Topic: How to Easily Destroy Physical Implants

How to Easily Destroy Physical Implants

Every now and again someone emails me and asks me how to remove physical implants. We believe we now know a way to deactivate them, if not to actually remove them.

After I posted on my article "Do you have alien implants in your ears" which has stories of people removing physical, round, greyish, flexible implants from their ears by ear candling, one woman, LipstickMystic, (, posted a reply, which I read, but somehow missed the most important piece of information in that article (was I programmed to ignore this? I think so). I read her reply again later at and finally grasped the importance of her information. That paragraph is:

For the electronic, physical, (implants), neodymium (rare earth mineral) magnets of anywhere from a quarter inch to a half inch in diameter work very well to completely disable them. Some people wear them in the headband of a baseball cap, preferably for at least 24 hours, but you can also tape them to the back of your ear and hide them under your hair! After implants are disabled, you won't have so much fatigue, and the pitch or frequency in your ear stops happening. Use caution with these powerful magnets, though, as they can wipe out disks and computers. It's best not to wear them while sitting at the computer, at least, not while wearing more than one or two of the little ones.

My attention was finally drawn to this piece of information by another email I received early in 2005, which showed just how successful neodymium (rare earth) magnets are in destroying implants. Here is that story:

Dear Stephanie,

Thank you for sharing your implant experience. If it was not for the information on your website a friend of mine would still be suffering with the high-pitched "Morse Code" beeping in their ears..or worse.

Very recently they had an involuntarily implant while having their ears probed by a Chinese doctor who advertised Free Iridology and Ear Diagnosis. My friend suspected that after the free exam this Chinese doctor would most likely try to sell them herbs from their store.   

The doctor, after being satisfied with the fact that his patient had never had an Iridology exam, simply asked my friend to follow his finger movements with his eyes. No magnification device was used.

Then with a kind of electronic "pen" that felt like accupuncture, he started probing my friend's ear.  First the left ear. Then the right. The "morse code beeping" started at 5:30 am the next morning in the right ear... so loud, it interrupted their sleep and thought patterns. They thought they would go insane. The high-pitched sound was so irregular, erratic, that they could not even think around it ! It lasted one hour. After putting ordinary heavy magnets on the ear they fell back asleep hoping this would stop future beeping. Next day after spending hours in the emergency room at their local hospital, nothing showed up in X-rays. Surprisingly, the attending doctor confessed he had others coming in complaining of "noises in the ear". He said perhaps this was an external noise.


My friend is certain the beeping was internal because they wear heavy ear plugs nightly and the sound was so loud, it woke them from a deep sleep. This person is a naturalist and of great credibility. Moreso than anyone I have ever known. No prescription drugs, no sleeping pills, pain pills or even aspirin.

The next morning the beeping came again approximately 12:40am this time.

Same ear. The right ear. The magnets hadn't stopped it. Pinching different parts of the right ear, my friend noticed that by twisting the uppermost arch of the ear, near the head, the beeping stopped .. like a connection had been broken ! They fell asleep in this position, with upper ear pinched.

Next morning, with a sterilized exacto knife, they sliced open the top arch of their ear about 3/4" where they noticed an almost invisible bump.

Editor's Note: DO NOT DO THIS. If you want to cut into youself, have a doctor do it.

They squeezed and squeezed but saw nothing except blood. Yet when they took  tweezers the squeezing made a crunching sound, like the mincing of tiny shards of glass. Even tho nothing could be seen by the naked eye, they confessed to me that a sudden feeling of calm came over them. The anxiety and aggressiveness they had felt since the "ear diagnosis" was gone.

That night, taking the advice on your website, 3/4" Neodymium magnets were now placed on the top arch of the ear, one if front, one behind. But the ear had been cut, and the force of the magnets became so painful, they were not able to sleep with them on more than 2 hours before having to remove them.

Only days have gone by... but  the sound has not returned.

Neodymium magnets can be found inside old hard drives. They will be encased in a silver ( or gold) overlay because they are more brittle than other magnets. But you will not mistake them, because the moment you try to put them together you will pinch your fingers. They are very powerful magnets, derived from a rare earth mineral.

And they WILL render micro-chips useless.

A warning to all readers:



* When we start identifying wisdom with our ability to comprehend its form, what wisdom is that?
* Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.
* People want platitudes, not progress.

Re: How to Easily Destroy Physical Implants

u forgot to insert their Ads for the super duper magnets, only 5 bucks a pop!

