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One my recent favourites in philosophers.


This website is poorly done, but his words are worth it in my opinion.


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What do you know, BB. Another thing in common. I've been visiting his site for three years now!


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Getting through the sutras daily. He brings in Gurdjieff in almost each one. I'm trying to finish his works while finishing the Castaneda texts Christine forwarded me to, thennnnn I'm off to Gurdjieff the bald, the monopoly man himself! big_smile

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Quite a mustachio ol' Gurd's got there.

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Ah, Osho!

We have a forum here, OshoTurk where we discuss subjects related to Osho. Things I love about Osho is his humor and his thoughts about real religious conscioussness. "Stay away of all organisations!"

By the way, you should be aware of anti-Osho movements better than me, he caused a lot problem in US once, I think.

I once visited www.osho.com a lot and read a lot of articles there but now there's subscription to reach the articles.

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