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Zarg wrote:

It does remind me of the black 'shadow people' that many have seen coming and going at night in their bedrooms, sometimes with red eyes (which is why Pictus' picture with the red eye gives me the creeps)


Bye, Pictus


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Re: High Level M-Band Noise: The Pressure

Montalk wrote:

So rather than people being left alone, generating negative loosh naturally which is then gathered by scavengers, there seems to be a "corporate farm" situation.

Wandering1 wrote:

From Active Side of Infinity:

They took over because we are food for them, and
they squeeze us mercilessly because we are their sustenance.

Pain and suffering are designed .
Would Genuine Love and Caring (or YOU) teach YOUR child or anyone else’s with pain, let alone suffering?
Duality and predation (and validation of pain and suffering) are the water in this fish tank - It’s what we “know" as interpreted by the “mind" parasite which seems like “self".

Feritciva wrote:

Solar plexsus chakra
perceptions concerned with power, control, freedom, the ease with which one is able to be themselves - ease of being. Mental activity and the mental body is also associated with this chakra.

Consider: Gut Feeling (Knowing).
Also, recall Juan Matus’ friend, don Genaro and the feats he performed using the Solar Plexus.......

Lee wrote:

There has to be a back door

And YOU / WE are IT !!!

We are energetic probes created by the universe

This occurred during one of the Deep Journeys of Discovery:

Three Simultaneous Awareness's of “Self":

*Frank laying on the bed.

*From “space", A Spark of Light looking at a sphere of what IT considered black worms.

*Someone/Thing “behind" the Spark, looking on.

As the Spark observed the sphere of black worms, it thought:

“There’s no Love here"

And then it went into the black mass!!!

This was Shocking, and “I" was immediately jolted back to “Frankness" and the room, with eyes open and haunted.......

Over the ensuing years, The Spark has been considered to be:

*The Sun
*Earth as a Singularity

Regardless of title, It’s US
Sent / Programmed by The ALL as a Probe / Noocyte to enter and dissolve this tumor in the “Larger Self".

In addition to Montalk's *F-ck 'em* list, Know that YOU are a High Magician sent by Love to Heal this distortion.
YOUR Powers are beginning to come on line -  NOW.
As YOU complete what YOU came to do, this time-line dissolves and ends.
Wisdom, which is so Precious, is retained and OUR Journey as
The Explorer Race continues.

eSp re ho oN

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Re: High Level M-Band Noise: The Pressure

Wow, that was a great list Tom! Thanks for posting this.

Zarg, I exactly think like you. They really entertain and mess with us.

Siri, my favourite character in Castaneda books is Don Genaro! A great nagual with very high humour.

OK, a different approach to universe's food chain. From well known source The Council of Nine:

The Council of Nine wrote:

ANDREW: I see, there would be many civilisations, right. Okay, now that clarifies that part. Now take our existence as ordinary human beings. Where do ordinary people come from, and why do they come here, and where do they go? This is one of the great mysteries to us.

Tom: All beings, all species come from us. There is a question that is asked by all beings and all species, and it is what you have asked: 'Who am I, where did I come from?' and 'Where am I going?' Is that not so?

ANDREW: That is the question, yes.

Tom: All species and all beings are particles of us. There is not a way for you to have this understanding. How may we explain?

ANDREW: Well, I have the understanding that they are part of you but they go through many cycles of existence before they reach Earth, is that not so?

Tom: Remember that the planet Earth is not that evolved. We are looking for an analogy to give you...

ANDREW: Well, could you say for example, that those who come to Earth all come from another given civilisation or planet or something like that? Or state of existence? That is, is there a regular sequence or place through which they go before they come to the planet Earth?
Tom: Not in a particular planet. Depending on the needs of that soul. Some souls need more than some other souls. There are levels of intelligence, there are levels of consciousness. Not all are equal.

Remember this: it is not true that all are equal. There is a soul. The soul is a particle of us. If you have a giant electric spark, and you put two together that would cause a giant electric spot, there would be sparks that would come off it. Those sparks would be part of us - but each of those sparks would either die out or continue to grow. Some may create a fire, and some may grow slowly, but it would depend upon the ambition of the spark.

ANDREW: Yes. Now, when that spark cycles through Earth, and achieves its full growth, does it go through other civilisations………?

Tom: It must.

ANDREW: lt doesn't return directly to you?

Tom: It will continue for millions of years. But it cannot continue if it stays upon the planet Earth. If you will recall, in a previous communication we had explained to you that the planet Earth is the only planet within the Universe that has the variety of animals and plants. It is the most beautiful of all planets, because of the different varieties. This in a sense, attracts the souls, and they have desires to remain upon it. In other civilisations, the souls feel, and they have all the qualifications which you have, but it is more physical upon the planet Earth.

JOHN: There is a very large question: what is the purpose of a soul? In existing on all its civilisations and so on?

Tom: If a soul becomes what you call perfect, then it is... if we could explain this to you, in your mind you may feel that we are cannibals!

