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Topic: Miracles from magnetism

I never had much of an interest in magnetism until I came across the research of Albert Roy Davis and Walter Rawls. What they have discovered about magnetism is absolutely incredible. Davis discovered, way back in 1936, that the North and South poles of a magnet are actually two separate energies, though they always exist together. Each pole has a different effect on matter, and Davis and Rawls have come to believe that these two energies are "the two controlling energies of nature."

Magnetism not only protects us from cosmic radiation, it affects everything on earth, the air, water, and all life forms. This is where it really gets interesting. Davis and Rawls found that depending on which magnetic pole you use, you can increase or decrease the growth rate of plants/animals, increase or decrease the intelligence of animals, and extend their lifespan.

I think the answers to many questions can be found in the discoveries of Davis and Rawls. Without further ado, here's an article written by Walter Rawls about their work. http://www.teslatech.info/ttstore/repor … /scope.htm

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