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Topic: Gods Trapped in Illusion






Sparked a Re-Search into: Marciniak Lizzies.......

Couple o’ snips from:


You as members of the Family of Light are sent here to change the frequency
of the planet. It is quite simple. That is what your purpose basically is.
You come as humans, yet you are not just humans. You came from your future
into earth's past.

You all feel that you were born and that you have had many past lives. We
want you to picture a scenario where there is a plague that overruns the
humans in this free-will zone and there is tremendous tyranny and frequency
control, where there is fear and chaos taking over this universe. Quite
imaginable. We want you to understand that technology can become so
far-fetched that those existing in a time period that are besieged,
beleaguered with this kind of frequency, can go back hundreds of thousands
of years to points in time in order to change an existing present. From
those time periods certain energies can change the chronicles of their own

You were sent from a point in the far distant future back through your past
in order to prepare for a time when your talents could be utilized, when
your abilities to sift through systems and change systems instantly could
be manifest, could be put to work. This is some of what you are doing.

In order to understand the system you come from the future back into the
past of the system evolving forward up until the time that you are ripe.
What you are recalling are realities where you simultaneously exist, where
you are simultaneously dealing with another version of the system. As
systems busters and members of the Family of Light you incarnate not just
into the human realm. As you are evolving here on this earth, striving to
understand your identity and to incorporate this inner knowing with a life
in disguise of a human there are portions of yourself working in many other
realities doing the same thing and your world of dreams is the doorway
through which you can very readily access this kind of experience.

Through frequency modulation, the controlling of frequency, there has been
an energy that has taken over many of these Information Centers and life
information, everything as you know it, in your future is coming to a halt.
In the future that we come from it is quite disturbing. We are members of
the Family of Light in the same way that you are. We have been assigned to
go to work with you in our past, in your present, to alter the far-reaching
future by changing events where they first began and where they could be
meaningfully changed in the past from our present. In your present.

QUESTION: Will our present change our past?

PLEIADIANS: Yes. Listen to these words very carefully. You will change the
past by making a new past. Not necessarily by eradicating an old past. Do
you understand? So that a new road, a new probability comes to be.
Everything that exists exists. We want to create a new avenue of choice.
Being that you are systems busters, you are experts on bringing choice into
systems. You go into systems where the choice has been limited. You allow
the choice of a different potential. You are here to bring a potential of
cooperation and harmony. That in itself is in complete opposition to the
future, the future that we are assigned to create an alternate probability

The benefits and the rewards that we have received from this are
multitudinous. What you teach us is invaluable. You are showing us
something, far more than you can ever realize. In your innocence and in
your trust you emit a frequency that we utilize to beam into the future and
we show something to those in our future that you in your now gift them
without even realizing. You are quite noble. In many worlds you are quite
famous. Some day you will know what that means.


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Re: Gods Trapped in Illusion

Now.. if I was in the future, and could go back to the past, I would have thought it would be better to go back to the START of advanced civilisation, rather than the END.

These numpties are struggling because they are trying to cure the effect, rather than the cause. Why do I always get the feeling that the Stellar/Solar/InterGalactic PTB etc - are as thick as every world leader on this planet -promoted way beyond their capabilities.

Surely we should eradicate the unwelcome Reptilian/Plaedian/whatever invaders that have insidiously and visciously integrated themselves into our physche, without our approval, BEFORE they do it.?

We are from the source and should know that you eradicate evil by destroying the source. If you cut a weed off, rather than digging deep and pulling the roots out, the weed will remain.

The PTB are trying to pull the weeds out, roots and all - but that is an insidious task, given human nature.  Me? I'd wipe the seeds out before they hit earth, in their space ships, miles from earth.  Who's in charge up there? Dubya's great grandfather?

This has been my pet hate for a long, long time. The people who think they are acting in our best interests are dickheads. The reptiles will outsmart them every time. We have to get up there and kick ass.

I think this is what we are about as systems busters. We will actually need to destroy our own 'source'. Problem is, the entities out there are pretty well versed in what they do. I am relying on all knowledge coming back to me when I die, and assuming the defensive/attacking position will kick in, automatically, upon re-entry.

I'd just like a little more training here on earth so I can be sure I am up for it, but there is a part of me that says I don't need it.

I sure wish the governor would let a few more people in on our secret.

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Re: Gods Trapped in Illusion

Who's to say all the reptillians are STS? I find it hard to believe that the entire population of a given nation could be labelled as "evil". There is a great variety throughout the Universe we are only beginning to grasp, and surely by labelling an entire race as entirely benevolent or malevolent is counter-intuitive. It's the culture that shapes the ethical beliefs of a given individual, and from my understanding, souls select to be born into a culture that would further their spiritual goal(s). So yes, the Orion Empire may have been fostered on extreme STS ideologies, yet who's to say there were no splinter STO groups that have arisen? Sure, to break away from this hive-mind mentality, one of loyalty, acceptance, and efficiency, would be difficult as it would bring upon physical and psychic retribution,  yet it could've been done. I have a feeling it was at least attempted, and those who were successfull, and those who have "failed",  are now incarnating on Earth to heal themselves and others in the process from the polarity wars.
As for coming back from the future, I think I've been given glimpses of this endeavor during a dream I've recently had.
We were sitting in a room, listening to a teacher we couldn't see, yet we could feel it's presence. There were two other beings with me...another human-looking being and a reptillian. I can't remember what was being discussed, but it felt like we were initiates undergoing final training, ready to embark on some quest in the Universe.
The last thing we did was use the toilet. For some reason in these "space-dreams", urinating is a common theme. This could be symbolic of cleansing oneself of negative or repressed emotions, so I think for alot of Orion entities who have chosen the STO path, this is a powerful metaphor for their personal attempt at transformation.
Who knows, maybe this is just more disinfo...maybe they're just impregnating me with wishful thinking as they shove a probe up my ass?
http://www.galacticdiplomacy.com/Collie … istory.htm
It's an interesting article, definitely worth a read.

"Don't eat any wooden nickels."

Re: Gods Trapped in Illusion

The War For The Future will be fought in the past.

We are all Kosh.

Re: Gods Trapped in Illusion

I say that all reptilian are STS and want to enslave and replace us, it is in their fundamental orientation. But I didn't say they cannot die to STS way of life and become something else, more evolved elementals on the ascending path with other elementals on the same ascending path leading toward the development of a spiritual ego (which means they must become independent from their Ormethion God, or Ahriman. I think initiates working with elementals can do that.). Many think this 'STO conversion' of reptiles (ahrimanic beings) can't happen. I'm open to exceptions, but they really are exceptions.

Ahrimanic beings have their raison d'etre. They are involved in birth, death, destructive and disruptive processes in life. The problem is if ahrimanic beings continue to have an influence on our minds (making us more materialistic and mephistophelic), if we don't emancipate ourselves from them and put them at their right place where their activity is righteously needed. If we don't they will always try to overstep their natural bondaries (step into our heads), because it is their only mean to stop suffering so much.

You may think otherwise, maybe there's no hope for them because their firmly locked themselves in STS.