ANDREW: Well, we want the truth, and I think you know us well enough to know that we would not jump to that kind of erroneous conclusion. What we're really asking is: if we had to tell a human being what the purpose of life is, what is the most succinct answer?

Tom: You may tell what has been told to humans many times, but was not given to them in clear understanding: that the purpose of their existence and the purpose of their living is to return to whence they came.

ANDREW: Yes. And how can they, while they are on this Earth with all its problems? What is it that they can best do in order to return to the source?

Tom: If they would treat all as they have desire to be treated. If they would walk in dignity and permit no one to remove their dignity, and if they would have love for all their fellow humans, and for all those that touch them - for this in turn sends love to us. We ask not that they have a total understanding of us.

ANDREW: Yes. But in essence then, God feeds on this kind of nectar, so to say.

Tom: Yes.

ANDREW: I think that people would love that idea.

Tom: We have the creation, we have created this, but it in truth has created us.

ANDREW: Now that part which, let us say, you feed on, is it totally immaterial, that nature of love - something that has no material or physical existence? Since you are not material in any way, you must feed on something immaterial..?

Tom: It is an energy. it is not something you may hold in your hand. It is a spark that is a glow that emanates, and it grows, and becomes a shining sun, and then it returns to us.

ANDREW: Yes. I find that very beautiful and very satisfying, don't you John?

JOHN: Yes, this is the upward spiral, I imagine. Then it's sent out again, on a higher level again, is that so?

Tom: Yes. It is integrated.

ANDREW: Now, how do the other creatures on Earth fit into this plan? And I speak of birds and fish and cattle and so on...

Tom: They have more love for us than the humans. They have a greater understanding of us.

ANDREW: And when they live this way, do they also come back as sparks directly, without having to go through our human form?

Tom: They are not a human form. They are planted and they have been brought to the planet Earth to give to the souls upon the planet Earth - how may we say? - for them to cause humans to ask in their mind: what created this? How did this come to be? It is to jog their mind. Do you understand that?

ANDREW: I think so, for example we were watching two hawks today, and they were incredible and beautiful, and they were mating, as it is the season for mating, and we wondered about their span. They live in such freedom, and apparently, love and dignity...

Tom: It is the purest love.

ANDREW: And we wondered for example, whether their souls would spark too? If they achieved perfection would they go directly back to you?

Tom: They feed to us.

ANDREW: And bees, for example, that collect honey, and are in tune with each other and their environment, do they feed you too?

Tom: Remember this, your planet is the only one in existence with this nature.

Interesting channeling when we look at the info of this thread. Let's connect more dots!

Change we must, to live again
- Jon Anderson

Re: High Level M-Band Noise: The Pressure

feritciva wrote:

I remember reading Monroe couldn't publish all his findings - probably here or probably from one of your articles or posts. This makes sense. Because it's really interesting that he talks about loosh and do not ever mention about any other thing on that. We as readers also know that he was in depression to learn the details of this loosh production. So there seems to be some missing points there.

montalk wrote:

Monroe was not allowed to publish certain things because they were too shocking, so what is available to read is only part of the picture. What else could be more shocking than the same thing Castaneda found most shocking: the flyers/predators.

Hi, I've been re-reading some of the Monroe stuff (first two) as it's been years and plan to checkout "Ultimate Jouneys" for the first time. So far, I am really enjoying them. Could you guys elaborate a bit about the stuff he held back and why?

I've heard rumors that the Monroe Institue had been infiltrated but never got the full story. It was enough to discourage me from going there to check out their programs as I was a bit leary anyway and would like to be sure who I am submitting myself to. Any info there?

When I first read "Journeys out of the body", perhaps 20-25 years ago, it blew me away as well as provided a lot of confirmation to my experiences at the time and was a significant stepping stone.

It's funny, through re-examining this stuff, it's also taken me back to the time when I first read it, sometimes I think I had it more together back then. Wow, how'd I get back here?

Thanks, SM

Re: High Level M-Band Noise: The Pressure

Just read the chapter in "Far Journeys" where Bob discovers the loosh production thing and likens it to a cow producing milk for a farmer. Though this is not a flattering example for a human, especially one who is used to thinking of himself at the top of the food chain, it does raise the question, in an infinite universe where all things feed off each other and are part of the same whole, is it not just part of nature to have something feeding of us? Perhaps we should just accept it as being the way it is and if it is any consultation we can know that somewhere beyond our present ability to understand is another set of beings feeding of the ones who are feeding off us. Just part of being human that's all. The reason that this repulses us so is that we are just realizing it and our egos have so long thought we were kings of the jungle.

I'm just throwing this out there for sake of conversation as it is my understanding of what Bob Monroe is saying, I'm not sure I buy it myself yet and am not comfortable arguing the point.

However, if this is so, I do think that now that us cows have discovered that our milk (loosh) has value and can now conceptualize our farmers to some extent, perhaps we need to renegotiate the terms of our arrangement a bit. Perhaps this is what it's all about, the select few that have had this knowledge have been bargaining for us all but are not sharing the profits rather they are using them against us (technology) to ramp up production by fear techniques, etc. Maybe we just need to squeeze out the middle men who have gotten way too greedy. As awareness increases, so it goes, and it's happening a little bit everyday.

