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The Cassini spacecraft is making some close passes to Saturn and it's moons.

Lot's to gleam from the released photos and data, but for now I'll just share this interesting photo of Saturn's moon Titan.  What's that circular anomaly on the right side anyway?

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I'm just in awe of [url=]these[/url] photos.

Thomas, et. al - check out the write-up on this image:

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Thanks for posting the photos cameron, they're very cool.

Maybe that circular anomaly is a space station, or something like that.... jeez, how silly is that suggestion, but what could it be? It sure doesn't look like a photo developing error. And it would be pretty darn big wouldn't it?

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There's another circular anomaly on the pic Cameron posted. It also has the ring shape and same size but less contrast. It's at the upper-left border of that bright patch where the other anomaly resides. Thought of it as "dust on the lens" or something like that, but if so, the upper-left ring would have similar contrast. Regarding the 2000mm focal length - such a lens is perhaps a mirror lens. That kind of lenses give a ring-shaped appearance to out-of-focus ranges/objects. Have a look at this: … irror.html - the picture of the "no parking"-sign shows that typical rings in the blurry background.

Just a thought... that still doesn't explain what object the anomaly caused.

Some technical info on the Cassini Imaging System: … ongid=1618

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Hey guys, check this out - some strange hexagon cloud formation at Saturn's North pole - … ideoID=152
Make sure to check out the video links on that page!