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"This file was placed on protree.com by Sysop, Bob Garth, sharing information about a Federal Law that existed for any person who has had direct contact with an extraterrestrial. It is said that this law was repealed (see last section of this page) but the significance of this law indicates to me, that Government of the United States is fully aware of the presence of Extraterrestrials around our world. Otherwise, one would ask, why make such a law in the first place? The information below is exaclty as the file appears."

Re: The US Federal ET Law

Hi Allushe
A while ago I found something interesting. There is a training manual for firemen. Firefighters Guide for Disaster control. In one of the chapters of this book there are instructions about how to deal with a u.f.o crash. I wonder if any firefighters have had to actually use these procedures?


I think you are on the right track with your findings Allushe.
Maybe the police training manuals have something like this
published as well. I think we might be able to try to deconstruct these types of information and uncover even more facts.   peace meditatek

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Re: The US Federal ET Law

It's interesting how the american government can deny such things as involvement with ETs etc yet create laws regarding them.

Alleged police reports.

http://www.fortunecity.com/roswell/pred … files.html
Also there is interesting material on here, although I haven't read alot of it yet.