I realize this is not a new concept by any means but perhaps a slight bent on one that may help identify who the bad guys actually are.

Also goes a way to explain the concept of sacrifice, that's another story. I'm going to have to think about that one for a while.


Re: High Level M-Band Noise: The Pressure

it all comes together.  thoth and the emerald tablets (which i read yesterday is actually an "emerald table" and not "tablets"...? hmmmm) call them the dark brothers.  it's they/them he's talking about.  picture a dino/reptoid man creature being.  even look at a lizard.  it's got 4 limbs, head and neck, even the thighs are muscularly similar and both human and lizard have a distinct gaskin-gastronemius muscle.  smooth underbelly, no exoskeleton.  they can easily stand upright.  they are the dark brothers, interesting tho--the use of the homogenous term "brother."  we got the white brotherhood (as in the Great White B) and the dark botherhood.  the fallen.  still all are brothers, they have genetic ties to us, we r them and they/them r us.  there's a genetic link and that's why they r the predator/brothers.  it's in us--of us, and each of us is a "predator" in turn.  some of us more to each other and definitely all of us meat eaters and earthdwellers using up planetary resources.  can't help it.  we're here.

that's why don juan says what he says, what others have quoted in this thread, u can't kill it, u can't poison it, it's there.  it's also sorta what bluviolet said in another thread.  it's genetic.  the problem many a time being they don't have the same sense of humor, or that small little place that special inch montalk and siriarc, and feritciva--thank u for the tom/andrew interchange, learned alot from that (u guys r brilliant) and what tom just talked about in the V thread which was really good, great pictorals and references.  the brothers r in the business of war and fear and pain.  it's a business i'm tellin ya.  they are war-like, it's what they do, they like WAR.  that's why we have them all the time.  the war machine runs the planet.  the dark brothers run the war machine.  there's gotta be blood dripping somewhere all the time.  like a faucet it flows.  it feeds.  it keeps mothers crying. keeps the flesh torn and burning.  man, that;s some good eats.  it's raging all the time.  consume consume consume.  feed off the loosh.  TPTB can't get enuf altho there's been plenty.  plenty of loosh with all their wars, the poverty, hurt. pain over millennia.  yet, there is always a never-ending feeling of lack LACK OF all the time--they project that. out all the TIME.  that there's just NEVER enuf.  they love to insinuate, well hell, they SAY it--this is running out,  that's going to end, theres a serious SHORTAGE of... food, healthcare, money, water, oil, ice, glaciers, morals, time...on and on, the shortages never let up, it never ends.  it's a pack of lies, it's to keep us all working, breeding, slaving, producing more and more loosh, CONSUMING.  TPTB can never have enuf, on and off planet.  it's one layer of brotherhood workin for another, representing another, tied in with another, taken over by another.  make the earth people, the children==the orphans who keep asking where they came from, think there is no abundance.  that starvation and no housing, pain and murder and suffering is the just the way things are, there's not enuf to go around people.  GET TO WORK THOUGH.   make more and consume more and PRODUCE.  it's the theme behind alot--including ppl working temp, the whole temp thing, the loss of pensions, 401k's, etc.  ur only as good as what u can produce and how fast, not how well BTW.  keep the wheels turning, now i'm singing tina turner and big wheel a turning proud mary.  god--out on a tangent again.

someone said on here is this the reason why the population boom exists (or does it?  or why the whole industry of babies, which i find suspicious)...  need more slaves/people for loosh production and consumption, etherically and plain old materialistically?  keeps the whole sordid ball rolling.  more births=more workers, more loosh, more slaves, more density.  more 3D.  this is the band of noise that surrounds us but does let up at night, i agree pictus.   it's hard to run around in the day i think, sheeple and heavy heavy duty 3D.  lots and lots of fear, ignorance and loosh production.  the dark brothers are the flyers, are the reptilians and the forces , the forces of the fallen.  the dark side.  there are whole hierarchies in there, even kings and queens on the lizzie planets, although they tend to be into their QUEENS more than anything else.  they live the longest, just like queen bees i assume only way way WAY more powerful and vengeful i'd venture to say.

consider this, is lucifer, belial, satan, baal, whatever u wanna call him/it the frickin middle man?  consider it.  is he the broker?  the cathars thought the "world" belonged to him.  he created it in some esoteric works and is the actual ruler according to some.  has anyone ever heard this?  the definition of true/all evil is when there is a  "middle man."  think about it.  that's a statement about commerce if i've ever seen or heard one.  and u know this planet LOVES BUSINESS.  i say loosh production is commerce=business.  it's about trade, merchandizing, manufacturing, money and the circus around it.  all that produces alot of loosh on a daily basis.  the business of BUSINESS is very loosh producing.  it's about providing for consumption.  there's a product, the creation of it, recipients of it, the manufacture of it.  he/it helps us make loosh and it's brokered to THEM.  but we are all IN IT, caught in it, 3D production consumption.  cycling out is the way out, both reincarnation-wise and knowledge-wise.  got out on a limb here.  will end now.  yeah, lots of correlative ties.

