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Topic: New free energy invention

Company claims to have developed new technology that provides unlimited free energy

August 20, 2006 Steorn, an Irish company, claims to have produced a groundbreaking (we do not use this word lightly) technology which is based on the interaction of magnetic fields and produces free, clean and constant energy. If the claims are true, the new technology will enable a significant range of benefits, from the convenience of never having to refuel your car or recharge your mobile phone, to a genuine solution to the need for zero emission energy production. It will also provide a secure supply of energy, since the components of the technology are readily available. Steorn’s technology appears to violate the ‘Principle of the Conservation of Energy’, (energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only change form) considered by many to be the most fundamental principle in our current understanding of the universe. Fully aware that its claims will be considered bunkum by anyone who has graduated kindergarten, Steorn today issued a challenge to the global scientific community to test its free energy technology. Steorn has placed an advertisement in The Economist to attract the attention of the world’s leading scientists working in the field of experimental physics. From all the scientists who accept the challenge, twelve will be invited to take part in a rigorous testing exercise to prove that Steorn’s technology creates free energy. The results will be published worldwide.

Full article: http://www.gizmag.co.uk/go/6031/1/

Edit:  More details about the challenge on http://www.steorn.net/

The Ad: http://www.steorn.net/media/downloads/s … screen.pdf

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Re: New free energy invention

Thanks for posting the links. I heard about this and kinda dismissed it... but now I'll keep my eye on the results of this "challenge."

Re: New free energy invention

The pessimist in me remembers the last words of their video presentation pretty clearly: "We couldn't have picked a worse battleground."  That is, because they "have to fight public opinion, the scientific community, and the energy industry."  ...Big battle.  Bad battleground.

The optimist in me is excited to be saving $600 from my electric bill being eliminated next year; $1500 in gas and oil changes; and throwing away the power cords to my laptop because I've never need them again.  In fact, maybe I'll starting planning a trip to Europe with the extra cash I'll be having. 

Then the pessimist says that it probably won't happen next year, and even though the Steorn representatives seemed genuinely egalitarian, the pessimist in me did notice that the patent is pending on the technology.  If they're patenting it, then that means that they'll be charging for it likely.  Will it really be "free" energy?  Bush, despite his "addicted to oil" speech, will probably be denoucing these guys as Commies within 24 hours of the first major news story.

Or, the optimist says, not...


You can't change a tiger's stripes,
but you can avoid its teeth.

Re: New free energy invention

I have some theories:

When discoveries like this emerged in the past, petroleum lobbies and influencial corps oligarchy could destabilize and intimidate scientists and inventors who discovered 'new energy'. They will try everything to intimidate you, to discourage you, to make your life a nightmare, to buy you or your invention or your business, etc. So I believ that if 'they' let this hapen, it is for certain reasons:

1) this is a phony discovery. A lie.
2) This a marketing trick, semi-true.
3) Behind this initiative is petroleum corp money (that once took profit of its cruching down, but now wanting to take profit of new nature-friendly revolutionary technologies.
4) The group pushing this is not linked to petroleum who have a certain agenda to puch with these new technologies. At first these discoveries were swept under the rug or destroyed by financial, FDA or petroleum corps agents or CIA/FBI/Cointelpro agents.

there are many possibilities, but I'm tired so I can't figure out any other.



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Re: New free energy invention

The pessimist with last word: "Steorn" could become the new Exxon-Mobile or Microshaft.

(...The optimist: Nuh-uh.)

You can't change a tiger's stripes,
but you can avoid its teeth.

Re: New free energy invention

Here's a short mainstream media article from yesterday:

http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/story … 94,00.html

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Re: New free energy invention

There's a wikipedia entry already


The Steorn forum is an interesting place right now http://www.steorn.net/forum/?p=3

A lot of people think it's a hoax, which is not surprising since it appears to violate the known laws of physics.

I must admit the whole thing does appear pretty slick, and any detailed information about the technology is conspicuously absent.

However the ad in the Economist apparantly cost about $160,000 which sounds like too much money to spend on a hoax.

It'll certainly be interesting to see how this develops.

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Re: New free energy invention

Here is a transcript of a chatroom session between the Steorn CEO and forum members.