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Re: How to Easily Destroy Physical Implants

Forgot the link.

And I know you want one of those magnets, zonabi!  So lightweight and versatile!  How many can I put you down for?

* When we start identifying wisdom with our ability to comprehend its form, what wisdom is that?
* Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.
* People want platitudes, not progress.

Re: How to Easily Destroy Physical Implants

put me down for 2, throw one on your monitor and the other one on your hard drive.

i used to have (err, my father used to have) some of this rare magnet, i was very amazed by its strength when i was younger.

but not as amazed as i was when i first played with free floating mercury!

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Re: How to Easily Destroy Physical Implants

Well, geez, that wasn't nice.

And what's free floating mercury?  Mercury that isn't in any container?  That can make you mad as a hatter!  I got to mess with mercury one time when I found some in some bushes on the dirt.  Odd place to find it, and in such quantity.  Must have been about 4 oz of the stuff.

* When we start identifying wisdom with our ability to comprehend its form, what wisdom is that?
* Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.
* People want platitudes, not progress.

Re: How to Easily Destroy Physical Implants

yea mercury that isnt in a container. had to be real careful, didnt actually touch it or anything just rolled it around in a bowl etc.

im just foolin about the magnets, no hard feelings.

mercury has always amazed me, that stuff is heavy!

now, what would be cool would be to play with Mercury AND Magnets together!

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Re: How to Easily Destroy Physical Implants

I'm kinda leery about this idea of sticking heavy duty magnets to your head, but if anyone is considering doing this, one way to get a magnet pointed straight into your ear canal is to get some silicone earplugs and jam a little rare earth magnet into them, then put that into your ear. My concerns would be: alterations in brain chemistry due to the strong magnetic field, and increased susceptibility to entity attachments via any increased portal/tear openings in the aura. If anyone tries this and it works, be sure to post it here, but beware of the risks.

Acquiring fringe knowledge is like digging for diamonds in a mine field.

Re: How to Easily Destroy Physical Implants

yea, i wouldnt do it either.

if it can wipe out hard drives clean in one swipe, who knows what it can do to you/your aura/your brain if u wear one for extended periods of time

"...i was taken by the hand, from the ocean to the sand..."
nitin sawhney - 'eastern eyes'

Re: How to Easily Destroy Physical Implants

Here is an interesting web page I just found.  I normally would not copy this volume of text into a forum post, but the information is worthwhile enough in this case to do so.   The following was taken from:

Dragon's Looking for Implants Post # 17347

Author:Subject: Dragon's Looking for Implants...Post # 17347

?01/22/2003 17:04 captain_dragon_farstar
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And finding them, too!! My Zap-Checker arrived yesterday. That's the little
hand-held device that locates implants. Less than $100. Check out the specs
this location:

I watched Preston Nichols, he of Montauk Books fame, locate implants in
of the audience using a military surplus device. The video is dated January
1995. What was exotic technology then is now off-the-shelf and available to
interested orgonite activist.

I really dig this techno-stuff, so I had to try it out right away. I scanned
MaryK's body with the device, and it didn't take long to find an implant.
then another. And then another.

It was also Preston Nichols who passed along the information that an
overdose of
orgone energy would neutralize these little critters. Surgery is not
recommended, as some of them are programmed to kill the host when removal is
attempted. The Succor Punch took care of most of them. And it didn't take
That's a great tool that Don has made available to us. Thanks, Don!!

A little analog dial shows an intensity reading that varies with the power
the implant and its distance from the Zap-Checker. I located one just below
right armpit that registered 20 on the scale. When I pushed the Zap-Checker
deeper into her flesh, the reading went up to 60. When that happened, the
"lung" flashed into her mind.

The Succor Punch didn't do much for it. Too deep inside the body, I suppose.
I retired to the bedroom with it, and used it mentally from that distance.
about ten minutes, I checked again. The highest intensity reading I could
was 20. So the treatment was working.

Inspired by a post from chrystalkay about how she disabled a tower with only
her mind, I returned to the bedroom and focused on MaryK's lung. I saw the
implant in the upper portion of her right lung and focused a blue fiery beam
at it. For less than five minutes. Went back to check, and there was no
reading at all at that spot. Once again I focused on the device, and saw it
as a small blackened thing about the size of a BB.

Thanks for the inspiration chrystalkay!! Y'all go back and read that one if
you missed it.

