:

there are some pretty big factual errors in the post regarding the Constitution.  The 13th Amendment was added after the Civil War in 1865 and outlaws slavery

Wouldn't that still fit seeing that the 13th Amendment that WE know is assuming that the 'real' one dosen't exist (and therefore 'replaces' it)? Or were there other amendments between the period from 1812 - 1865?

I am as is Void.


Thanks all.  I had my doubts right from the get-go.  I was sure someone here had the skinny.
But ya know - our own government and President pulled the wool over the eyes of millions which tells me that anything is possible nowadays. 

Every day there is a new surprise, eh!

Enlightenment happens!  Attachment to the ego-self leads one into delusion; but faith in one's Buddha nature leads one to enlightenment.



As I mentioned  to Neo in the Sorcha Faal thread,
I have been mulling over the possibility that all those diehard NESARA adherents may be having a positive effect on the collective reality, despite the fact that  they are placing their faith in a nonexistent bill. 
I think NESARA has come to be a symbol of the changes that are upon us, that are increasingly coming into manifestation. One indication of this is the numerous channelings from Mike Quinsey that can be found at the Four Winds site and that are being circulated widely.  I was very skeptical of them at first, but I now feel that their message is at least very uplifting.  Here's one of the most recent: 

Atmos 12.31.05

At this present time, more than any other previous period you are accompanied by an entourage of different Beings. This is particularly so if you are involved in work for the Light, where a degree of protection is necessary. Everyone has a Guide who will stay with them for the duration of their lifetime, one who knows of your life plan. Your Guide will endeavor to keep you on a path that will ensure you fulfill it. However, your freewill is the overriding factor, and no form of coercion will be used.

What will inevitably happen is that opportunities will be presented to you a number of times, and every inspiration used to get a response. Remember that there are ongoing connections with many events in your life, and one missed could throw out the rest of your life plan. This would be particularly disappointing to you if you later discovered that Karma was involved. It would mean that it would have to come back into another life that offered similar opportunities. At this present time because very few of you have planned to come back before Ascension, there is no chance of putting off what can be done today.

Your Guides will work hard for you, and inevitably succeed in the service for which they have been appointed. If needs be, additional Guides will come to you perhaps because of a particular expertise that will help you. You also have your own Higher Self to turn to, but sometimes the voice you hear is that of your Guide trying to get your attention. It is important that you carefully listen to that inner advice before you make your decisions. It is a measure of your progress when you have an awareness of those Beings that travel with you. Do not be hasty in making decisions, and find the time to sit quietly and calmly so that you are clear headed and fully aware.

Lightworkers that show a great Light attract all kinds of entities, and these are mainly within the vibration of Earth. Often those who have no belief in the after life are stranded upon Earth, and they cling on to people. They will frequent places that are familiar to them, and some of the lower entities will take over the body of those who through drugs or alcohol; have partially or fully left their physical bodies. This is the reason that whilst in this state, that people have no memory of many an occurrence that they have been involved in. It is most unpleasant, but therein is another lesson to be learnt.

Lightworkers do their work aware of the need for protection, and there are a number of methods used. The simplest means to keep away unwanted attention is to surround yourselves with a ray of a high vibration, and one such as the Golden Ray would be most suitable. You could also call on your personal Guide or a Master for help, one with whom who you feel connected and at ease. The lower entities cannot stand in the Light, it is too powerful for them and this is from where your protection comes. You only have to think of the different levels of vibration to understand that the higher you get, the more you are able to draw away from the lower ones and their influence.

As you progress you will have more direct contact with your Guides, who will openly come to you at your calling. However, you will have less need for their constant attention, such as the period you are now entering. You are growing in your consciousness and ability to absorb the Light, and you will be able to follow it more easily without the distraction of the dark. Many of you have outgrown the lessons of duality and you are now fully able to operate within the Light. However, there will always be greater Souls in dimensions immediately ahead of you, and you will have their knowledge and wisdom to guide you.