GNOTHI SEAUTON "Know Thyself!"

Re: High Level M-Band Noise: The Pressure

Hey Zenden, I generally agree with your synopsis of the situation on earth. For me, I'm just trying to narrow down who is responsible and at what degree of 'evil' are they operating at.

To me, the best description of evil is the misdirection of a force or a force that is out of balance with form as in the bathtub analogy:

Force = Water
Form = Bathtub

When these are in balance, life is good and you can take a nice hot bath. When the force exceeds the form, you've got water all over the floor leaking downstairs, etc., then it becomes evil. In turn the tub without water is a big bulky useless tub of nothing that has no purpose and would certainly get in the way, I guess that could be considered evil as well though not in an active sense, as it is taking up valuable space that could be used for something useful. OK, no big revelation here, basic yin-yang.

I'll use the reptilians to play the role of the loosh farmer here as an example since that comes up in many theories (but not Monroe's as far as I know).

I admit I am still trying to totally understand the loosh production concept. The question that comes to my mind is, what value does loosh have to us as human beings? Can we store it up and perform miraculous feats with it? Does it help us gain knowledge and further us down the path? Can we share it amongst ourselves and thus heal the sick? Is it some sort of currency that can only be used in 4D? If so were definitely getting screwed.

Or is it simply a by-product of human existence? My body produces a lot of by-products each day that I simply flush down the toilet and as far as I'm concerned the less I have to deal with that process and it's outcome the better, but if I could find a way to sell it, now were talkin'!

Monroe likens loosh to humans as milk to a cow. It is useful to a cow only to a certain extent (feeding its young) other than that it serves no purpose and only creates pain (evil)  for the cow by swelling its udders to the point to where it is unhealthy for the cow. In this scenario the farmer is actually performing a service to the cow by releiving them. The farmer and the cow are actually both pretty happy as it's a good deal for both of them.

If this is indeed the case for loosh production then perhaps the farmer is not all bad at least not inherently. They are simply following their nature. That's why statements such as "Let's go kick some lizard butt" rub me the wrong way. We are just now beginning to start to understand small puzzle pieces as to their existence and nature and only just barely have the ability to perceive them and yet the first thing we want to do is kick their ass, talk about fear and amping up production, once again we are doing it to ourselves and playing into the game. Communists! Terrorists! Lizzies! oh my. Let's go lynch us a Lizzie, Earl.

They do seem to have the upper hand on us in many ways especially when it comes to dimensional science but we must have something over them as well, otherwise why are they hiding all the time? And since we have the tendency to kick butt when faced with something we don't understand it's understandable in a way.

It is possible that we have a more of a symbiotic relationship than we know. What do they give us in return for the loosh? Perhaps the drive to expand, indeed, something to get us riled up and kick some ass (somebody, somewhere, hopefully the right one) instead of sitting around this boring-ass garden of eden.

Perhaps again we are getting to the point where we don't need that kind of force (energy)  to motivate us any longer and they can sense that too, that would be scary to them as their usefulness to us (conscious or not) is brought into play.

In this scenario it is possible that the "middle men" (being those with knowledge and control of interaction of the two sides) are the ones being evil. It is even possible that the reptilian middle men are lying to rest of their race about our nature and the source of their "food". The human middle men must be truly unevolved souls and are probably more deserving of pity rather than rage if their involvement in the deception is out of gain of personal wealth or earthly delights. I'm sure some actually believe they are doing the right thing and many more are shades of grey between the two.

As far as other entities as loosh consumers, I don't know, I am not familiar enough with experience or theories to even try to go there, perhaps someone else could add. (I do want to read that last Don Juan book).

I'm getting tired and must quit but I wanted to share these ideas as I am currently trying them on for size.

Re: High Level M-Band Noise: The Pressure

Somehow I doubt that the Lizzies/Predators/Flyers are the original force that is called "someone from somewhere" by Monroe. Some things wouldn’t fit into the picture. I remember Monroe having written that the ultimate assignment of mankind is to learn how to permanently radiate love-loosh. Remember his travel to 4D-earth at about the year 3000? He meets people there, that are able to rearrange matter – creating food directly from soil i.e. No mention of suffering, despair or any of the other misbalances of todays earth. Additionally they are happy to produce harvestable loosh. Maybe they are totally brainwashed after another 1000 years, but as Stephen mentioned, if loosh is just a by-product of human existence, like other by-products that are unusable for us what does it matter if someone takes it.
My conclusion is, that whether the negative forces that like to suck negative energy took us over long after "someone from somewhere" created his loosh-garden or mankind is doomed to produce negative loosh because they are simply not ready to create love-loosh because their energy-centers are not properly developed. Those that are ready, are lead to a spiritual path, that empowers them to create love more successful. Ra states more than often that every being, regardless of STS or STO serves the Creator.
Just some thoughts.

