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(F) They can shape-shift, but only for a limited period of time.
(L) Because it takes 3rd density energy to do that.

Could someone who is familiar help me with this? My question is what, specifically, would be the difference between 3rd density energy and that of other densities? Concentration? Location?

I've read interpretations of the dimensions and densities, but many vary by a degree ranging from subtle to substantial.

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this may sound dumb or not very informative, but one obvious thing would be that 3rd density energy would not be as strong as 4d energy- to go further 4d nrg probably vibrates at a higher level than 3d nrg, simply because the 4d realm everything vibrates faster, i would assume that includes energy (nrg) ?

also, what came to mind is that a 4d entity would not have much 3d energy to spend to uphold the shapeshifting, thus limiting them for a certain duration of time- cuz he is 4d, i would also assume that he has mostly 4d energy.

i hadnt heard this explanation for why they cannot shapeshift forver, but i have heard that they cannot hold the shapeshift for too long either....

im not all too sure about all of it, to be honest. these are all just speculations on my part.

basically, a 4d entity is less physical in their make-up, this is because their atoms vibrate faster, as i was saying. considering that, you can begin to fathom why it would be hard for them to shapeshift in 3d, because 3d is very very physical whereas they aren't as solid. thus it breaks (it= shapeshift) probably not due to the 3d energy causes, but probably because their 4d energy is too "powerful" or "overrides"

sorry if im not giving you good solid factual info that is backed up.... but i hope you liked my theorizing !!

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Re: Hyperdimensional Reality

so it's a higher vibratory frequency is what you're saying

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It might make sense if you view 4D STS as a 'consumer' of energy. 4D STO could do it, if they are 'producers'. I think the C's do say that 4D STO can maintain a 3D form, they just don't often want to. smile

That is my best guess, since I have not, to my knowledge, directly experienced 4D.


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well i guess one of the major differences is frequency, one from a higher density or higher frequency must down step ones energy and matter to a lower vibration to withold a physical state.
In David Ickes work I think it is discussed that they need to consume human blood and perform rituals that give them the 3d energy that is required to shapeshift. Blood also contains genetic material thats may be needed, also I believe they only drink blood from sertain humans such as blonde hair blue eyes and red haired humans.

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