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Topic: Light and love?

A rambling message from my wandering mind...

Why is it that those that would have us trust them implicitly, despite the incredible medium (Wow, double-pronged word-meaning attack) of their communication, the new age channeller, always have to name themselves, or align themselves with Light?

From Puharic's SPECTRA to Essene-Valentin's Rays.

Light is just another materialization of the physical bogmarsh we're trudging through.

Just who exactly was entitled the "Prince of Light" again?

I'll stick to beings of Love myself, and funnily enough the only ones of that type I have access to at the moment are purely physical, human entities...

Of course if those not-so-loving entities show their face, I'll probably punch them repeatably, before turning off the light to disempower them.

(Loving punches of course, "I punch because I care"!)


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Re: Light and love?

Rambling and wandering that much I probably posted this in the wrong forum, sorry, teach me to try reading 3 at once. :\


Re: Light and love?

no, thanks for posting krishna.  i feel what you said makes sense!

"The unknown does not incite fear, but dependence on the known does." - J. Krishnamurti