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Topic: Animals, Insects, Plants: The multidimensional beings UNDER OUR NOSES!

As many of you know, I've been continuing in reading up on Pleidiean channeled material by Barbara Marciniak.

What has been an amazing revelation through the advanced works are that animals, mammals like dolphins, insects, and even plants are ALREADY actively living in multidimensionality.

Many of them are going extinct on this earth because they are already shifting to the 4th Density Earth. Supposedly at least. They do this because they are not being respected. An example of disrespect would be the way the agricultural industry is treating all the slaughter-house candidates.

Not just that, but one of the cool things that occurs when one becomes multidimensional, is that higher-beings can experience life THROUGH US. They may not be able to exactly do this yet (4th Density lizzies excluded) but they are doing this and experiencing the living library on Earth through animals, insects, fish, frogs, plants, etc.

When you see bees or flies flying around, it is time to now wonder WHO is in control, or why they move around...their purpose. Is it just the bee or is it also a few backpacked higher-beings experiencing flight on Earth through these insects. They can, supposedly, move through multidimensional portals REGULARLY, and we are completely ASLEEP to this happening right under our noses.

Cats are the animals that were left by the Feline beings that once lived on Earth. They left cats to be their own personal radio between them and humans. That is why the Egyptians puts cats in such high regards. Because they are the eyes and ears of their deified gods, perhaps.

The list goes on. The truth is right under our noses.

(All of the above is allowing the assumption of the Pleidieans being correct)

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The Animals ROCK!!!


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One of the things these types of topics makes me realize is:

1.) Animals, Insects, etc, do not see the world consciously as we do. Our reality is one of human qualities we give to the matter our brains translate for us. Insects for example see everything in multidimensional form. Dark-matter/Normal-matter, everything together. They see us as bioelectric groupings. They do not see our skin nor do they see our expressions. They perhaps percieve the emotions we emit that moderates our vibrations (FRV). This makes you think that when a bug lands on you, is it because they want something from our bodies or is it that they are interpreting our biolelectric composition? Either or I guess.

A person at the Mind-X-Change brought up an interesting point, that our eyes actually interpret reality upside-down, and yet our subconscious (root programming) inverts this so we see properly and coherently. Not sure if that's correct, but it got me thinking on what exactly we're looking at. We see distance, yet distance is an illusion. We percieve elapsing time, yet time is just major points reinforced together, as to create a conduit. Except this specific type of conduit is experienced as continuous and elapsing, instead of spontaneous. Yet it may only be this way to beings smaller in density than the conduit.

But then what is it that insects have (assumption from Pleidieans) that allows them to cross through multidimensional portals. Is it the ability to not confuse themselves with details, but rather everything as energy? By seeing everything as energy, spotting fluctuations, intersections, geometric structure, may be what allows to spot such corridors. But our egos would think humans would be able, as supposedly a higher-consciousness compared to insects, to spot such things also.

Just some thoughts...

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My cat brings me small lizards, what does it mean from a multidimensional point of view? wink


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