Topic: Squeezing crystals

The following experiment works on me and the family.
Get a quartz crystal and put aside.  Hold your forefinger and thumb tips together of your right hand as hard as you can and ask someone to pull them apart. Repeat though this time put the crystal in your left and hand and squeeze it and the other person should find it far more difficult to part your fingers this time.

Either someone told me or i read years ago that by squeezing a quartz crystal in a regular pattern in your hand both calms and gives energy which i think works when i get tired or stressed at work though its subtle.

I think this may be a way to programme a crystal too or clear it with intent, i dont have the math or science to back this up apart from knowing a crystal produces piezo electric when squeezed thus the combination of the aura and intent of the user and the piezo electric discharge may work the crystal in a certain way so i would welcome any feedback or results of your own messing about with crystals or this method.

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