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This download will BLOW YOUR MIND AWAY!.

I couldn't really do the material credit, by trying to explain... It's best if you read the material yourself, and form your own judgement. For me, this is something that myself and a lot of other people on NR have been searching for, for a long time, amongst other things, it's a means to collate all of the (sometimes muddled) information that we have been taking in, and turn it into an organised structure. (A bit like finding the picture for all the jigsaw puzzle pieces we have, with a few more pieces of the puzzle thrown in for good measure).

This is a free download with a 14 day trial that only starts from when you are ready to begin, (having studied the knowledge base first).

If you think this is just another one of those products, just try it first, it don't cost nowt, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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I tried downloading it, but it stalls after about 67 percent completion - so I just discontinued the download. Looks interesting though

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hmmm.. I've already had a few emails from peeps saying they can't download it.

Try this link : … ystem.html

Although this doesn' work for others, too.

It's funny, I got the feeling this was just for me.

SiriArc told me on … 562#p66562 #6

SiriArc wrote:,

Heard the Guy on DreamLand - Vibes were Sparked - Ordered.......

Received the CD: 5-29-03

Like EVERYTHING, this CD IS(IS) Just A Potential in YOUR Feed - Back - Loop.......

If not this, SYNC will Provide Another Means.......

[highlight]If Ya Don't TRUST YOUR Own Reason And Intuition.......[/highlight]

If Ya Don't TRUST YOUR Own Reason And Intuition.

I don't. and this message really struck home. (Thank you SiriArc)

This program I found by accident, and it just felt like Another Means. It is exactly what I need, 'The Way Home for Dummies' , if you will.
This program explains WHY you don't trust your own reason and intuition, and gently leads you into building that trust, and finding your truth.

I couldn't download the hypnosis file I referred to in that thread above. Tried 3 times and I know by now, that this means it isn't for me. So I didn't take that any further. Everyone has different routes back home. Some ways work and some ways don't.

If that is the case, I may just delete this thread. I always want to share what I find, but maybe this isn't one of those cases. I did ask if I could share it, and didn't find any objection, but if the barriers are up, then maybe it was just my SYNC.

I am so grateful for this SYNC.

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Blue, I was just able to download this from the new link you just posted. So don't delete! smile

I also need a bit of help listening to my own reason and intuition... and basically knowing that what I'm listening to isn't just more indoctrination. It can be a daunting task sorting it all out.

This program looks quite interesting and helpful. Thanks for sharing it with another "dummy looking for the way home." big_smile


Look... Wonder... Remember... Know

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Re: The Matrix unfolds - Meet The Oracle

I decided not to go through with the install after reading some of its notes...particularly the parts where it says, and I'm paraphrasing, "You will accept these messages as if they were arising from within". Essentially, don't question what it's saying, accept!
And also, the part where it says "We're not responsible for any computer problems that may arise from installing this program or from its use." I know this is a common user agreement, but the fact it said it so blatently, outside of the EULA, on the page just before you agree to the install, just made me wonder...
How do you know that this program is not another form of indoctrination, when it's essentially compelling one to accept inequivocally what it's saying?
I am speaking on behalf of myself, but a red flag went up in my mind when I considered completing the install. Definitely worth exploring, but unfortunately the author forbids anyone from sharing the material provided within the program, but I trust that someone will consciously violate that commandment and share with the rest of the forum the true essence of this piece of software.

Edit: Ok I've looked it over again and I may have come across a little harshly. I'll quote exactly what it says and you can be the judge: "You accept your full responsibility for being influenced by and acting upon the ideas, implications and suggestions offered by the MetaScient Oracle program, interpreting them as reflections of your own desires , beliefs and inner-knowledge"
That's the part that got me. It's the old game of reversal: "Surrender to Spirit. I am Spirit. Surrender to me."

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