It is in the higher dimensions that you will come closer to others of a similar vibration. There will be a conscious decision to become part of a group consciousness, as a continuance of your experience and ongoing evolution. Even on Earth you have already experienced how you are attracted or repelled by other people depending on their vibration. All are at some stage in the Love vibration, but once you have ascended it is more a matter of raising and refining your vibration. Your Light increases so that you occupy a greater space than before, until you finally become a magnificent Being of immense power and creation.

For the moment your eyes should be on the path to Ascension, and you should concentrate on your development as you cleanse your body of energies that no longer serve you. In this particular time period, much is happening to you, but the net result is that you are refining your body and it is changing to a crystalline structure. This is the beginning of your return to a body that is suited to the higher dimensions, one free of distortion or imperfections. No more shall you suffer the ravages and illnesses connected with life in the lower vibrations. You will ascend with quite a different body to the one you have now. Because of its perfection you will be in your prime once again, and aging will no longer be a factor that will affect you.

Dear Ones I am Atmos of The Galactic Federation and I speak to you from experience, and with an understanding of Universal Law. As Co-Creators with God you will still be bound by those Laws, but because of your enlightenment and understanding you are unlikely to consciously break them. This Universe is one where freewill operates and you will still have responsibility for your creations. There is however no other planet exactly like Earth and it is truly a school for life. One where you have encountered every conceivable situation, that has challenged you to find your path back to the Light.

Never before has a New Year promised so much. It will be a time of great change, and we shall be taking an active part in ensuring that at last you enjoy the fruits of your endeavors. It is no longer the prerogative of the dark to set out the plans for the coming year. These have already been decided by higher forces, and a Heavenly decree will ensure your transition into the Light. You are to reclaim that which is your entitlement and has been taken away from you for hundreds if not thousands of years. First Contact and everything that it implies will start in the coming year, and you may start to celebrate our forthcoming contact with you. We will approach you with great love and understanding and release you from the grasp of the dark energies.

Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.



Things are changing on the NESARA front; Dove of Oneness is out!

I'm beginning to think there's a probable version of NESARA that is not
a crock...

December 31, 2005

HATONN: I bid you “Good evening,”  Suzy, with thanks for receiving me in these last hours of your year 2005. I ask that you send out my message with the next one from Matthew.

This is Hatonn speaking in my capacity as director of communications between Earth and all points elsewhere during the era of Earth changes. You may know of me as commander of an intergalactic fleet. That is another of my “hats,”  but in this moment, my focus is communications about another area of my activity, what you commonly refer to as NESARA. I am here to give a definitive statement in particular, but not exclusively, to all who have been working diligently to initiate NESARA’s wide-reaching reforms and now don’t know what to believe.

The National Economic Security and Reformation Act–please note this accurate name–is as real as anything else on Earth, so to all skeptics, please put to rest the impression that it is merely a wish in the minds of some who intensely desire a legislated remedy to your world’s problems. Nevertheless, that view does have some validity. Like everything else in the universe, this Act’s formation was preceded by and manifested through thought forms. You are inured to living within manmade laws, so we had to put this within an acceptable legal framework. In accordance with universal laws, the framework had to specify means to achieve the Act’s objectives so the universe knows what situations to present in aid of manifesting the desired results of peace, justice, equitability and accountability starting in the United States and extending worldwide.

That said, a great deal of DISinformation about NESARA has been promulgated by various sources to discredit this Act. That isn’t surprising, because its provisions strip them of political and economic control over you. But it’s unfortunate that NESARA has become better known through those means than the correct information from knowledgeable sources, such as Matthew. Approximately two and a half years ago we asked him to issue our collective statement that described NESARA as the divinely inspired co-creation of highly evolved beings on and beyond Earth to engender good will among her humankind and a fair share of good fortune for all. Food for the spirit is not enough for the majority of your population, who are oppressed and deprived, and NESARA was born of Earth’s desire for betterment in the lives of all her resident souls.

