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I'm starting to believe that finding my purpose in life is the same as following my passions and dreams.

I'm reminded of Don Juan's words "Does this path have a heart?"

I'm trying to put more of this philosophy into my life.

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Re: Looking for a Purpose, part 2

#4 Join the peace corps, or something of the sort.  I don't really see anything wrong with this accept I look at most jobs in the corporate world as being designed to waste peoples time so they won't have the free time to discover the truths of reality.  I see the peace corps as something similar.  While I would make a difference to a community, I do feel that what I have to offer to peoples minds here, is of much greater help to humanity. 

Hey Captain,

I definitely know exactly what you are going through, however, I feel and think that life ain't one big bowl of cherries, as corny and cliche that sounds. I, too, have been "depressed" for a while. I am 23 and this has been going on and off for about 9-10 years or so. So for a while, I've been internally bickering, wondering "why am I not "normal" like the rest of my friends, who have life alot easier than me? Why do I have a crazy family? Fickle friends that come and go? WAHH". You seriously just got to change your perspective because I have this deep feeling that things will work out for you in the end with your search for a more meaningful life full of purpose, etc. Honestly, please take comfort that you are even depressed at the moment, wondering what the hell is going on in your life, but don't wallow in it. Use it constructively, then go on with what you figured out to do. Alot of people I know in my little life are not even sleeping, but literally walking and dead (the latter not literally...I think). They don't question much and if they do, it's under a superficial lens like "I just got my dream car!!" But, seriously, like the awesome articles Montalk wrote, shift your perspective and think positive. Easier said than done, but you must start somewhere and sometime because it's so easy to fall; effortless really. You are so much more than what you think! I don't even know you, but based on what I've been seeing with your writings, you on the right path for sure and would be a shame for you to throw it away because of stagnation. One thing that helps me is looking and playing with dogs. It really lightens me up and puts tons of perspective, seeing how simple, happy and funny dogs are. It's that feeling they give off that literally cleanses the crap that you are going through. Nature does the same thing, but I am limited to my access to nature since I live in NYC, so dogs it is!

On a lighter note...

I saw you posted the peace corps thing and I lit up like a cheap, white Christmas tree with blue lights. I am on the same page like many are on NR Forum with the school thing. I simply cannot finish up because I know the timing isn't right and just find the material they teach at my college just super boring and complete crap, for lack of a better term. Anyways, to make a long story short, you put a cool idea in my head, so hey, you served a purpose for me, so thanks man! I'll toy with that idea and see what happens. I hope our posts on NR helped ya! Take care. smile

"We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same."
– Carlos Castaneda

Re: Looking for a Purpose, part 2

Proto: most of the feedback I recieve here is extremley helpful.  Peoples comments here carry understanding of the subject matter, and awareness that can't be found elsewhere.  My only regret is that we couldn't meet in person.  I have an inner feeling that holding these discussions in person would be quite helpful to the soul. 

I had an in depth discussion today with a Holostic Dr. I see every Wednesday.  He is somewhat of a psychologist with a metaphysical viewpoint, but I basically pay him 50$ a week to have a worthwhile conversation over metaphysical concepts.  Today I discussed the state of the world and tried to give him an idea of the powerstructures, and polarities involved on this plane.

Back to the topic of this thread the search for purpose.  With the help of others here I am not at an understanding that quite possibly it is the journey that is what is important not the destination.  My Dr. has told me happiness is not a destination, its the journey.  Its started to sink in.  I have been sitting around waiting for the answers of the world, like my purpose and the universal truths to fall into my lap.  However finding out these things is not a realization, its a journey that must be done piece by piece bit by bit.  The cassiopeans said that "If something is given for free, it is not worth it".  Likewise from the webpage quoted by google, Castenada mentions that all paths lead to nowhere, it is the path itself that can have heart.  I will add one more metaphysical concept to this.  Eckhart tolle speaks that there is no such thing as Past, or Future.  There is only NOW.  There were NOW's in the Past, and there will be a NOW in the future, but the past and future don't exist.  Take a look around you now and realise that is all that exists, things don't happen or exist at any point other then NOW.  Similarly, if you set your sites on a goal at the end of a path, like I have been doing it may never come.  And if it does, what then, you have to set another goal to give your life meaining.  Meanwhile all the time you are pursuing this goal you are missing out on the only thing that truly exists, NOW, or the journey/path you are on.  I need to make sure what I am doing NOW, and that the path that I am on feels right.  Afterall no matter where any path I take in life leads me, when I die I will be in the same place.

