Topic: Iran UFO activity

Has anyone been following this news?  What are you thoughts on the increased UFO sightings in Iran the past few weeks?  Colored beams of light?  Dozens of sightings?

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Re: Iran UFO activity

Interestingly enough, in the book "The Gods of Eden" by William Bramley, he noted that throughout history, UFO sightings seem to preceed war and pestulance.   In fact, when he first started out writing that book his goal was to dissect the reasons behind why Man wars with each other.   He had a preconceived notion / theory that the answer was tied into economics.   War is a $$$ profit maker.   But instead, while doing his research he kept coming across reference after reference to UFO activity centered around warring hotspots, and "gods from the skies" who were always meddling in human affairs, as noted in many ancient texts, artwork, and historic accounts.

What REALLY intrigued me the most was all the accounts of UFO's and the "foul smelling mists" which always preceeded an outbreak of the Plague.  Biological warfare?   That's what I think.

At any rate, since reading this book I've paid more attention to the UFO activity in Iran, that's for sure.   I definately take it as a sign that Iran could be the next targetted area.

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