A man is born gentle and weak. At his death he is hard and stiff.
Green plants are tender and filled with sap. At their death they are withered and dry.
Therefore the stiff and unbending is the disciple of death. The gentle and yielding is the disciple of life.

Re: High Level M-Band Noise: The Pressure

If I remember right, Tom (our tom, not Council of Nine's big_smile ) wrote smth about this elsewhere that struck me while reading: it's one thing to be in a natural symbiotic relation with 4D's, it's another thing to keep us in the prison intentionally and turn this place into a "industrialised dairy product factory".

They didn't ask us if we want to give our loosh/energy or not. Maybe I'd prefer to throw it to the garbage, even if this loosh is for universe's good. They screwed the Law of Freewill. So although "lets go and kick some lizzie ass" feels like wrong way to me too, I prefer to be totally free. As said in Vendetta movie.

I feel what Zenden summarised is right - unfortunately right - and this is what we have to get rid of.

Maybe Monroe's year 3000 population is brainwashed - or maybe they learnt the ways of natural interaction with the universe and give their love loosh willingly. Also when we look at today, it's obvious that this is not love-loosh. Or lizzies changed their taste after 1000 yrs.

Anyway, I remember Babylon 5 sci-fi series, the polarity of Shadows vs Vorlons. And I remember what Cpt. Sheridan said to them in one of the episodes; "we don't need both of you. now get the hell out of our universe". Although this phrase seems funny, it's touching a very deep issue. No more darkside, no more warriors of light.

P.S.: Hey Zenden, while I was reading your post, a song began in the radio; Electric Eye from Judas Priest. I'm amazed to hear the lyrics - these were in my ears and your post was in front of me smile. Music is really powerful!

Up here in space
I'm looking down on you.
My lasers trace
Everything you do.
You think you've private lives
Think nothing of the kind.
There is no true escape

I'm watching all the time.
I'm made of metal
My circuits gleam.
I am perpetual
I keep the country clean.

I'm elected electric spy
I protected electric eye.
Always in focus
You can't feel my stare.
I zoom into you
You don't know I'm there.
I take a pride in probing all your secret moves
My tearless retina takes pictures that can prove.

Electric eye, in the sky
Feel my stare, always there
's nothing you can do about it.
Develop and expose
I feed upon your every thought
And so my power grows.
Protected. Detective. Electric eye.

Change we must, to live again
- Jon Anderson

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Re: High Level M-Band Noise: The Pressure

One more thing; I began a book from Dolores Cannon after reading about her in another thread. Consistent with Monroe/Moen info but again no mention of the prison, lizzies, etc. Her hypnotised subjects still touch some points about darkside, say darkside is powerful here in 3D, that's all. The basic points/facts about this dominance are again missing.

I have a relative (let's say S, first word of her name) who saw a fascinating dream recently. She told the dream to me without realizing what she said and I was amazed while listening. S sees a big snake in her house and gets afraid. She says I was there and she tells me about the snake. I go to the garden where the snake is gone and look at there. I remain calm and silent so she gets worried. Then she hears a motor noise and looks at the road, sees a kind of jeep coming. There's a man with some uniform on the wheel. She runs to the road stops the vehicle and asks the man to come and look at the garden. She asks "please take a look and tell me if this is dangerous". The man seems very busy and annoyed about the distraction but he gets off and comes to the garden, where I stand. Then he startles when he looks at the garden and says "yes sure they are dangerous, they are here to invade".  S thinks "what did he mean saying 'they'?" and looks at the garden for the first time; there are 9 big snakes (one of the points that amazed me about the dream. Council of 9?) there and a lot of little young snakes.

The man gets angry to see them after getting surprised for a moment and enters to the garden, holds one of the big snakes and tears the snake's head. He seems very powerful. "They should not be here, keep them out" he says and quickly leaves.

S was so influenced about this dream. She says there are many very interesting and meaningless (for her) details about the man, his eyeglasses, uniform and even a kind of wireless he holds. He seems very busy and have an important task to do. She said "I really wonder who he is" (as she doesn't know anybody like him in her daily life) to me. I grinned and said "probably you saw an officer from Federation Fleet". She asked "what do you mean" but received no answer from me.

How could I tell her "somewhat you've made a fascinating astral journey in your dream to see our environment's situation and even encountered an officer". They think I'm a sane and ordinary citizen big_smile

