Topic: Wilhelm Reich's Contact With Space

Hey folks!

Would anyone know where I may obtain a copy of Reich's last book, Contact With Space?

That is anywhere reasonably priced. The Reich Museum is charging $45. for a Xerox copy, which seems a little pricey.

Here is an interesting article on the subject:

Interesting not least because Reich, in the article, describes the Alien-Earth interaction as being an "Invasion".  That back in the early to mid fifties, and based on his observation that the alien tech was DOR, or Deadly ORgone, producing tech, so inimical to Earth Life.

It would be intersting to trace Reich's thinking on these matters through the last few stormy years of his life.



Re: Wilhelm Reich's Contact With Space

Here is an interesting video on Reich.

Peter Robbins Video on Reich, Orgone and UFOs