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1000 minds can move a mountain, this forum has 964 registered users last time i checked. We should pick something and every week concentrate on it and try to make it happen.  Any ideas for what to change?

We could also just try to bring up vibrations for the entire planet, i wonder how much of an effect this could have...

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It could change the world!

I am as is Void.


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Hmmm... we could create a self aware god of some sort that serves justice. We could create the shape of a heart or whatever shape we want in the middle of a bunch of clouds. We could all meditate on peace in a partuclar geographical area and see if the crime rate actually decreases in that area. We can try to make it snow in some desert of our choosing. Or we can all buy a certain stock in the stock market and all try and focus for it to increase in value. I can't really think of anymore ideas.

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An interesting idea and also a large responsibility because its desirable and necessary not to become " controlling."
I would add that there is a way to do such that would be as offering up creative and diverse alternatives to ways which are not working at large.
Someone mentioned that we should do what we do and be the best at it, but what if we are doing things that are destructive to the whole and ourselves?? Obviously the woodsman cannot continue going on cutting the wood for the " good of everyone. " Thats not going to do any longer, we need a collective paradigm shift which has to be seeded with alternatives in thought and a realization of interdependence in contrast to the lie of separateness.
Its like putting an idea or thougtform out there as an example and letting others follow it on the merits because its is a better choice, so offering it to the world in a manner of speaking.
If there is alot of intent behind it, it might take hold.


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Bush-massive stroke

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Simply, creating golems 101 big_smile

If we focus with a simple intent all it takes is one nasty that is infiltrated and focuses on turning that large force with the smallest of adjustement to do something completely whacked. IF you make an entity that is given the task of being "completely just" then dont be alarmed if it decides you are injust and guts your soul tongue Creation is a very very delicate proccess. If you screw up it can go very very badly wrong.  Its like making deals with devils, you have to be very very VERY careful in the exact wording of the agreement or you've been had. Or dinjis (genie) for that matter. Not that i'm into making deals with devils, i'm content with knowing what i shouldnt do and why.

All that aside, if we can come up with a very exactly worded statement on what we wish to do, why we wish to do it and how we should apply our energies then i'm all for it. Otherwise dont count on me wink

Examples of how energy can be twisted.

1. Make the world a better place.

Better for who? You? Without stating that it is for you then it generally just increases the loose energy that is in the system due to it then being "better" (more).

2. World peace.

"kill all the badguys and there will be peace". Also, if you wish for peace you remove the rights of people to defend their opinions against a force greater than they are.

3. Kill bush.

Bush is not the main bad guy, even if he was then killing him without addressing the issues that they are feeding on would not work.

Now, one example of what i think would be a good wish.

"I wish that i can be the best person i wish to be and i wish for guidance on letting me become more of what i desire to be."

Ofcourse when that is done collectivly i wish that starcat and all the people on this forum have that effect. Also the desire in that wish is funny in that there is actually no desire as you are already what you wish to be tongue So it only enforces the system of creation already in place.

So a wish that would actually mean something is something like.

"I wish to be more aware of my own creative potential and to be more aware of what choices i have in each situation so i can best decide who i wish to be"

Which only increases your awareness which is also subjective and dosnt really need outside energy other than the intent on making it happen.

On the other hand we could wish for

"I wish that there is some clear sign that the wish we have now collectivly made has manifested in the world in a form fitting the people who sent it"

Things like that.

Or if we want specific things then one could wish that all memebers of the forum recieve the spiritual skill that they most want. Aura sight or healing or spirit communication or something.

Anyway, best to desire it to happen to ourselfs than to others as you can bet your sweet butt that if you wish for bush to have a stroke it will backfire ;D

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I spent quite a bit of time being angry and indignant at all this injustice (This is nothing unique:  I'm sure everyone has felt that way) when I first started doing serious research online, etc.  There's a great verse in the Bible that I can't quote verbatim, something to the effect that we should not pay undue concern to those in high places who feel that there is no higher power noting their wrongs.  I'm getting a little scatterbrained here, but what I'm getting at is this:  We can imagine humanity, collectively, sloughing off this neaderthal materialist skin as unnecessary and counter-productive.  I do it in myself, a sort of visualization technique.  Growth and understanding is necessary, healthy, and, I believe, inevitable. 

     Three things about truth:  It's its own defense; it will set you free; and, to quote Jack White, the truth doesn't make a noise. 

     Although it may not seem that way from the outside, there's a world of difference between being indifferent and what I've come to refer to as just shifting: not aligning yourself with negativity, but just sort of rolling with it like spiritual juijitsu.  Remember "Stranger In A Strange Land," where, having fully "groked" something, Michael could make it disappear simply by shifting it a few degrees? 

     I can say this because I have absolute faith in truth, justice, and a higher plan.  Even evil serves its purpose.  It's just time for it to retire for now.

Hey!  This self-actualization stuff is great!  Now if I could just quit smoking...

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Wise words Hkelukka, I think we are on the same page on this one.


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Spartan I do not want to discourage the genesis of an idea that could be workable.
MY points are strictly that it should be done with great care and consensus of feeling.
Don't give up the idea.