Found several implants in the wiener dog that MaryK got from a friend of a
friend. Don't understand how or why that could be, but we disabled them too.

MaryK reported easier breathing immediately after that one in her lung was

I scanned my body but did not find any. We'll check the kids tonight.

This appears to be a potent tool for personal liberation.


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Implants...quite the bitch, isn't it?

Zap checker, to me, is an every person's verification of what they normally
get through dowsing and other means - it allows regular folks to understand
on an electronics and real world level, what's happening in the supermundane

AEverything the zap checker found, was already found through other means.
Again, it allowed those without eyes to see, what was happening.

The implants range from old 50s thru 70s CIA models, given mostly to
military kids - usually without the parent's knowledge, but not always. They
used hundreds of thousands this way to perfect their vril technology to
where it is today. Ritalin increases the body's acceptance of the implant,
without the usual fatal reactions often placed on the vaccine itself - this
is one of the disinfo ops created by the agency back in the day, to keep
researchers for looking at anything else that might be in the needle, so to
say. That op is still successful. Any lights coming on?

I'm not saying vaccines aren't dangerous - sure they are. Vaccines spread
disease and lay waste to entire generations - I mean, why put mercury and
aluminum in the soup?

Then there are other types of implants. Ever in the military since 1975? You
got one. Remember all those shots on induction day? You never had a chance.
OCS, ROTC? Same thing.

Then there are NSA implants, MKultra, Artichoke, Butterfly, and many other
programs, all using implants. These are the nastiness of them all, homegrown
wise, as these also have "kill switches" in the device. You know what that

Finally, there are the kind you get when abducted by off-worlders. These do
NOT show up in Xray, DO NOT use standard EM frequencies, are will actually
migrate around your body. They move.

If you are finding implants behind your ears, you have a more than likely
chance of being an Mkid or worse. IF you are finding them within 4 t o 6
iches from your inoculation site, that's our friends in the CIA, giving you
that "mark of the beast." These are for tracking and pulse at a frequency of
two times per second, using the body heat generated by your underarms. They
are lodged in your vascular system.

NSA and alien implants are self-powered and can be remotely controlled.
Vaccine implants are the reactive type, ultra low power usage and respond
and "send" when hit with a signal.

Regards the neo mags. They do disable them, but make sure your mag is oneof
hhe larger 1/4" to 1/2" size. I tried some of the tiny ones and they did
temporarily disable it, but within ten minutes after removing it (after they
have been taped over the implant site for 24 hours) the implant was back to
pulsing. Investigation revealed that the magnetic field wasn't strong enough
to fully fry it, only abate is low-watt sending aparattus.

I hope this helps clear up some things for everyone.

An implant near the brain, is not vaccine related. Anything in the arms or
upper body, can be, but that doesn't get you off the hook. You have to take
your whole life and look at it VERY closely.

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Well i got my zapchecker a few days ago..

I found 5 in my scalp.. ( i can feel them.. i actually have been ripping at
my scalp for about 3 mos now because the area has been itching me like
crazy.. now i know why!!)

1 in my left wrist area..

2 in each leg.. 1 near my knee other near my ankle.. the terminator took
care of all but the ones in my scalp.. i will get a stronger magnet ..

they got my kids and my dog too..

my son had 7.. total.. 4 near areas where he was given shots.. 2 in upper
arm.. 2 in upper leg.. 1 in the 3rd eye area (between eyebrows) and another
2 in the side near the ribs.. (he is just 3 years old!!! poor little guy.. i
think i neutralized them.. ) he has been going in for therapy because he is
developmentally behind, not talking, etc.. he has said more words in the
last 3 days than in the last 3 mos!!

my daughter had the same 7 as my son and then another 4.. 2 in each leg.. 1
near ankle and 1 near knee.

my dog. was filled with them..
he was off the charts.. i just held the zapper over him and ran it over his
body for about 1 hour then his reading went down considerably..

I will try to do my hubby when he is sleeping -- i mean check him for
bugs... lol.. .. if i do it when he is awake he will think I have actually
gone crazy and try to put me away.. (no i really am not kidding!!)

He must be filled with them because he is soo programmed.. he thinks GWB is
a great guy and one of the greatest presidents ever!! wow... yes.. we clash
sometimes.. but.. it is easier just not to get into it with him so i can do
my own thing without him looking over my shoulder..

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After some research on the implants. First, get the neodymium magnets -
(here comes a plug, so don't shoot me) RevTed has the size you will need.