In that message Matthew also spoke of Dove’s credible reports, and at that point and for a time afterwards, she did faithfully report what she was told by lighted souls both on and off-planet. That changed about two years ago, when it became evident from our higher vantage point that the control of the ones we call “dark”  was sufficient to prevent NESARA’s implementation well past the optimum universal timing. Ah yes, the movement of celestial bodies has great bearing on what happens in your world, and they don’t wait for procrastinators. To adhere with that timeframe, we opened new avenues to accomplish the identical aims of NESARA, more slowly, but with equally certain outcome.

Dove’s preoccupation with the success of the program in its exact design that was the basis of her reports clouded her receptivity to the new multi-faceted course. In spirit this course is aligned with NESARA’s provisions, but it can move independent of the Act’s restrictive legal requirements that the dark ones were manipulating to their advantage. Dove’s dedication that had been admirable in its fervor and exhaustiveness turned into egotism with her choice to report what she felt would be more effective than our new direction. Light and egotism aren’t compatible, and with her change in attitude, her light faded. She lost her former high connections along with her ability to discern that she was reaching dark entities or to properly evaluate information from Earth sources. The natural consequence is the inaccurate information she has been issuing.

Until a very short time ago, that made no difference at all in the “behind the scenes”  progress. Although further efforts in the old direction were futile in one respect, in another, and far more important respect, they were powerful. The light generated by the intent of all involved enabled the “lift-off”  and then sustained energy momentum of the new processes to fulfill NESARA’s objectives. But Dove’s recent contentions that are strikingly without factual basis have caused considerable confusion. Introducing this kind of energy attachment is not helping to propel our activities’ momentum to surge pace, and that’s why I am telling you what has transpired. The energy of your belief that NESARA’s objectives ARE being met, albeit on a parallel track, is as imperative now as before.

This is not a place for anger or shame, but rather sadness that the soul who once correctly reported on NESARA unwittingly veered off the light course. We honor Dove’s service within her original mission and we beam intense light for her return. We beam the same to the dark entities that falsely claim to be me or other beings of light, and to the receivers who believe them and send out that false information. Be keenly discerning about all channeled messages! Especially in this late phase of Earth’s transition out of third density, knowing what is true and what is false is critical for your own sakes! We urge you to look beyond the mass of muddled information about NESARA, Second Coming, First Contact, disastrous destruction to land masses, nuclear war potential, a dying planet–listen to what your souls are telling you!

Hold within your hearts the vision of the world you want for yourselves and your families, for all the inheritors of Earth:

A world where peace and love replace war and hatred; where governments are led by just, prudent and spiritual women and men, not power-mongers led by darkness; where fair distribution of all resources replaces the extremes of egregious greed and desperate poverty; where universal and planetary truths replace the web of lies that has controlled your lives.

The concept and intent of NESARA is to help you create that world on Earth. You do not have to know of this Act or, if you do, you don’t have to believe in its actuality–wanting the same intentions that it embodies is what counts. IT ALREADY HAS COUNTED! You are reading this in the early days of your year 2006, when wars, suffering, tyranny, corruption and the like can be seen wherever you look. But in this very same instant in the continuum, where everything is NOW, Earth is peaceful and beautiful and all of that negativity is gone. She has reached her chosen destination where low-vibration manifestations don’t exist. The world of your vision, the “future”  world you are helping to create right now, already IS!


Well... regardless of whether NESARA is real or not. It exists in our reality due to its thoughtform being propigated throughout our collective consciousness... at least to the extent that people talk about it. NESARA is an incredibly broad subject and concept with vast implications for our world, if it exists. Something this large can only be 4d or HD, whichever. Therefore, I assert that this entire conversation about the bill's existance is simply "it" jumping in and out of the quantum probability that makes up the future.

Have at it.
In Lak'ech,


Sherry Shriner's site. Don't ask me how much credence to put toward this 'Matrix' program she uses - if anyone can verify it's authenticity, speak up . . .

I am as is Void.


I noticed this scam/fraud site covered NESARA too. I found this when I was replying to StarCat's Nigerian 419 scam email thread.


Patrick Bellringer Published My E-mail, well sort of.

My interest in NESARA started in July 2005, but by August 2005, I realised it was a scam. Still it interests me because I went through a similar thing in 1988 when Jesus was due to return by mid September. So I've kept reading some of the NESARA updates the same way I read the newspaper headlines. It's all a load of rubbish, but it's entertaining and I like finding what the other side is up to.

