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I know some of this has been posted before in other threads but it's definitely worth adding to this section. It's a few excerpts from the final chapter of Stuie's God's Gladiators book:

Stuart Wilde wrote:

The End Run

Let’s talk about escape from the Sphere. The first step is to bag tick-tock and look for another way of making ends meet. That may require you to simplify your life and reduce your financial needs. Next, get rid of anyone in your life who’s a control-tripper–out! Leave anywhere or any situation where you are not free to negotiate your liberation, go freelance maybe.

Throw out the papers and the TV. If you can’t bring yourself to chuck out the TV, use it just for watching videos. When you watch videos, be careful. They are often made by agents of the Sphere–take it all with a grain of salt. They are often selling low-grade fear, or outright horror and violence–etheric food. They also sell conformity. Conformity presses on you, forcing you to stay where you are. Plan an escape from conformity. Remember, even hippy style non-conformity is a type of conformity.

If you smoke pot you’ve got no chance. It makes you docile and it tears your etheric; but its worse feature is that it gradually poisons your brain making you paranoid. You’ll lack the courage and impetus to run. Cocaine increases your chance of a heart attack by 27 times and kills you eventually, and heroin also makes you docile. Speed? Forget it. Special K? Forget it. DMT–try it twice. LSD is worthless, mind diarrhea, nothing more. Magic mushrooms can take you to other worlds, but they can make you paranoid if you take too big a dose. Okay in small quantities. Peyote? Good for throwing up. I’m not sure it has any other uses. Ecstasy opens your heart and it helps you to feel–might be detrimental long-term if you take a lot of it....

...Next you need to have a very solid nostalgia for eternity. One that is so strong, you are prepared to lose yourself to find that eternity. Then you have to adore God, even if you are perhaps only adoring the orange football for the moment. That’s fine. Next you have to embrace humanity. That is, step forward, hold them, and love them no matter how creepy they might be. Most can never reach a true spirituality as they are distanced from humanity by their mind’s obsession or revulsion with self, which shows through as hatred and disdain for other people.

Next, adore nature and call on the animals to surround you. You need their protection–without that I’m not sure what might happen. Listen to everything and watch everything. The universe talks to you via dreams, visions, and signs. It’s talking and leading you along. Try to develop blind faith and trust, for you will need that, as well as endless patience.

Next, let go. Each day find one more thing to drop off at the great bus stop of life. Let no one distract you. Have a good time as you trot along, I did.

Next, listen to what your feelings are trying to tell you and do what you are told, right now immediately.

Don’t stall, don’t dither, and don’t argue. Follow orders from within right now and in their entirety. That is vital. You will never escape if you can’t follow an order instantly, no matter how inconvenient.
Doing this, you develop a very strong sense of self. One that is not egotistical or brash, but silent, humble, and solid. It knows its life is not its own. It does not care. It gave itself away a long time ago.

Next, realize you can’t take anyone with you. Each has to make the journey on his or her own. Keep your personal life a secret as much as feasible, given your circumstances. Say nothing. Bag romance and relationships, they will only trap you, unless your partner is highly evolved and free. If you need sex, find someone who you can love unconditionally, do what you need to do, love them, and leave.

When you are scared, raise your hands and say, “I’m scared. Love me, God, love me.”  Insist on God’s love. Alternatively, put your hands on a tree, they act as telephone poles to God. Place your hands on the trunk, above you head, and send the energy from your root chakra up through your body via the crown chakra to the tree, then say, “Love me, God, love me.”  That will comfort you.

Next, insist people love you and offer them the same unconditional love. If you stuff up then say, “Sorry,sorry, love me, love me.”  Don’t get hung up with remorse and guilt. Remember, you have to forgive yourself to save yourself.

Also, please note that the transdimensionals track you via the resonance your voice makes on that part of your skull that is over the frontal lobe of the brain. When you move in silence, they can’t find you.


If you bump into anyone who needs help, help them at no charge. That doesn’t mean you have to do everything for free, as you might have to earn money to keep things stable. But do most of your work for free. Money will come from strange places.

Last, have faith that the world will resolve itself. It will change but it won’t end. Help is at hand–trust. If you get hung up on emotion, you are seeing it all short-term, not long-term. In the end, the vice like grip of these people and their nefarious ways will break open and more and more people will see the kingdom of the real God within, and when they do our world will gradually recover and save itself.

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I like the gist of this and I tend to resonate with much of what Stuart Wilde writes.

My comment here is about this idea of "escape".  I have a feeling that some of us and perhaps all of us came here (were born into this world) on purpose.

