Topic: Golden mean - structure of reality?

I stumbled upon Dan Winter's site, who is a scientist who has used the golden mean to explain the relationship between consciousness and sacred geometry. Absolutely amazing stuff, his website is chaotic and all over the place but the images in the articles alone are pretty amazing.

Two years ago, Dr. Depak Chopra invited Systems Engineer and Biofeedback Inventor, Daniel Winter to present a new theory at their LaJolla, CA lab. Dr. Chopra had already concluded that SELF-REFERENCE was the limiting and defining condition of SELF AWARENESS and therefore consciousness. After his presentation there, Chopra and his research director Dr. David Simon, indeed concluded that Winter had in fact found a way to MEASURE that SELF-REFERENCE and thus measure SELF ORGANIZATION in wave function.

Since that time, Winter has successfully invented, and offered to the world his technology of measuring SELF-AWARENESS - as applied specifically to the heart. His invention - the HEARTLINK ( , , ) measures internal COHERENCE and something he calls EMBEDDING in the heart's harmonic music. (power spectra of EKG ). He found that when people are feeling open and blissful - literally compassion, their heart's voltage sings a chord which chooses a measureable musical fundamental based on the Golden Mean Ratio, and not Octave powers of 2. This also turned out to be a way to measure the "FRACTALITY" or simple - harmonic inclusiveness in the Heart Rate "Variability" which Dr. Dardik of the Olympic Medical committee showed statistically correlates with ended MOST KNOWN CHRONIC DISEASES ! ( , ).

So what does this have to do with the surival of DNA?
Well recently Winter has extended his model to suggest that in fact Golden Ratio harmonics are the key to EMBEDDING in general, and therefore the key to self-organization out of chaos, FOR ALL WAVE SYSTEMS. You see it just happens that DNA as a wave structure has more Golden Ratio nesting in it, than just about any structure alive. First, Winter's theory of Artificial Intelligence based on the harmonics of perfect embedding or nesting, was written up for a University in Portugal ( 71 Pages being re-translated at ) .

Then Winter traveled to genetic engineering research centers in half a dozen or so countries proposing his model for testing ( Decode Genetics, Iceland ; Gene Control s.a. Geneva ; Genetic Lab, Univ Basel, etc.) .
What Winter is saying is simple to summarize, yet it is helpful to see the pictures. He contends that the wave organization of DNA by being so Golden Mean based, or recursive, or 'fractal' allows it's nesting structure to BRAID itself in such a way as to produce IMPLOSION (the opposite of explosion).

I went to order a book review of his stuff called "Making Waves" off of and there were 11 gleaming reviews, and 2 anonymously as "John Doe" and "jubjub" who gave the book 1 star, said nothing about the actual content of the book, and who both used the term "viral marketers" to describe the glorious reviews as paid off advertisers. I found it laughingly obvious to see who was the actual paid off advertisers.