Change we must, to live again
- Jon Anderson

Re: High Level M-Band Noise: The Pressure

this is a long one but i couldn't resist.   very very interesting feritciva.  i always enjoy reading what u write--always.  and u too Stephen M.  and heandras-yes yes yes too.  i think in this case, and many others scifi is not SCIFI but the way things really are ARE!!!  i know u have seen / are referring to the supposed patch on the sleeve of alien officers from the fleet.  the federation fleet with the upside down triangle with a snake, or is a lightening bolt and wings (I've seen and heard it a couple of ways) i think and the two intersecting triangles, or is it that upside down triangle?  yes--i think that's it--the clue in there is the upside down part.   the federation fleet ?from the show? and THE federation fleet, right?  wow--she/S did see something it sounds like, that's for sure.  i wow'ed at the song thing too--wow.  loved that synchronicity.  love when that happens. i've nver seen that song's lyrics til u showed me. thanks.  and Stephen M--yeah, i get ya.   that's what i am reasearching, i am trying to analyze, figure out, tie together the rH (-) negative blood thing, bloodlines, Jewish mysteries, the san greal/graal/grail, and ALL THAT, plug in ancestral karma, ancestral DNA, genetics, history, evil, alien tampering, the lizard beings, the illuminati, religion, and what some call "the mark"  or even the mark of cain for real, if there really even is one and all that and i do mean ALL THAT.  not even just "the mark" and all that, end times stuff, but hey, that, too and the numbers involved, etc. etc.  it keeps alluding back and around with them.

i read recently that the mark--and it ties in with Cain, Tubal-Cain, the south of France, the north of scotland, the Kennites, as another researcher said on here last couple of wks; tie ins with adamic man, preAdamic Man, Adam-Kadmon, (hmmmm? Atom/atom!) organic portals/OP's, minions, and geez, ALL THAT and more, and how that ties in with loosh and loosh production, and the times we're in.  i am doing something i am finishing or something like that from long long long LONG ago.  hey--and i know u may be thinkin, and u will get a kick outta this--so u know what an "old soul" is...hehehe?   a slow learner.  DUH.  i guess that's me when i really think about it, or admit it, i think/feel.  (i know i'm a nine, anyway, and thank god that's over. last trip here i am truly hoping).  i read the mark of cain = jealousy.  i read "jealousy of all humans"....hmmm all over again.  u wouldn't believe where i read/get this stuff too, from EVERY KIND OF source u can imagine, including when i began to trace my own bloodlines, blew me away.  then i tie it in and that in and go back and forth and read more, anything and everything cross-references itself  (yeah--i have alot of time on my hands).  is this what is missing and taken back or gotten or farmed or searched for /desired?  by/of loosh?  is this what they want?  need?  are human emotions (the whole grey thing/hybrid thing and that's why i say grey and not gray with an a) as close as they r gonna get? to/from loosh?  or what?  how to then protect from it or know more--i will settle for KNOW MORE.  i sense the need to know or find out more, and i love this stuff anyway.  is this gonna entail certain DNA activation?  or is it one and the same or OF it?  dont know but wanna find out.  i feel it is going to be needed, and rather sooner than later.

i loved what u both said--especially u saying i'd rather throw it in the garbage and/or flush it than unwillingly surrender it so---YEP YEP YEP--definitely a freewill nonpermission exercise.  or is this really really efficient?   i think the universe is efficient, is that the deal?  one energy exchange for another?  quickly, quietly, oh so quietly, like molecules doin their thing, physics being what they ARE.  since i have read they think all the resources here and us belong to them, then we pay the rent this way?  ok.  who made u guys then and just who is the landlord?  i wanna bitch about conditions then...

agree too, doesn't make me wanna kick alien lizard vs human-alien lizard butt with Earl, anymore.  and i say that on purpose.  i am more careful with that now and think i understand more, lately.  cuz, see, i did AT ONE TIME, then i moved on from that thru my research.  that's why i say BROTHERS as well, they are genetically related to us, some of us more than others, and therein lies the rub.  that kept bringing me back--that's why i think the or "the battle"  is about that.  there is something going on with that.  throw in how cells have memory, they have intelligence, how electro-magnetics, hell, how radionics can shed light on that and how PLAIN and SIMPLE KNOWINGNESS relates in here and has LIGHT, it's own memory/container/worlds/physics, how this is connected.  i think the mystery schools were on to this and ALOT more OF IT.  there's alot of "IT's" --yes, indeed.  reaching states of wisdom and knowingness.  yet not alot want to or can or seek that out, but its a way of being and a natural course of things for some (alushe was talking similarly lately i think).

