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Topic: Thiaoouba Prophecy

Thiaoouba Prophecy e-book
by Michel Desmarquet


I strongly recommend this free e-book. Of course there are certain comments, facts, thoughts that you will disagree with, but name a book that doesn't have a certain level of bias...

It is richly filled with information that coincides with channeled information. I deeply resonated with a lot of the material, however I never lost my caution and discernment. The intersections from this material to other material/texts is what we should all focus on, for when you lateral and cross reference, you mark the truth.


[NOTE: I think, ultimately, this text is corrupted. I do not agree with the conclusions but I'm saying that it is worth reading for out of the heap of information, there are some good things to take out for consideration. I think primarily, it is used as encoding the same belief structures as the Raelian movement.]