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Re: Alien Headed Me.

Smiles all around. "Kootos" to you all. Just skimmed this so far. I intend to really get into it and pore over your responses later. Suffice it to say I feel supported.

Manyeagles: I thought you'd get a kick out of that.

Montalk: ya gotta love a baby who steals a horshoe magnet. I took a keychain with Indian decoration and wax candy.

Auendove: about that kid you'll be talking to: sometimes it's a big head, but it's a cute head nonetheless.

Re: Alien Headed Me.

SednaSphere wrote:

Auendove: about that kid you'll be talking to: sometimes it's a big head, but it's a cute head nonetheless.

Yeah, he's simply adorable ESPECIALLY given his big alien head (and it's still big big_smile)... his head holds some pretty awesome thoughts for a 17 year old!  There's one very old soul in that young body.

In the truck yesterday my mate was trying to look out the passenger window for on coming traffic and I moved my head just a tad. He started going on and on about my big head, usisng hand gestures, and then my big FAT head (he was teasing me of course).

Well I just laughed, and I thought of you and my young friend... boy-howdy but I'm in good company!  I'm in GREAT company!

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Re: Alien Headed Me.

I feel like I'm a wanderer too. My guess is 6D seems most of my lessons are about balancing heart and mind. I resonate with most of the descriptions, especially the fact that I've never really understood this planet and that I've always felt I had come here to do something. I don't have much memories of early childhood though, I think this is due to school violence and associated trauma. I hope to recover it with recapitulation, need to do it more often (it already helped a bit, for a while I could not remember anything before 17yo). My mother said I was different than the other kids. The way she described it it seems I was more "meditative" / centered, in a way that scared others and thus generated violence.

Re: Alien Headed Me.

Sedna, my kitty girl is named FAT HEAD!  Serious!  She is 4 mo's old and going through the terrible 2's.  She had the biggest head out of all the kitties that were born and used to stick out her tongue in a little "O" when content.  My "baby" girl is a bwat but hopefully will calm down a bit as she matures.  The stunt for today was eating  some of the lambsear plant and barfing on the mat in front of the door.  Oh the woes of big head kittydom!

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