We tried the little ones, bout the size of a head of a pin. Only abated the
implant's ability to send and receive, but did not KILL it.

1/4 inch mags worked better, but you had to have it DEAD OVER the implant.
FOr most, they would be guessing, so you'd be placing it all over for a
week, to be sure.

1/2 inch was the winner! The field on the half inch covered a nice 5 inch
zone and through the body.

Get a bunch.

Like we did today.

Leave them on for 24 hours, use surgical tape, the kind for taping bandages
so you can shower and not get water on your mag, which for some reason
distorts the field while its doing its frying thing - once the thing is
fried, water doesn't hurt or even hinder it. We don't know why this is, but,

Good luck everyone.

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You know, if funds or whatever are not good for you right now, the zapper
does have a neo in it, right on the tail penny end, that can be placed over
the affected area - just move it around, keep on it, keep checking. Sure,
it's a hassle, but its far better than nothing at all and in fact, given
what the zapper does, a little clearing in places people don't normally put
the zapper is probably a GOOD thing.

Or whatever.

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Talking of powerful magnets - oh boy! Check these beauties out:

Dunno if they ship to US though. Gotta get me some....wouldnt *they* make a
powerful HHG addition! Sure I could find a use for the 10m long magnetic
rubber tape too..

Great posts. Seems to me almost everyone has some PJ's hanging around

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Eight pages later, Dragon is still looking for implants. Looking for ways to
disable them, too. So far, neodymium magnets seem to be the best. Even the
strongest ones take some time to work. I had a bug in each knee, so I put
the magnet against the spot and held it there with a knee support that I got
from Walgreen's. An Ace Bandage would do, also. Took less than an hour, and
I get no reading on my Zap-Checker now.

I get mine here:

Their #5 in the catalog is the one I use. Covers a fairly large area, and
not expensive at all.

My Succor Punch just doesn't work well on these things. Anyone else have
that same problem? I've had more success mentally disabling the ones in
MaryK and the kids than I have had with the SP. But even that requires
concentration and a quiet mind. The magnet is easier, takes less attention,
and more likely to produce results.

This has been an interesting discussion, and has gone on much longer than I
would have ever anticipated. Implants seem to be a hot issue among the
members. Scary for some in the beginning because it brings the struggle down
to a personal level. And if you've tested your friends, family and
co-workers then you know how pervasive this is. When Preston Nichols was
testing members of the audience in his 1995 video, he found some who had
implants and some who did not. I haven't found anyone yet who did not.

We've seen the problem and have the tools to deal effectively with it. We
have closed off a secret hold that The Matrix had on us. We become stronger.
They become weaker. I like it like that.


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Implants, the nervous system, and frequency harmonics...

...its been an interesting week - and the next four daze...


One of the things we found tackling the implant problem, is that when you
are being accessed or "beamed" the zap checker lights up all over your body.
Investigation revealed that these implants - damn them - were lighting up
the body's nervous system, when firing.

This would cause false readings all over the body.

It also lets you know when they are "working you."

This doesn't seem to be the case with the older, vaccine type implants, but
rather, the intentionally placed and very ultra modern NSA type implants,
behind the ears, knees, and in the cornea of the eye, usually the right eye.

We've also verified that cobalt magnets work just as good as neodymium and
that really, get the larger 1/2" jobs and tape them up for a goodly long
time - we do it 24 hours.

Another critical point - very important - until you clear yourself of all
the implants, the old sites will still show a "resonance" even though the
chip is dead, if any OTHER chips in your body are firing. We believe this to
be a freq harmonic, mainly in the antenna assembly of the chip itself, which
is still there, tho inert within its own nano-electronics. Once all the
chips have been whacked out, this frequency harmonic effect no longer

So if you have cleared a site, and find a softer reading in that spot some
dayz later, this is the reason. The key to knowing this is the signal
amplitude given off the dead site, when the other, still active chips are
yet to be removed.

Hope this helps - we're still working the problem.


Here's another important research point we discovered and verified.

Alergic skin reactions, when the chips are being fried. You'll have these
reactions for about 2 to 4 weeks, after the chip dies. This is the pig
protein coating dissolving into the fatty tissue within 4 to 12 inches of
the location. ZAP 24/7 if you have these reactions. This is a poison that
your body is fighting. This variation of sodium morphate is highly lethal,
so zap, drink lots of water and Colloidal silver, and...

