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The man states that when you play a note, the sand will move into the shape of a geometric form like that of ancient Hebrew, Sandskrit, and Ahrimaic languages. I'm amazed, but don't have the tools, but monday i'll be in the music shop demanding they let me fiddle. Can anyone confirm?

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I wouldn't know about sounds forming the shapes of ancient letters, but here is a video that demonstrates how different sound frequencies will form 2D shapes with rice. It would be interesting to find a way to get the 3D image.

It almost looks like cells dividing

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Mahatma, look up "cymatics" on any search for more on this topic.  Here's a thread you might find interesting:

...some links there to videos. I hope they're still valid links.

Hans Jenny did much research into this, and found that certain vowels found in hebrew and sanskrit made the most geometric shapes in powder on a rubber membrane vibrated by the vocalization.  When you make a pure sound like this into a three dimensional space, 3D versions of such waves can manifest under certain conditions. You can't see them 'cause it's just air, but apparently this can invoke entities, create etheric portals, and other strange stuff.

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Reiki principle, creating 3d symbols to open healing portals. The sensitivity of the modulation makes a mobile phone an interesting weapon in the wrong hands.

dna vibrates and opens with the chakras through toning. Our chakras may be callled light symbols, just as all matter, symbols of energy/God ?


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I've got a funny story about that..I have a Tuner-fork that vibrates on 136,1 Hz (like the "om"), and I put it beside my glass of water, and it made like two circles on the water.
Then I put a record of the mantra Om on I Tunes (there is a program that generates drawings) and it made exactly the same circles!!!