Anyways I'm not sure how many of you still keep up with the NESARA scam, but there have been major upheavals on the FourWinds site. The planned announcements have been increased in frequency so that NESARA is set to be announced at least twice a week at least for the past month or so. Loads of people are writing in to complain about this. One brave lady even wrote in to suggest Patrick and Anne Bellringer get some orgonite to protect them from negative enties giving false channelings. But as usual, everyone who disagrees with them must be wrong at best, or working for the darkside at worst.

Anyways, with all of these people writing in to complain, and the blatent inconsistancies in the NESARA Updates, I decided to write in to see how much I could mess with his mind. My intension was to sound like the typical NESARA believer, dependant on others and desperate for emotional validation of my beliefs. I also wanted to see how far I could push the boundaries by pretending to be one thing, but getting information to his readers about what would happen if you took NESARA beliefs to the logical extreme. Anyways, he completely edited out all the good bits, and just left my question, but I thought you guys might enjoy the original, so here it is.

Dear Patrick Bellringer,

I've been following NESARA updates for a few years with baited breath, it's so close now I can almost feel it. I'm doing everything in my power to bring it forwards. I've told all my friends and family about it and keep on at them because most of them don't believe. I've wrote letters to my government officials here in England and although they don't believe in it, I'm sure once the gag order gets lifted, the gloves will come off. Anyways, it can't be long now, now that the evil government leaders have been recently arrested and in the Hague waiting for the forces of Light and Assended Masters to sort them out once once and for all. I'm hoping you could enlighten me about Dick Cheney's status because in the NESARA UPDATE: August 3, 2006, the information was:

"It is my understanding that at this point, both George Bush, Jr. and Dick Cheney were arrested, incarcerated and taken to The Hague, Netherlands to stand trial before the International Court of Justice, along with George Bush, Sr. and his wife, Barbara Bush, Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary, and their daughter, Chelsea, Henry Kissinger, Tony Blair, Henry Paulson, Greenspan and many others, who were arrested and taken to The Hague last week to stand trial for their many crimes."

But in the most recent update on August 28, 2006, the information was:

"The 1200 bankers of our U.S. Gold Depository Banks, who were responsible for these deliveries, were all called to a meeting with Dick Cheney on Saturday, August 26, 2006 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming."

So why did the International Court of Justice release Dick Chenery?

Anyways, I'm sure there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for this. And I'm not letting the NESARA set backs caused by the Dark Forces cause me to lose my focus. During August 2005 I decided to put my money where my mouth is, and decided to not pay off my credit card, but instead just pay the minimum monthly payment. As there's no point in paying it off, if it will just get cancelled with the NESARA announcement so soon. Well one year later, despite all the set backs, I've still not lost my faith, mind you I did have to get an addition credit card in July to stop me going over my  £8000 limit. But shortly this will all be declared NULL AND VOID as the NESARA announcement brings in the GOLDEN ERA of Light.

Keep Strong in the Faith and LOVE AND LIGHT,

This got edited to:
Dear Mr. Bellringer

You mentioned that Bush, Jr an Cheney were incarcerated in the Hague and in your August 28th Update you said that Cheney and 1200 bankers were arrested in Jackson Hole.

Would you please explain the conflicting announcements.

Best regards,

Dear BR:

I was in error in the August 3 Update in that at that time George Bush, Jr. was arrested and taken to The Hague but not Dick Cheney. I knew that, but somehow this error was made in the report. I apologize. Thank you for pointing this out to me.

In Love and Light,
Patrick H. Bellringer

So this really makes me wonder, how can he get the channeled information wrong? How can you make such a serious mistake? I suppose people with low frequency and short attention spans will think, "I get things wrong, I don't know what I'm doing or where I put things half the time, so Patrick Bellringer probably had some thing similar. But really if you have a spiritual experience or premonition or something, you don't forget it or make such a huge error like that. It would be like being on holiday at a resort for a month, and telling the guy on the lounger next to you, "Oh yeah, we've got a case of wine upstairs, then saying 5 minutes later, "Oh my mistake, I thought that I was at home and my and my wife just drove back from the supermarket". You could only believe his excuse if you are one of those practically unconscious people.

