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Topic: Exopolitics: The Political Implications of the ET Presence

Hello Everyone,
There is a new book out called "Exopolitics: The Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence" by Michael Salla, PhD.  Dr. Salla is currently a "Researcher in Residence" at the Center for Global Peace at American University in Washington, DC.  Salla was on the Coast to Coast show on March 3, 2004.

His website is www.exopolitics.org and he has posted several articles which are available for reading.  Just when it starts to get good, the articles say: "To learn more, read my book."  I have read the book so I can tell you some of his more interesting insights.

Basically, he re-interprets the last 60 years or so of history from a political persepctive which includes various ET races as part of the political equation.  The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was founded in 1947 and National Security Agency (NSA) was founded in 1952.  From Salla's perspective, one of the reasons that these agencies were founded was to deal with the ET issue which has come to attention due to Roswell and other incidents.  These agencies and others which are unnamed act as tools of the Secret Government which may have been around for thousands of years and continued during that period and up to the present through secret societies.  Jim Marrs (Rule by Secrecy) and Richard Dolan (UFOs and the National Security State) support this perspective with regard to the CIA and NSA.

To brings things up to the current period, Salla contends that a significant reason that the US and other countries are interested in Iraq goes beyond oil and traditional interpretations of geo-political power.  He contends that a major reason that the US went into Iraq was to get access to ET technology that may be there.  This technology may be in the form of working or disabled systems or instructions and clues in tablets inscribed thousands of years ago in the Sumerian language.  It is interesting that in the "looting" of the major Baghdad museum the perpetrators seemed to know exactly what they wanted and took tablets that were locked in the basement and had not yet been translated.  They passed by vases and things which were in glass cases on the main floor and would be considered more valuable by traditional standards.

If you have read the book by Paul O'Neil, former Secretary of the Treasury, he stated that Bush and Team wanted to go into Iraq from day one of the administration.  One of the main contentions made in Richard Clarke's recent book is that if the Bush administration really wanted to go after Al Qaeda, they would not look in Iraq.  He then lists four other countries which evidence indicates are better bets for Al Qaeda.  Which brings me to a related point.  Richard Clarke was recently interviewed on John Stewart's Daily Show, and Clarke said that the reason that the Bush administration was not focused with high priority on the terrorists threats as Clarke saw them is that the Bush administration was focused on "Star Wars".  I don't know exactly what that means, but it sounds intriguing.

Finally, there is going to be a 2-day event in Washington DC on April 17-18, 2004 called the "X-Conference: The 1st Annual Exopolitics Expo."  Michael Salla will be speaking along with Richard Hoagland and others.  Here is the link:

Please let me know if anyone has any input on the above items.

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Re: Exopolitics: The Political Implications of the ET Presence

Hi John -
Great post, lots of information here.  Just some quick thoughts on Dr. Salla.  He was also on the Rense radio show the other night.  His speaking was clear and fairly straight forward.  One thing that Jeff and Salla obviously disagreed upon was the validity of Cnl. Corso's book, The Day after Roswell.  Jeff was voicing concern over some of the concepts Corso covered, and Salla seemed almost determined to hold Corso up as a reliable, primary research resource.

Also of note, Don Ecker of UFO magazine, says in his latest editorial:

ecker wrote:

Bassett, in his new column in this issue, refers to Dr. Alfred Webre and Dr. Michael Salla, two fine gentlemen, I'm sure.  But fine on which planet?  For example, Drs. Webre and Salla are convinced that all (suspected) ET contact is beyond any doubt, benevolent.  Appearing at many of Bassett's events - another name that readers of this magazine will recognize - is Dr. Stephen Greer.  Greer is another advocate of across-the-board ET benevolence, also declaring that all (suspected) ET contacts are totally non-hostile.  Phenomena like mutilations, abductions, and so on are a no-no in Greer's lexicon.  Their overall implication is that all negative UFO phenemona (spelling mistake by Ecker) originate not with extraterrestrials, but with covert government forces.

