Topic: the cometa report

The Cometa Report is a 3-year French study on UFO's and national defense, completed in 1999.

cometa review wrote:

In its conclusion, COMETA claims that the physical reality of UFOs, under control of  intelligent beings, is "quasi-certain." Only one hypothesis takes into account  the available data: the hypothesis of extraterrestrial visitors. This hypothesis is of course unproven, but has far-reaching consequences. The goals of these alleged visitors  remain unknown but must be the subject of speculations and prospective scenarios.

In its final recommendations, COMETA stresses again the need to:

- Inform all decision-makers and persons in positions of responsibility.
- Reinforce means of investigation and study at SEPRA.
- Consider whether UFO detection been taken into account by agencies engaged in  surveillance of space.
- Create a strategic committee at the highest state level.
- Undertake diplomatic action with the Unites States for cooperation on this most  important question.
- Study measures which might be necessary in case of emergencies.

Finally, this document is accompanied by seven interesting appendices which are worth reading even by seasoned ufologists:

- Radar detection in France
- Observations by astronomers
- Life in the Universe
- Colonization of space
- The Roswell case and possible disinformation
- Antiquity of the UFO phenomenon and elements for a chronology.

Reflection on various psychological, sociological and political aspects of the UFO  phenomenon.

The full english review is found here.  A separate article on the Cometa report is also available.

Just digging this interesting report after some time.  If anyone finds a complete translation of the report, please post it.