It's looking more and more unlikely that this is some kind of hoax. It would seem that either these guys really have invented a free energy device, or else they're mistaken about what they've discovered.

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Re: New free energy invention

I have a sneaking suspicion that this technology has something to do with the anomalies experienced in the cavernous structures effect (cse).  see thread at http://forum.noblerealms.org/viewtopic.php?id=3619

Last night I had a dream about cse.  There were these 'alive' but not moving organisms floating about 2 feet off the ground.. about 2 or 3 of them.  They were cylindrical in shape and had a cavernous interior with a hole in the top.  When I slid a wooden branch underneath where they were hovering, it momentarily disabled the effect which caused their floating (like they had to be floating directly above earth, and wood wouldn't do it).  Maybe it's because wood doesn't conduct electricity too well.

Alternative technology such as this is definitely getting inside the human consciousness.  It's just where we're going.

There's a good chance I'm wrong, but just thought my feeling and dream were interesting tongue


"The unknown does not incite fear, but dependence on the known does." - J. Krishnamurti

Re: New free energy invention

Zero point energy technology has cropped up and been supressed for decades. This does not violate the laws of physics, in that it is not creating energy, only changing its form into something useful in the 3d realm.

Even sages of old have said something to the effect of When one looks into the infinite void one finds an abundance of chi (paraphrased)

Re: New free energy invention

My input on Free Energy:  There are free energy devices all over the internet.  Some are designed to fail, others work but are covered up at all costs.  The reasons are the same, to keep the technology out of the main stream.  Why?  Several reasons.  Unlimited power destributed to an unspiritual, irresponsible humanity will lead inevitably to its use in power struggles and weaponization.  The military has undoubted already militarized this technology, and undoubtedly will not let it fall into other hands lest they lose their upper hand.  Also free energy is non-profitable.  Free energy would remove the control mechanism that energy currently provides the powerful elite.  If the elite are begining to lose public support or respect, they can always create an energy crisis so that we must beg to them to take care of us and fix it.  Free energy would cause sever damage to the world powerstructure and will be suppresed at all costs.

"...But Nothing is Lost:" "Nothing lasts... nothing lasts. Everything is changing into something else. Nothing's wrong. Nothing is wrong. Everything is on track. William Blake said nothing is lost and I believe that we all move on." - Terrence McKenna - Shpongle - But Nothing Is Lost

Re: New free energy invention

here is a website with some of the plans drawn by Rudolf Steiner for the Strader machine, a caracter from his Mystery Play inspired by inventor John Keely and his free energy machine.
http://home.earthlink.net/~johnrpenner/ … chine.html

Steiner gave a particularly interesting lecture in 1918 summarized and
translated below by Mr. Wim A. M. Leys of The Netherlands:
"In the ages to come, humanity will develop three new occult faculties,
in the same natural way as it developed her mental faculties in the past.

These will be:
1. The material occultism (or mechanical occultism).
2. The hygienic occultism.
3. The eugenic occultism.

These faculties will not be developed by all people in the same degree;
in fact they will be found separately in three regions of the earth.
I. The "West-people" of England and North America will develop the
material-mechanical occultism. They will be able to create machines,
mechanical devices which work with hardly any human effort; which work
with the help of the "Laws of Sympathetic Vibrations." These machines
will do about 90% of the work, and all the social and material trouble
of work as we know it now, will cease to exist."

--| Memories of Hans Kuhn |----------

Memories of Hans Kühn (1989-1977) taken from an article "Vom
Strader-Apparat" (Published in "Mitteilungen aus der Anthroposophischen
Arbeit in Deutschland", 25. Jg., Heft 4, Nr. 98, p. 291)

On the occasion of the performance of Rudolf Steiner's four mystery plays
in 1921 one may speak of the apparatus which stands on a table in the
fourth picture of the drama 'The guardian of the threshold'. There
should be two tables though, because beside the bigger object there were
originally - a bit removed- three objects that were more little.
Additionally there was an open copper sphere at the wall at the
performances in Munich. I hereby refer to the apparatus, that was built
during the winter 1912/13 after spcification of Rudolf Steiner by
Dr. Oskar Schmiedel and his mechanics.  When the 'Guardian' was performed
for the first time in 1912 in Munich a sort of dummy was used for which
Imme von Eckardstein had received specifications by Rudolf Steiner.