also--about SNAKES--done alot on that too and really resonate the most with them symbolically--the meaning and symbol of them.  even the caduceus, how it relates and back to the "shining ones/ the old ones"  lots of lots of "forbidden knowledge"--why was it forbidden?  and on the devil at the doorway of rennes la chateau--the head demon Asmodeus--"this place is terrible"... does he mean the earth?  or the chapel there, or that metaphysical place of "secrets/mystery/knowing?"   beware what ur doing to find out--beware of what ur looking for.  in a nutshell, have alot of respect for the snake==hidden knowledge, arcane knowledge.  it's another symbol of foreboding but as we all know--they dont go around bugging people, they mind their own business and only strike back when they sense harm, especially indignant harm and i am no snake expert that's for sure, yet their venom heals. it does alot of beneficial things, and for that matter, so does lizard spit and venom.  theyre actually quite vulnerable, soft underbelly.  alot of bark and yes, nasty biting, protection though, for themselves.  that's one favorite part.   the "they"  have used the sign of the snake for centuries as BBBAAADDD when in actuality, that is not the case.  it's to keep one away from knowing more--scare tactic.  the fears projected out all over the place, all the time and what u and stephen m said which was so prolific--thats what we are pissed about.  the f----n TACTICS.  there is no doubt about the prison, none at all.  it can be taken metaphorically and literally, yes.  and ur right, man, somebody's supposed to come out a winner in light vs dark.  as u said, he said, that was neat--there's not room for both so how about a co-mingling of both?  that's what i am getting at, tying in with the grand experiment thing that everybody from all planets is supposedly watching, and the deal with "it's never been done before"....and how a few have "done this before"  so theyve been sent here to do clean up/activation again, they know how and "u will know when it's time and all that" and wanderers, and walk-in's. and activation again, but in a "good" way, and this time everybody gets out ALIVE!!!  wow.  u take the body with ya (merkaba, light body, crystalline body, soul essence, all of 'em).  is this the real message behind the rising from thre grave deal with jesus (and the end scene only if u want to...from mel gibson's P of C)?   is that the secret?  or is that obvious?  or what?  ascension, with all it's coming up soon symptoms?  vs the rapture?  ok then--who's goin and who is not?  making the cut?  pay ur way in/out with good deeds, that was another thread too.   i think we can surmise everybody's goin somewhere, according to their vibration, i think opterra was saying that, and there will be worlds for those stuck, those that require lower vibratory states, where they r comfortable.  wheat from the chaff?  again the mark?  is it vibratory?  in the DNA? can ur belief system make it so, create it?  wow.  we certainly know what monroe has seen and experienced.

and then i made the connection, maybe, typing this, maybe the loosh is there, from us so we cant hurt them, as everytime we strike out at them, if we WERE to, we "hurt" ouselves.  eating our loosh gets in them, in their DNA, the coded vibratory patterns, all those musings tied in.  we take them WITH US when we go and it's a "new creation"  which as u know, the universe is good for--except this time its REALLY NEW.  it's never been done before.  even tho everything else has supposedly been created somewhere else, by otherness, except this.  maybe.  as in "there's nothing new under the sun"  except for this. so then, i love this, lots of people read scifi to get a thrill. a lift, it's fun, all the adjectives, and it;s REALLY really going on all around us, we are SCIFI.  oh MAN oh man.

yet, so many times it's a catch-22 all the time.  this planet is full of those.  i asked an old astronomer/seer that many many years ago--so why r things like that here, Berniece?  and she says well, it's very 3D here honey, it's a base planet, whaddaya want from 3D?  nothing can ever be any lower here than YOU ARE....oh my god.  (i actually was asking her why i had such a putrid boyfriend at the time) and that was in 1976.  wow.  i am truly trying to find out how this is gonna work out but it will never be as we/i expect i guess.  we may be in some for some mind blowing yet gallant surprises.  hey i am totally game for all of it.  came here to see this one play out and thank my deceased parents all the time--for bringing us in to see this.  will end again with WOW.

GNOTHI SEAUTON "Know Thyself!"

Re: High Level M-Band Noise: The Pressure

feritciva wrote:

They didn't ask us if we want to give our loosh/energy or not. Maybe I'd prefer to throw it to the garbage, even if this loosh is for universe's good. They screwed the Law of Freewill. So although "lets go and kick some lizzie ass" feels like wrong way to me too, I prefer to be totally free. As said in Vendetta movie.

Zenden mentioned adamic and pre-adamic men. That lead me to some thoughts (thanks Zenden) whether Someone violates freewill or not. Monroe described that Someone created the loosh garden to extract the precious good and the life-forms started to evolve in a similar way as evolution theory tells us. So, mankind is ultimately a product of Someone. There is no freewill outside of Someones universe for that mankind, which consists of pre-adamic men, and therefore no free will violation. Things are different for adamic men, which are not originally seeded on earth and have not graduated from plants and animals. From what he wrote, Monroe did not originate from earth – he calls his home KT-95. I think adamic men are Wanderers that got stuck on earth existence-cycle while incarnating initially to just have a look what it’s all about or to perform a special service here. Preventing them from leaving the cycle is indeed free will violation.

A man is born gentle and weak. At his death he is hard and stiff.
Green plants are tender and filled with sap. At their death they are withered and dry.
Therefore the stiff and unbending is the disciple of death. The gentle and yielding is the disciple of life.

Re: High Level M-Band Noise: The Pressure

heandras wrote:

Zenden mentioned adamic and pre-adamic men. That lead me to some thoughts (thanks Zenden) whether Someone violates freewill or not. Monroe described that Someone created the loosh garden to extract the precious good and the life-forms started to evolve in a similar way as evolution theory tells us. So, mankind is ultimately a product of Someone. There is no freewill outside of Someones universe for that mankind, which consists of pre-adamic men, and therefore no free will violation. Things are different for adamic men, which are not originally seeded on earth and have not graduated from plants and animals. From what he wrote, Monroe did not originate from earth – he calls his home KT-95. I think adamic men are Wanderers that got stuck on earth existence-cycle while incarnating initially to just have a look what it’s all about or to perform a special service here. Preventing them from leaving the cycle is indeed free will violation.