Perhaps we came into a divided world of mixed polarity for the challenge and the learning experience and maybe even for fun.

So for me, it's not so much about escape as it is accepting and forgiving and creating.  Creating and living desirable possibilities.

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Great words wandering1.  Its not about escape, instead its about bringing It into your life -- by it I mean the Creator, God-force or whatever you call it! 

Life is really an amazing thing.  Once you take control of your own self, thats when life becomes even more fun and exciting.

Thank both of you for your creative posts! smile

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Agree with ya wandering1 and Natural Mystic.
There's wisdom in the Wilde piece, but I feel we are not here to find an escape route but to experience this life fully, and yes, I am certain we knew what we were doing when we incarnated here.

Reminds of this from the ForeverBlue material:



[Blue] mmm .... one of the most asked questions .... "how to get out of here ?"

as we have said in previous .... the idea is not to get out of here, but to be here, fully embodied 100% ...... the new age fad of ascension is literally leading you up the garden path ...

[R] but hang on, just yesterday you said, that one could transcend from Univ1 to Univ2 etc ... is this not ascension ?

[Blue] ... it is only ascension as such when the goal is NOT to get out of here .... if your goal and aim to ascend is to get away, to escape, to seek refuge, then it is not ascension and you will not wake up, become fully realized ....

it is a paradox for you .... when you seek escape, you actually are entrapping yourself .... if you simply allow, live in full, 100% be here fully embodied 24DNA, then you do not need to seek or obtain ascension, as you become it automatically ....

your whole new age business is built on providing you with methods of escaping, fast-food drive-thru spirituality so to speak ... because people do not want to see or be fully realized, they just want to get the hell out of here .... you do not want to look behind the veil and see the real picture!!

well we must tell you , your destiny is to be here and to allow the all-that-is the physical experience, 100% ... when you achieve this, you will not want to escape, believe us!!

there was no other purpose for you to be here, other than to be here 100%, otherwise what is the point of you being here, the all-that-is, could have just let the fallen, continue on with their separation, until all energy within this system was depleted, nullified and in the end it ALL GOES BACK TO SOURCE ANYWAY!!!! (but without any self awareness).... the universal truth is, you-the-all-that-is wanted to experience this new discovered world called physicality in all it's unconditional vibrancy 100% embodied and fully aware of itself and it's connectedness to source simultaneously!! .... so by attempting escape, you are not awakening to your true-self ...!!

now the $24 million dollar question ..... how to awaken ... mmm .. what to do ...mmm ..

we say it again and again and again ........ you must know who you are, you must know yourself, the self that is really you, not what society programs or dictates you to be ...

you must know own all your feelings and experiences .... without owning them you can not proceed!!

there is no magic pill, which will give you this .... it is an internal affair, not external ..... most of you look outside of yourself, in order to gather some information about who you may be .... it is not out there ..... it is in you!!! Period!!

look inside, and you will see, that the outside moulds itself to you and not you moulding yourself to the outside ...

also you need to allow unconditional processing within, be it polarized or not polarized, negative or positive, it does not matter ... which ever it is you MUST own it, all of it ... do not push it away, or hide it under a carpet rug ..

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If we were totally content [asleep], here we would not have the drive to extend our evolution into other fields of reality. Part of the purpose in coming here according to sage sources is for the total experience if being here with all the range of what it has to offer. And..yes maybe being here at what is said also to be a nexus point might have been something we signed up for. It may turn out to be quite a much grander adventure yet.


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StarCat wrote:

And..yes maybe being here at what is said also to be a nexus point might have been something we signed up for. It may turn out to be quite a much grander adventure yet.

Oh, yes.  I think so.  By agreeing to forget, part of the risk is that we will not wake up and get lost.

Part of the joy is in the remembering - reconnecting with the vast expanse of being.  This can happen over time and in stages. 

We are part of this planet, yes - and I think that this planet is making its move and a question is whether we can move with it.  We are on the ride.  It can be terrifying or it can be wonderful and exhilarating.

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Where can I get the whole book?

"In a bookstore" is not a valid answer wink

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here or here

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Danke sch ¶n big_smile

The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world.

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When you learn to trust the driver, you can relax and enjoy the ride without being so freaked out.

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WEll it is very rough and rushed..there can be a chapter for each of the areas/sentences here but it is pretty right on.
Everything except the "God Part". Maybe it's a crutch word for "that which is lawful, unseen power & order", but still... too lazy for those who can get this far...

Cassiopaean excerpt:
"Q: So, was there any kind of worship of God, or religious activity in this pre-Fall state; this Edenic, 4th density state?
A: No need when one has a clue."