Listening to Salla (and Greer for that matter) speak on the various aspects of sightings, abductions, mutilations, underground bases, covert government agendas, etc., it is difficult to rationalize their logic beyond the 'benevolent aliens' theory.  Difficult, because, well, there is no logic, no truth behind their concept, which is shared by many, unfortunately.  When this card is played, be aware.

Richard Dolan, from what I've read in his first book, and seen in interviews, seems like the most objective researcher on UFO's and the National Security State.  He keeps to what he knows, and makes it clear when he is venturing slightly beyond that.  Can't say the same for Greer and Associates.  smile

That said, I haven't read Salla's book.  What does he write about the alien agenda?

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Re: Exopolitics: The Political Implications of the ET Presence

Thanks for your response!

In order to address the question of how Salla describes the alien agenda, I will first list the categories that Salla uses regarding information about the ET presence.  I will then briefly describe four broad categories that Salla uses to describe aliens.  I will then list eight factions/subgroups and the primary agenda that Salla associates with each of these groups.

Salla has categorized information of the ET presence into various categories.  These are: Category A: Whistle Blowers: Reports or testimonies of former government or military officials, and/or civilian aviation personnel who have had first hand experience and/or evidence of the ET Presence.  Category B: Abductions/Contacts.  Category C: Witness/Sightings Reports. Category D: Documentary Evidence.  Category E: Remote Viewing.  Category F: Independent Archaeology. Category G: Channeling.

With regard to the “alien agenda“?, Salla divides aliens into four broad categories (please note that there may be some overlap between the categories):

“Intruder perspective“?: ETs are depicted as off-world beings who have abducted people for genetic experiments for purposes yet to be fully determined.

“Manipulator perspective“?: An advanced race of ETs with enhanced psychic abilities and superior technology has been either overtly controlling or covertly manipulating humanity ever since the first human presence on the planet.  It is claimed that these ETs played a direct role in creating the human species as a source of slave labor, and therefore feel entitled and even responsible for guiding/controlling the human race either by direct control or covertly through human proxies.

“Helper perspective“?: ETs are here to help humanity deal with a myriad of political, socioeconomic and environmental problems.

  “Watcher perspective“?: Many ETs are primarily here to observe how humanity resolves its numerous societal and global conflicts at a time when cosmic energy surges in the solar system and the galaxy add to the intensity of these conflicts.

The Watcher perspective views the entire universe as comprised of vibrating energy fields that wax and wane in long cycles that have their origin in cosmic and galactic energies.  Salla quotes John Major Jenkins, who is author of “Maya Cosmogenesis 2012“? as well author of “Galactic Alignment“? and who says that the solar cycle corresponds with the time it takes for the plane of our solar system (the ecliptic) to realign itself with the “galactic core“? where cosmic and other energies from the center of the galaxy dramatically influence consciousness throughout the planet.  According to Jenkins, these historic shifts of consciousness are described in the Mayan, Vedic, and Egyptian traditions.

  Salla states that a magnification of energies influencing human consciousness make it possible for a jump in evolution from the “dimensional reality“? in which a particular civilizations finds itself to a higher dimension where more refined powers of creation are possible.  Salla then uses the metaphor of water molecules at different temperatures which correspond to ice, water, and steam as analogous to this dimensional or density shift.

Salla then goes through a historical analysis of the ET impact over the past century.
Chapter 4 is titled: “Extraterrestrial Infiltration of Clandestine Organizations Embedded in Military, Intelligence and Government Departments.“?  How’s that for a provocative title?  I'm trying to address the main question, so I suggest you look at the book to learn more about that topic.

Salla goes on to describe the various alien factions/subgroups and associates each group with their primary agenda.  So here’s the list:

     Earth Reptilians: Harvest human emotional energies.

     Grays-Zeta/Orion: Harvest human genetic material.

     Draco Reptilians (Orion): Establish control over Earth’s resources.

     Giant Hominoids from Lyra/Nibiru: Most efficient use of Earth’s resources. 

     Subterranean Humanoid Civilizations (Lemuria/Atlantis): Assist surface humans to
     evolve as a species and deal with Earth based Reptilians. 

     Humanoid ET Races (Sirius, Pleiades, Altair, etc.): Assist surface humans to evolve
     as a species and deal best with ET races. 