The next Winter one had the time to work out an exact model, for which
various  metals, that were specified by Rudolf Steiner, were used for the
four half spheres. RS did entrust Oskar Schmiedel with their production.
Two of the half spheres were made from Antimon, one from Nickel, one
half of the fourth was made of copper. The other half should be
completed with a metal that was so far unknown. Very thin feel/sense
organs made from gold foil (1/1000 mm thickness) were hanging  at the
lower side of this double bowl. At the fourth side of a cross of lead a
tip of uranium pitchblend should be mounted. The conections between the
six tips  were partly made of copper and partly of tin. From one bowl to
the opposite one  there was a spiral glass tube. Even more cryptic were
the three additional objects: one was a glass container with wire of
platinium that was hanging inside of it or w as molten into it, the
second was a lemniscate of glass tube, with a coal tip on top, that had
a little copper bowl above it. The third object should have four uranium
tips on the same level. The form of this object let it seem probable that
it could rotate. Electricity should be kept away.

The original models have vanished, though they have survived the
Goetheanum fire. One didn't take enough care and didn't recognise the
importance of the apparatus. Today they show a dummy at the performances.

--| Fragments of a Biography - Ehrenfried Pfeiffer |--------------------

"...The method of science, in a materialistic sense, is based on analysis
splitting apart (today atomsplitting and fusion etc.), disintegration,
separation, dissecting and all the procedures which have to destroy and take
apart, to work on the corpse rather than to grow, to develop, to synthesize. That
the human mind was captured by these methods of braking apart: in that I saw the
source of our present situation. My question therefore was: is it possible to
find another force or energy in nature, which does not have in itself the ductus
of atomazing and analysis but builds up, synthesizes. Would we discover that
force constructive, which makes things alive and grow, develop adequate building
up methods of investigation, evt. use this force for another type of technic,
applied to drive machines, than because of the inner nature of this force or
energy we might be able to create another technology, social structure,
constructive thinking of man rather than destructive thinking. This force must
have the impulse of life, of organisation within itself as the so-called physical
energies have the splitting, separating trend within themselves. My question to
Rudolf Steiner October 1920 and spring 1921 therefore was: does such a force or
source of energy exist? Can it be demonstrated? Could an altruistic technic be
build upon it?

"When these questions formed themselves in my mind I met in Günther Wachsmuth a
life long friend who pondered about exactly the same problems.
"Some discussion with Rudolf Steiner were carried out individually, often we both
together had with Rudolf Steiner.

"My questions were answered as follows:

"Yes, such a force exists, but is not yet discovered. It is what is generally
known the ether (not the physical ether) but the force which makes things grow,
lives for instance in the seed as Samenkraft. Before you can work with this force
you must demonstrate its presence. As we have reagents in chemistry, so you must
find a reagent upon the etheric force. It is also called formative etheric force
because it is the force which creates the form, shape, pattern of a living thing,
growth. You might try crystallization processes to which organic substrata are
added. (This has been done and the results described elsewhere, known today as
the method of sensitive crystallization). It is possible then to develop
machines, which react upon and are driven by this force. Rudolf Steiner than
outlined the principles of the application of this force as source of a new
energy. In the presence of Günther Wachsmuth at some other time he outlined the
principle of the four etheric formative forces, light ether, chemical ether, life
ether and warmth ether (somewhat different than in the so-called warmth and light
course before Waldorf teachers) and pointed to a book by Rama Prashad, Nature
Finer Forces, which described some of it.

"Wachsmuth in turn wrote his book on the Etheric Formative Forces. To me the task
fell to start experiments. In this, the cooperation between us, the seed for the
Forschungsinstitut am Goetheanum was layed. I had to perform certain experiments
which do not feel at liberty to describe for Rudolf Steiner. The result of these
experiments where reported whereupon R. St. said with utmost ernestness: the
outcome of the experiment points to another force not the etheric one but an
astral one (i.e. forces which live in sentient matter, nerve, brain). That the
experiment did turn out this way is the answer of the spiritual world to him and
it means that the time is not yet ready to make use of the etheric force. I asked
when will the time be ready. Answer: when the social conditions are such that no
misuse of this force can be done for selfish purposes, that would only be the
case if the threefold commonwealth order would be practice at least over a few
territories on earth. Until this time experiments in the direction of using the
etheric forces would not be successful or should not be done.

