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Topic: Castenada Archive

Check out this Russian archive of material related to Carlos Castenada.  There are a couple of articles in English and a gold mine of incomprehensible Russian writings.  Translation anyone?

Re: Castenada Archive

Here you are:

The first 11 are translations of Castenada's work
1. Conversatiions with Don Juan
2. Separate reality


"About him" - interviews and Margaret Castenada's  book "Magical travels with Carlos"

Florinda Donner's and Terrence Mc Kenna's books

"near castadedity"
2 lectures by Sergei Stepanov on Castaneda's philosophy

"other links"

Hope it enlightens a bit :-)

Actually it is really amazing how many materials and entire books, even recently published ones, you can find on Russian web sites. The one you were refering to, was one of the first big electronic library projects.

If anyone reads russian www.universalinternetlibrary.com is something quite outstanding including a big spiritual and healing section.