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Topic: Trizoko: Your Business Journal

helping your business change the frickin' world. no bulls#!t theory included.

about trizoko™
Our daily business journal, based on real studies, empowers our clients and company-builders like you to kick booty.

Made Real, For You (or something similarly cheesy)

But we digress: we stand by all of our articles. Call us on any article, and we’ll gladly back-up our writings with real studies. Not the theoretical-crapola so prevalent in the blogging-magazine-pseudo-journal business world.
But Why?

Our highly, seriously weird, but ambitious goal is to help you and your business change the world. We believe businesses will have, by far, the most impact on society. We’re all gearing up for a revolution of sorts.

We couldn’t look at ourselves in the mirror if we presented you with crap.



"The universe is on fire with wonder, beauty, and ecstasy." - From the Undines to Humanity