"Since we live today in a world which is further away than ever from the solution
of the social problem, when selfishness and personal advantage, profit and
national conflicts because of them have the upper hand, since especially the
anthroposophical society has never put the solution of the social problem in
front of all its aim and not contributed that which was demanded by Rudolf
Steiner to be done, I see no other way but to bury the instructions with regard
to the use of the etheric force deep down in my chest, probably to take it with
me to grave, with the hope that other times will come, other circumstances, other
ages and lifes, where the time then will be ready. My conscience is deeply moved
but I have to obey higher reason for this means that for the time being the world
must go on with the use of energies which have the power death and destruction in
their essence and it is only to be hoped that the world learns the hard way, by
endless suffering that one day it will awaken to accept the mission of life, of
living together in peace, of mutual acceptance and coordination.

"Everything else we developed in anthroposophical natural science, experimenting,
had to remain with the first step, the demonstration of the presence and
existence of formative forces. Only in the use of the biodynamic method of soil
improvement could we go a step farther. How this developed is described elsewhere
(in "Wir erlebten Rudolf Steiner")."

--| References by Rudolf Steiner to Future |-------
--| Technology - Mechanical Occultism      |------------

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News Sheet under the title "The Mechanisation which threatens mankind"

--| Illustrations of Rudolf Steiner's "Strader Machine" |--------------

source: http://userpage.fu-berlin.de/~dieringe/Strader/

        Sketch by Rudolf Steiner.
        These are apparently photographs taken from the original
        sheet of paper.

        Sketch by Oskar Schmiedel (who built a test device according
        to Steiner's specifications).


        Model and sketches by Hans Kuhn (1889-1977).

--| References |----------------

(Exerpted from: Ehrenfried E. Pfeiffer, *Fragments of a Biography*, Manuskript, 56 S.:
Die erstmalige Ver ¶ffentlichung der hier in deutscher  Å“bersetzung abgedruckten
Passage...erfolgt mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Adelheid Pfeiffer, Spring
Valley, USA. English Original: E. Pfeiffer-Nachlassverwaltung, Spring Valley/USA.
Deutsche  Å“bersetzungsrechte: Perseus Verlag, Basel).

Re: New free energy invention

I've now been following the Steorn story intermittently since the story broke last August (by reading their discussion forum).

My gut feeling now is that they have what they say they have - A bona fide free energy device. Steorn employees including the CEO have been interacting in their forum and even invited several forum regulars to their offices in Dublin. I've read a few reports about this and most people who have met Steorn employees are convinced they're genuine.

They've just relaunched their website although details are still quite sketchy http://www.steorn.com/

Currently the device is being tested by 12 groups of scientists and nothing much will happen until the test results are in, which could take until the end of this year apparantly. http://www.steorn.com/orbo/validation/

They also plan to license their technology to the development community. See http://www.steorn.com/orbo/licencing/

"Steorn is taking this bold move to accelerate the deployment and acceptance of its technology for both humanitarian and commercial products. Further details will be made available during the first half of 2007."

The forum is quite an interesting place http://www.steorn.com/forum/

This story is something worth keeping an eye on!

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Re: New free energy invention

This really is a weird one.  My "feeling" says that it is indeed real.  But all the publicity (or lack of it) around the issue just seems so strange.  It all seems too clean and straight forward.  Steorn present energy free technology - the community simply says "Oh - ok then that looks neat - let's test it."  And that is pretty much the entire deal.

No hubbub, no challenges, no nay-sayers.  It appears on the news a few times, but that is about all.  I just think the whole situation is very strange...and totally goes against all the conventions we have believed about suppressed technology, conspiracies and fat controllers.

Re: New free energy invention

Here's an explanation as to how the Steorn device is supposed to work.

http://dispatchesfromthefuture.com/2007 … ained.html

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