As an artist, I'm reminded of the whole creatiion process where at some point where at some point the creator must declare himself finished and set the creation free to be itself (I have trouble with this myself and end up with many unfinished projects that never reach potential, I'm working on it though). As with the parent-child relationship, the creation cannot totally severe its ties to the creator and will often come back around and teach the creator a thing or two.  Perhaps this is part of the process we are experiencing.

Zenden, you said a lot and I think i'm with ya. One thing for sure, we are in for a hell of  a show, thats for sure. Sometimes I think I'm better off just diving in head first and soaking up as much experience as possible rather than trying to figure out what's going on as we'll have plenty of time to do that later. I can't help myself though, and though I realize that answers just lead to more questions, it's part of the fun of being here and progress is being made, well if you can make progress in infinity.

Another thing for sure is us humans are getting better at perceiving and conceiving. One of the big problems we are facing is how to communicate this to each other as we still seem to be stuck with verbal communication. With new perceptions and concepts coming to light every day we must use the verbal symbology of systems that are rapidly becoming obsolete because of  the new perceptions and concepts, another feedback loop.

In this thread we chose, for the most part, Robert Monroes system and terminology to discuss  our ideas as it is a good system in that we are all basically familiar with it and have experienced enough similar to trust it. To expand on the concepts and find another reference point we got into Castaneda, which again is another trusted system of understanding but brings in a whole new set of terminology for concepts that could be the same or  related or may not at all to Monroes. At one point I brought in (perhaps clumsily) reptilians into the discussion. As far as I know neither Monroe or Casteneda mentions reptilians by name. I brought them up because they seem to be considered public enemy number one as far as loosh consumers go and I consider them real from personal experience. But again this is a whole 'nuther concept and set of word symbols. Again we're stuck with comparing oranges to apples and pears. There were probably a lot of people who could not get into this thread at at the start because they were unfamiliar with Robert Monroes terminology. I'm thankful I understand it as much as I do as it allowed me to participate in this cool discussion.

So lets take this out further and bring in all the other systems of understanding and knowledge and all the language and symbolism that belongs inside each system whether it be the sciences, religion, occult, whatever. It's a wonder people communicate at all beyond the level of "let's eat" or "time to go to work". And yeah, that is probably by design, Tower of Babel and all that.

Despite all this, I do feel we are very close to a new level of understanding and as we increase are ability to percieve/concieve it is creating a snowball effect that is blurring the veil between 3D and 4D and as we learn more of and overcome fear of 4D the process itself will fill in the blanks. I'm hoping along with that will come the process of non verbal communication that Monroe describes in his journeys. That awareness alone is enough to blow away the communication breakdown mentioned above and expose the whole deception/matrix for what it is. It would also do a lot to lessen the "High Level M-Band Noise" that surrounds us as people would be more careful what they think, ha. Just think, no more headaches, no more bullshit, lots of exotic visitors, sounds like fun.

Wake me up when we get there.


Re: High Level M-Band Noise: The Pressure

Perception: The ability to receive a Signal

*An AM radio cannot perceive an FM Signal

Conception: The ability to Transduce Perception

*A radio signal is Perceived by a Receiver and, through tuned circuits, [ insert ‘belief‘ for the HUman Receiver ] is Conceived into sound.
~~~~~~~   ~~~   ~

Stephen M wrote:

Another thing for sure is us humans are getting better at perceiving and conceiving.

Despite all this, I do feel we are very close to a new level of understanding and as we increase are ability to percieve/concieve it is creating a snowball effect.......

Stephen M wrote:

Wake me up when we get there.

When YOU Wake Up, That’s what gets YOU There

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Re: High Level M-Band Noise: The Pressure

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Icke wrote:

When I say it's all an illusion and a computer program, I do mean all is an apparent contradiction that the earth and the cosmos was supposed to have been created by a loving God and yet what we call Nature is a bloody battle-ground in which one animal's survival is dependent on another's, often grotesque, demise.

The law of the wild' was not the creation of a loving God or Oneness in awareness of itself. It was a Matrix software program and, without the control of fear, the relationship between animals, and animals and humans, would be very different.

Do you think the Infinite, where you are now, would wish to see anything suffer and live in fear, never mind create a structure in which this happened as a matter of course?' Nature was another holographic projection that was only 'real' because we were conditioned to believe it was.

The voice said the 'laws' of the natural world reflected the state of being of their creator, the force controlling the Matrix. This was a state of fear and desperation to survive ... a trait of the reptilian brain.

It was just another bloody crime-scene in the wonderful world of Nature. What kind of 'intelligence' creates a natural world in which the survival of one depends on tearing another to pieces? What sick mind would design a global life-cycle in which the participants were in a mode of constant fear - humans as well as the animals? Would a loving God do that? No, but the mind behind the Matrix would, and it has.

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