     Non-humanoid races (Arcturus, Sirius A, Orion): Offer advice to humanity in how to
     best deal with its evolutionary challenges. 

     Humanoid-Formless (Central Race-center of Galaxy): Provided initial genetic
     material for emergence of humanoid races in the Planet Lyra and elsewhere.

How’s that for a list!  I had not even heard of some of these groups before.

Re: Exopolitics: The Political Implications of the ET Presence

wandering1 wrote:

How’s that for a list!   I had not even heard of some of these groups before.

So, where did Salla hear of such groups and come up with such ideas about their agendas?  Does he list sources of this information?


Re: Exopolitics: The Political Implications of the ET Presence

Doesn't sound very convincing to me.  Secret societies communicated with aliens, ok evidence?  The CIA and NSA were started the same year the most popular supposed alien crash happened, so what, sounds like paranoid talk to me?  The United States went into Iraq for artifacts, proof, anybody saying the United States took the tablets, any proof the tablets were even there?  Paul 'O Neil said that the Bush Administration always wanted to go into Iraq, yeah so... Regime Change was established as necessary for Iraq during the Clinton Administration.  Dick Clarke said the Administration is focused on "Star wars," yes, the administration has pushed for missions to mars and the moon, doesn't that make a lot more sense in what he was referring to.  It sounds like this guy takes a bunch of things out of context with no real proof of anything and writes a book about it.

Re: Exopolitics: The Political Implications of the ET Presence

In terms of sources of information, Salla says that in general he uses the sources listed in my second post (Whistleblowers, Archeology, etc.).  He seems to rely heavily on Whistleblowers and lists this category as "strong" due to "the verifiable credentials of those claiming to have first hand experiences of an ET presence, the coherence of their testimonies, and their overall number."  While the book has many footnotes, there is not a one to one correlation between "here is a statement" and "here is the evidence of that statement."

I think that skepticism can be healthy.  In terms of proof of all the groups and scenarios that Salla presents, I do not see these as something that is clearly based on proof.  In my opinion, I think that he may take the approach of "Well, we have a lot of evidence of varying quality, and I am trying to weave a coherent thread through this evidence in order to develop possible and plausible scenarios."

In some of the ETs do have what humans would generally perceive as negative intentions, I think it is better to be aware of possibilities ahead of time.  Once events start moving more quickly, it may become more difficult to carefully sift through the research and evidence.  Another item to be aware of is that there can be a move toward New World Order style conditions without there by any alien impact at all.  Humans may be able to do this on their own.  Clearly evidence does exist for the existence of fascist governments, both in the present day and historically.

Re: Exopolitics: The Political Implications of the ET Presence

wandering1 wrote:

In terms of sources of information, Salla says that in general he uses the sources listed in my second post (Whistleblowers, Archeology, etc.).

Do you mean to say that he is referencing 'insiders' and 'whistleblowers' from the government; as in, "I can't tell you the source, but I'm in contact with some high level government leaks"?

BTW, who is the publisher of Salla's book?  This can sometimes be a telling piece of information.

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Re: Exopolitics: The Political Implications of the ET Presence

I'm not an expert on Whistleblowers.  From my understanding, you can be a whistleblower if you used to work for the government and then you decide to reveal information that you can across that it considered "classified".  Also, you can continue to work for the government, and then become a whistleblower through anonymous leaks.

Yes, Salla does infer that he has information from whistleblowers, but I don't think they are necessarily people who have only talked to Salla.  From my understanding there is a group who total at least 100 people and possibly number in the several hundreds who have come forth in one way or another. 

That is what the Disclosure Project is about.  Here is that link: www.disclosureproject.org
Apparently they have taped testimony from many witnesses.  Also, I imagine that the upcoming X-Conference on Exopolitics will cover similar ground. 

The publisher of Exopolitics by Michael Salla is Dandelion Books, LLC which is based in Tempe, Arizona.  Here is the website: www.dandelionbooks.net

By the way, one of the better known whistleblowers was a person named William Cooper who used to work for the US Navy.  In 1991, Cooper's book "Behold A Pale Horse" was published.  Some say that this book was one of the primary texts used as a basis for the television series "The X-Files".  One of the episodes of the X-files refers to "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars" which is the name of Chapter 1 of Cooper's book.

