Re: Organic portals

This is no original observation, but
another OP marker seems to be routine.

These types will always take the same route, even if multiple alternative routes are available, they might somehow think these as 'forbidden'.

"It's not the most direct path- so I must never consider it" they must think.

Also, they are very much monkey-see-monkey-do relating to things like simplifying tasks. They are shown one way of doing things, and have no concept of the word *innovation*. 

There does seem to be a fine distinction between practical effciency, and being in a rut. There is just no desire to see or do things in a different manner.

Same radio station every day, they don't even notice that the playlist never changes. Little things like that have annoyed me to no end for eons.

Predictable is how they like everything.
Seldom do they realize that the same course through the maze will always net the same results.



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Re: Organic portals

Hey Ape-x,

Predictable/ routine is also a character of the reptilian. I must admit I don't know if reptilians can have souls or not, but breaking out of routines and predictability is certainly beneficial for us it helps us be more conscious of the now.


"It means the Matrix can't tell you who you are" - Trinity