...don't forget to gift often. It's your way of saying, "want to chip me?
How's about a few hundred TBs around town?"

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My experience has revealed that when you are not being "worked on" that the
implants do not emit anything. If you are not being hit by microwave beams,
the implants stop emitting, making it very difficult to find them.

I would like to relay an experience I had today...

For the past 3 to 4 days the beams that continually hit everyone around here
just suddenly stopped. Cold. Every once in a while a stationary beam will
show up and we think that is to recharge the bugs in the house here.
Anyway...I left the house with the ZapChecker on max sensitivity and got no
reading from my head area. Started driving and the ZapChecker went to full
swing. I decided to keep it next to my head as I was driving and I noticed
that whenever I accelerated, decelerated, or turned, the signal strength
would decrease. But whenever I was staying at a constant speed, or stopped,
the strength would be full swing. The conclusion I came to was that they
were tracking me. Very interesting.

I got to my destination several miles from the house and stayed there for
some time. I checked the emissions from my head there and there was no
reading on the ZapChecker, and I felt good because of it. After about one
hour I traveled back to the house with the ZapChecker next to my head the
whole time. Not one blip on the was silent the whole trip. I
made the same trip several more times today and again nothing. It seems that
they were only tracking me that one time.

Since the beaming has stopped, all of us around here get no readings
anywhere on our bodies. But when they do selective beaming at certain times
of the day as I mentioned earlier...when we stand in the beam we will get
emissions from differing locations on our bodies.

It seems that implants in the head area are very difficult to neutralize. I
know I have neutralized some of them, but there are some in my head that I
just can't seem to kill.


Author:Subject: Dragon's Looking for Implants...
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See, all this reporting just verifies many of the various aspects and types
of implants we have received. If you set the zap checker on vibro mode, you
can actually feel the pulse amplitude strength and wavelength cycle -
transponders transmit at two cycles per second.

The reason that is, is one, low energy drain. Reactive chips use your body's
energy heat to recharge and send when accessed. Two, is twice a second is
good enuf for tracking you anywhere you go.

The pros will power down a building to sweep it and recommend the same to us
all, when scanning your house or self. We go outside, find a clear zone with
no readings, then do our checks.

In major metros, with so many microwave, satellite, and ELF towers always on
and always throwing down, its tougher. You have to use your heart's whisper
with the zap checker to get near home base. The deeper the implant or more
longer it has had time to imbed itself in your tissue, the longer the magnet
cycle. most folks will get a positve reading within 4 to 6 inches of body
mass, and that's a big area. So, to be safe, move the magnet around, each
night or leave it on all day, if its in place under cloathing.

You really have to kill all these implants. Really. Wether tracking or
control, either way they've got you. That has to end.

Dragon Al went for a big mag and MY GOD, what a monster that thing is, too.

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I just realized that I haven't done an implant report yet, so here goes.

I have been working with my dowsing and a friend to help find the implants.
I haven't gotten a zapchecker yet, even though the company that seels them
is about 5 miles away from me ....

Anyway, I'm up to disabling 23 implants so far. My original number was 18,
but I have been implanted several times since then. Someone bumping into me
on the street, new implant. Eating at a resturant, new implant. Mysterious
bug byte, i mean bug bite, new implant.

Got one in my sinus cavity that was causing my alergies to go into over
drive. Another above my right eye that was there to confuse me on command,
headaches included at no extra charge. One in my bad knee, which I really
didn't need since I have a karmic knee thing anyway.

The majority of them were in my torso, including one between my heart and
lungs. I was really happy to hav ethat one disabled.

Things have been much better since getting them all disabled. I'm able to
work longer and harder in front of the computers, which was beinging to
become a concern for me. I'm able to control my engergtic system a bit
better, by that I mean that others are not affecting me as much as they use

It is still a daily struggle though. If I'm out in public for more then
about 3 hours I tend to come home with a present. I have to check myself
almost everyday to make sure I haven't picked up a new one :-)

Well worth the time though.

I'm getting some new magnets soon that when I place them on my bed the
implants won't be able to survive the night. Sort of the automatic implant
disabling sleep system ....

-SimpleEnigma :-)

Re: How to Easily Destroy Physical Implants

looking at the zapcheckers i wonder about the range. Some are from 10Hz upward, the newer ones seem to start at 3Hz.
Is this a relevant difference? Because the newer ones do seem to be more expensive.