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Funny how one person's rant is another's poem.

oh yes it does matter if something pretends to be your lover, hangs on your back feeding, and cares not if it twists your energy up causing sleepless nights of pain, yes it does matter if you profess to love and light, yet demons keep you cursing at night, and all that known will turn blind eye, pretend nothing's wrong and sish, before they die. then choose no lover as i once did, and 15 years later, still bliss it is. Until happiness comes without mere words shared, illusion is all the grabbing for to be shared.
Have a nice Tuesday.

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Thanks for that Ganel!

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I don't know what this is saying in the end, but it is kinda nice and the picture is way cool!

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`Until happiness comes without mere words shared, illusion is all the grabbing for to be shared.
Have a nice Tuesday. `

Those lovers who become the closest become telepathic. The new generations will become familiar with this towwards 2012. The superlove is a love without words, beyond the cycles of boundaries and ego stances where all we are familiar with since birth is the grabbing of love to be able to share it out to others. Like it is explained in  The Celestine Prophecy, we can obtain our energies not from our mother, spouse neighbour stranger, but from the universe, and we bypass the major causes of brotherly discord. Then and only then can love be whole, real, unique etc etc (in my opinion).

As a professional diviner, I speak to at least 10 broken hearts every day with my tarot cards. It is amazing how much one learns about people harmony and the adventures with love. With that frequency of love tarot readings, I have covered all of the usual challenges with obtaining mature love. Quite an amazing look at the human psyche.

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Oh I get it now...  wink  Thanks,
Interesting... i have been getting some very clear and direct "telepathic" contacts lately, and it is filled with, founded on a deep unconditional love feeling.
however as a personal relationship develops the history/conditioning and condtions come into play. Another layer.
I often find if a lady is interested in me she visits me in obe and checks out "my energy" during dreamtime. usually i don't mention it.
If i do sometimes they are surprised or incredulous. Not consciously ready for that.

It seems that when the minds become close because of intimate communications and life history details shared, it is almost inevitable, this "spirit" contact.

It also supports the observation that we truly are not separate in any meaningful way, sharing energy/ mind source. But we must have some "personal" vibrational signature or resonance and this is imprinted in our words, written or spoken. Perhaps this is what allows one mind to "find another" that have never met and have only shared words or understanding. Geographical distance is no impediment in my experience, another proof that reletive space/time is a holgraphic representation within the greater truth of no time/no distance.
Since i am pretty isolated in a rural area right now, i do a large part of my communing over the net, and this aspect has become crucial in sorting things out, fairly quickly.

In one case: i was invited to, and visited someone recently in obe and sensed someone was with her, things progressed on that plane and problems arose due to my lack of experience in this, and my sensual impulses (ahem) meeting her abuse traumas. I then had "regular" dreams that outlined the whole situation very clearly, in symbols i could easily interpret, explaining things.
She and i remembered almost everything that happened in the astral, in waking state the next day.
She broke off electronic communicatin abruptly, but i felt her/a presence again that night, very strongly and some words were exchanged, i had the impression it was "her freind" speaking as an intermediary for her, and woke to the very strong feeling of a ghost "sitting on me", uncomfortably. i asked it to leave and it did immediately.

We talked the next day, and she didn't remember anything, and told me she and her recently passed father usually spend dreamtime together harmoniously!
So it all made perfect sense.
These episodes of meeting people either new friends or old, in obe, are getting longer and more real each time, though not very often.
There is a new connection now, (You might be able to guess wink not involving words or meetings, but the strongest energy i have ever felt in a sutained way. Very close, very loving and inspiring, though so far no romance indicated, just sharing "the resources" .

"Quite an amazing look at the human psyche...  Magic is".     Indeed!

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Wowe, you brought a tear to my eye just then. Cool.


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Poffo wrote:

Thanks for that Ganel!

Ahh a 10 a one and a zero or a zero and one....a very powerful combination welcome alchemy...

l have a Q for you...

if 1 is spelled ONE
if 0 is spelled zero/nought or 0h/0w

Would that make it Oh Won/Wun or Wunj0

Now if it was OWun/Oone
would that be two O's or One?
As  in One One
would that then become 11?

equals the binary?

01 owen

Ahh to own oneself

oh then to own oneself is to own the  Elf, Aelph- bet ya didnt know that one  =

Tah AO

Qua being in the capacity of being