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#46 2008-02-03 16:51:11

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Re: what about ORBS

Here someone made a book on orbs - The Orb project.



#47 2008-02-03 18:41:34

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Re: what about ORBS

I found this related site:

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#48 2008-02-13 02:26:47

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Re: what about ORBS

One more for the existence of orbs. I have taken photos indoors without a flash, with an overhead light bulb source and have seen orbs where, in sequence in multiple shots of the same scene you can see the movement of the orbs and the change in size of them, say moving from upper right against the wall to down onto the right shoulder of the person in shot.
The same has happened in multiple rapid fire outdoor shots - again no flash and only the static sun source and very little cam movement. These are also very different from sun halos or sunbursts - you can easily spot the difference when zooming in.
I have a very impressive shot where I was trying to film some trees - the horizon in the distance and the camera was on auto setting instead of distance (reg cheap digital cam) and it chose to focus on two very large orbs just to the right of me at exactly the same height but slightly apart from each other. The trees in the distance were completely out of focus while the orbs were crystal clear as if the camera thought I was trying to film these objects instead. They had that interesting organic looking design inside them when you zoomed in - the same type of design you can see in orb photos all over the internet. Other orbs seem plain white or transluscent.

I wonder if this is a digital only phenomenon (I haven't looked into it that far yet) and also whether these orbs are spirits/other dimensional entities or not. The two orbs that appeared to the right of me in the outdoor photo gave me a rather uneasy feeling when viewing later due to their proximity and also the eye/head level positioning. Any thoughts - Spirit guides, watchers or monitoring malevolent entities?

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