I have been trying to apply the above concepts too my life and I must admit, it has made an improvement in my outlook.  I can even look at all these depressing things, and not let them depreess me, as I know that is the way they are and must be.  My worrying will do little more then to drive me into depression, in which condition I am of little constructive use to society.  All these rationalization don't mean anything to a persons emotions, the single concept that is giving me strength is acceptance of the way things are, as the way they are.  For quite some time I have been running from the Now, as I found all the things in the NOW unpleasant.  The more I have allowed myself to accept the situation I am in the more my state of mind has been allowed to improve. 

I have been trying to socialize more now.  I used to think it was unproductive and pointless unitll I discovered absolutely everything is unproductive and pointless.  This concept first led me into depression, but I am beginging to feel that if I can learn to accept this concept, I will begin to gain the freedom to follow my heart with no worries of wasting my time. My dad told me the other day to "hurry up, your wasting time"  I was pleased with the response, "There is no such thing as a waste of time", because everything is a waste of time.  It's quite liberating once you can accept it.  Once you realize these principles, then there is the possibility to realize that there is nothing more important then that which feels right to you. 

If you are interested in how I arrived at the conclusion that everything is waste of time, I can elaborate.  I have been jotting down more and more of my ideas recently so that I can learn to communicate my ideas better in the written form.

"...But Nothing is Lost:" "Nothing lasts... nothing lasts. Everything is changing into something else. Nothing's wrong. Nothing is wrong. Everything is on track. William Blake said nothing is lost and I believe that we all move on." - Terrence McKenna - Shpongle - But Nothing Is Lost


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You are not on your own my brother.

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Capitan-- Just wanted to say that I resonate with your words a lot and can always relate to your posts.

I did the quit-your-job-and-don't-worry-what-comes-next thing back in April of this year. It was the best thing I could have done at the time. I came across a job position online and had another job within 5 days. But I was also able to take 4 weeks off in between and do nothing but unwind and relax. Now I have a very easy, stress-free job where I'm getting paid to do something I enjoy and would do in  my free time anyway. How sweet is that?

I trust my intuition now more than ever and I've found that you should always follow even the slightest hunch. You'll always be happier that you did.

I too have taken in an interest in things that I used to consider a "waste of time," including small talk socializing, and also just sitting and doing "nothing." Just sit, turn off your mind, and stare at things. Even still objects can be fascinating to observe when you're in a playful frame of mind. Or close your eyes and just listen to the sounds around you. It can be very relaxing at least and at most entertaining.

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Re: Looking for a Purpose, part 2

What kind of job do you now have seeker?  I myself have been trying to think of ways I can make money, and enjoy what I am doing at the same time.  I used to drive myself towards doing things that I would not neccissarily enjoy, but I thought were doing good for the World and Humanities future.  Now that I realise that world events don't just happen they are the results of manipulations from higher forces, I no longer feel so idealistic.  For instance I have come across evidence that we have cured cancer, invented "Free Energy" technologies, built lightspeed capable ships, and many other things.  Those were things that I wanted to see for humanity, but humanity has already discovered them, certain groups of people however feel that people other then themselves should not see the technology.  Why would I devote my life to making a better solar cell, when we have the technology to build a toaster sized device that could power New York City. 

Sitting here thinking about what I would like to do with my life has put me in a state of confusion, which reminds me of somethign else I have learned:  I have also seen lately when I become overwhelmed and feel absolutely confused, if I just sit back and shut down the thoughts in my head, I am really not confused.  I know the answers to what I am thinking about, and the confusion is really just a screen that keeps me from seeing what I know.  Just sit back relax, let the thoughts and confusion fade away, and realise you know the answer.

"...But Nothing is Lost:" "Nothing lasts... nothing lasts. Everything is changing into something else. Nothing's wrong. Nothing is wrong. Everything is on track. William Blake said nothing is lost and I believe that we all move on." - Terrence McKenna - Shpongle - But Nothing Is Lost

Re: Looking for a Purpose, part 2

I'm doing Web Programming, which is a hobby of mine. If you can find something that you like as a hobby and get paid to do it, then it makes it even better. I use the word hobby here purposefully because hobbies require a little bit of work and are not 100% fun, but are a kind of work that you can have fun doing, like gardening, writing music reviews, playing sports, etc.