Re: Exopolitics: The Political Implications of the ET Presence

Thanks, John.  It's amazing how a Phd. (in anything) can reference government leaks as primary sources in a published book, and not add explicit and extensive caveat material. (i.e. "You can't trust anything I'm about to say, it comes from a secret source that I can't be sure even exists.")

As a general rule of thumb, these published and exposed figures (like Greer and the D.P.) are heavily influenced by carefully crafted agendas.  It's right in line with the big budget movie agendas such as Independence Day.  Those in charge of these agendas spare no expense.  It's amazing how much energy is put into crafting these alien virtual realities for mass consumption.  As was said in the movie topic, it might have something to do with conscious/unconscious mass future expectations.

From the sounds of it, Salla is at least acknowledging the possibility of a negative alien agenda.  Can't say the same for Greer.  The arrogance and unbending stance Greer takes on the alien agenda question is quite clear in both his books.  His public speaking is also filled with self-aggrandizement and arrogance. 

At the end of the day, Greer's 'theory' flies in the face of the unending quantity and quality of abduction cases.  While these cases can't be held up too highly, they are about the best source of information for unlocking the alien agenda and should hold a central role in any serious study of such.

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Re: Exopolitics: The Political Implications of the ET Presence

Here is the text from the home page of the Disclosure Project:

"The Disclosure Project is a nonprofit research project working to fully disclose the facts about UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and classified advanced energy and propulsion systems. We have over 400 government, military, and intelligence community witnesses testifying to their direct, personal, first hand experience with UFOs, ETs, ET technology, and the cover-up that keeps this information secret. "

It seems that his main point is that the government has been covering up alien technology, including "free energy" devices.  How does that tie in with being complicit with the Secret Government/New World Order agenda?

It may be the case that Greer does not have all of the correct information, and he is doing the his best with what he has.  If he truly does assert that there are no negative ETs, and he is doing so with knowledge that there really are, then that would be possible evidence that he is with being complicit with the Secret Governenment/NWO agenda.

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Re: Exopolitics: The Political Implications of the ET Presence

wandering1 wrote:

It seems that his (Greer's) main point is that the government has been covering up alien technology, including "free energy" devices.   How does that tie in with being complicit with the Secret Government/New World Order agenda?

Well, it's one of his points.  He is also explicit in his books and when speaking publicly that the alien agenda is overwhelmingly benign.
As Montalk wrote here:

Some manipulative channeling sources attempt to gain trust by giving tidbit predictions that come true because you can't do anything about them, like disasters you later read about in the news. They then use your new-gained confidence to slip in traumatizing doomsday predictions that distract and obsess you, which never come true because these sources are full of it and cash in on the emotional conflict that comes with denial on the part of hardcore believers when the day of reckoning comes and goes.

It is similar with the conspiracy/UFO/ET researchers.  There may be some amount of truth to what they are saying, but just when one's discernment is lifted, the real agenda is pressed (i.e. "By the way, the aliens that gave us this advanced technology, are here to help, they abduct us to help us evolve from our state of ignorance; they stop us from setting off our nuclear weapons; they protect us from killing ourselves; we should all be humble to their advanced spirituality.").  This is dangerous.  It is what the agenda is all about... first the hook, then the line, and finally the sinker

wandering1 wrote:

It may be the case that Greer does not have all of the correct information, and he is doing the his best with what he has.   If he truly does assert that there are no negative ETs, and he is doing so with knowledge that there really are, then that would be possible evidence that he is with being complicit with the Secret Governenment/NWO agenda.

Good point.  Greer has certainly seen a certain amount of the alien reality (underground bases, maybe free energy devices, etc.).  But no more than what he was allowed to see.  And he says not one word more than what he is given to say.  However this may have come to be (mind control, abductions, implants, remote control, possession)... Of course, it should also be noted, that like you say, he may be doing the best with what he has.  Unfortunately, the marionette can do only what the force of his strings and that of gravity will allow.