But even more disturbing is the fact that Patrick Bellringer edited out my not paying off my credit card story. That really makes me feel that he doesn't himself believe in NESARA, because he doesn't think it's a good idea to tell people due to NESARA's imminent announcement, not to pay their credit cards and morgages.


I don't want to cut and paste a tonne of words. Instead I suggest one downloads the pdf of David Icke's The Biggest Secret and word search, "Nasara" to see connections with Babylonian Secret Society Network runs the world today.

His deep research will shed some sobering light upon NAsara investigation. I felt a bit deflated by reading this, but, as I say, sobered. Good Luck! truth seekers.

In Lak'ech



Here is a chunk of The Biggest Secret, if you like:

work, The Magical Mason, that today’s Freemasons go back to the Essenes among
other ancient groups of similar background. Today the Arabic word for Christians is
Nasrani and the Muslim Koran uses the term Nasara or Nazara. These originate with the
Hebrew word, Nozrim, which derived from the term, Nozrei ha-Brit - the Keepers of
the Covenant. The term, Nozrei ha-Brit, can be traced as far back as the alleged time of
Samuel and Samson in the Old Testament. Samuel was portrayed as the top man of the
Levites and it was they who orchestrated this whole Bible-Talmud scam under the
direction of the Babylonian Brotherhood. The Covenant is the Freemason’s Great Work
of Ages - the Agenda for the takeover of the planet by the reptilians.
The bloodlines, the ‘chosen people’ of the gods, and the secret knowledge, are
symbolised as ‘the vine’ and ‘vineyards’ in the Bible and countless other writings and
pictures. The Old Testament speaks of “The vine thou didst bring out of Egypt” .39 We
are also told that “The vineyard of the Lord of hosts is the House of Israel and the men
of Judah his pleasant plant” 40 The bloodline symbolised as the vine is not, I would
strongly suggest, the bloodline of King David at all. He didn’t exist for a start, which
confirms the point rather conclusively. The symbolism of the vine can once again be
traced back to Babylon and Egypt. In the mystery schools of Greece, their Sun gods
Dionysus and Bacchus, were the patron gods of the vineyard.41 What do grapes depend
upon to grow? The Sun. The vine and the bloodline of ‘Jesus’ weaved in among that
Sun symbolism is one of the royal and priestly bloodlines which lead back to the
reptilians, the Anunnaki. The New Testament features the Wedding at Cana, but this
was not a real wedding. It is again symbolic of the Sun and the Earth, the god and
goddess. In the land of Canaan every spring, they celebrated sexual and fertility rites
under the title, ‘The Marriage Festival of Canaan’.42 It was at the symbolic wedding at
Cana in the Gospels that Jesus turns the water into wine. It is the Sun’s warmth and the
Earth’s water which grow the grapes to make wine. Bacchus, the Greek son of Zeus and
the virgin Semele, was said to have turned water into wine. Also there were Essene
ritual terms related to water and wine. The Essenes, Therapeutae and Gnostics were
seriously into hidden meanings and the Jesus stories are a mass of interweaved
allegories related to the Sun, astronomy, astrology, bloodlines, secret knowledge and the
rituals and names used by the mystery schools. The New Testament is a mirror of the
Old in that some fact, much fiction, and a mass of esoteric codes and symbols are fused,
and often con-fused, into a narrative which is desperately misleading if taken literally.
This is summed up by the phrase: “Let he who has ears, let him hear” . Let he who is
initiated into the secret knowledge understand what I am really saying. Let he who is
not initiated believe any old crap.
Here are a few more Bible myths to explode:
“¢ The idea of the ‘carpenter’ is a translation error. The English translation of
‘carpenter’ comes from the Hebrew word naggar, via the Greek, ho tekton. These
words do not mean literally a ‘carpenter’, but people who were masters of their craft
and the word was applied to teachers and scholars as well as craftsmen.