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How about adobe, transient passenger?

Re: What can we do?

Appreciate your suggestion soloflecks.  Cob and adobe are very similar... perhaps you are not familar with it?
"The main difference between cob and adobe building is not the materials used, but the method whereby they are applied. Unlike adobe, which is formed into bricks before building commences, the cob blend is used while it is still wet, with large gobs (sometimes called cobs) of the earth mixture packed on top of one another to create a form. "

"We must be the change we wish to see in the world" -- Mahatma Gandhi

Re: What can we do?

Hi all,

I once wanted to, still want to go off into the woods and live on Walden’s pond  like    Thoreau, I will soon.

Opeteroo I am happy for you and just a lot envious J. I lived in NW Washington in the rain forest many years ago and loved it, your pics of Canada were very similar landscape. I am very interested in your community and would like to speak with you personally on this matter.

Getting to the point, the book “Hand book for a new paradigm”  speaks to this subject.
We all know ( I hope ) that our thoughts become our future. Thought always precedes the physical.

If we will all focus on what we see as the perfect world, our own concept of that and we all practice this every day, then CREATION will choose the best of these ideas, combine them for the highest good of all and we will end up in this better world that we co-created. Actually we are to form groups and meditate, visualize this together, but not in a structured visualization, what each individual thinks a perfect world to be, their concept of one.

This book states that we are past the time of armed revolt, over throwing the FED, IRS etc… and even going back to the Constitution. Time for completely new system, (PARADIGM). The powers that be will wake up one day and their way of doing things will be gone and so will their power.

Peace, love, harmony, Abundance for all, healthy food, Free energy devices, New education, new work system, new money system … Whatever the creative HUMAN BEING can dream up. Help from our elder brothers and sisters that the One has sent to give us higher TRUTH and guide us is the wise use thereof.

They cannot stop this as they have not yet been completely successful in controlling our minds though they are trying very hard as they know the MIND is the ultimate weapon against them.

It is said that “seeing is believing”  but it should be “believing is seeing”

I guess that’s it