Topic: Is the future really that bad?

I was thinking about this last night and i just realized we really don't know who the bad guy is and who is te good guy..
If we look into the educated history then there is nothing to worry about but that can't be right so the alternative is to look it up by ourselves and if i me be i want to show you what i think have happend.
The annunaki/Elohim made us then there is the reptilian force that have "evolved" on planet earth and they are hiding and the reason i do not know?
Anyway in some time the annunaki is going to return to planet earth but this reason i do not know either but as i look at the alternative history we where slaves so thats not a good thing either...
The things i hear generally about the reptilians is that they where wise and educated humans but this to is this positive or negative?
So as the end times near we don't know shit :x
Every thing is not certain because the info we get is really not much and the hard evidence is lacking. We only hear or read things about this.
And if i look to the humankind in generally we are either way F*cked up because we are pretty defenceless and nobody knows really what is hapening and if there is someone, nobody is going to believe him or he won't say a thing because he can't do that...

Re: Is the future really that bad?

"nothing's for sure; that's the only thing i know for sure"

-Charles, John Nash's hallucination; to John Nash, A Beautiful Mind


i suppose i should spill some speculation maybe we can get somewhere.

i just realized we really don't know who the bad guy is and who is te good guy

True, but you must realize Good/Bad are merely labels, and they can change at any time, or over time, and labels (looks) can be decieving.

for example, we tend to see reptilians as bad (negative) as of recently. but way back when, some civilisations actually benefitted from reptilians and i guess you could say they probably thought they were good (positive) and maybe they were back then (i doubt it, indications point to some nasty ritualistic domination)

also, consider how the "serpent" in the bible released "adam & eve" from the "bonds of ignorance" in the "garden of eden" symbolically this probably points to reptilian aliens intervening with earth's humans against the OTHER alien's wishes (Elohim?) and letting humans know they can have "free will". ive said it before, that kind of seems like a good thing they (rept) did...

i guess what im saying is that EVERYTHING is RELATIVE, in "the eye of the beholder" as they say....

i was under the impression that Annunaki were reptilian aliens and Elohim were giant humanoid aliens, but i may have some things jumbled.

Think about this, you say you wonder why the Reptilians are hiding?

It is said in some books i read that the Reptilians always intervened with Humans even when they weren't supposed to (i.e: adam&eve, etc) and they pretty much infiltrated the earth against the rules and began taking over civilisations, such as sumerians or whatever, mesopotamia...

well, you could imagine that the Elohim (or other Alien races that were controling / watching / supervising) earth- they would be frustrated that these reptilians kept jumping into their plans and changing things up... it is said that the reptiles were then banished (appearantly by HIGHER forces, higher than the Elohim) from earth, given their renegade planet (planet X, 12th planet, whatever) and sent in the most screwed up orbit ever, one that swings way out of our solar system, then comes swooping back in every... 3,600 years? the number may be wrong but u get the point. it is also said that the reptiles were still allowed to continue mining operations on other planets in our SS such as mars, venus, and others. Other interesting things to note here is some speculation about the planet Maldek that was blown up and became the Asteroid Belt between jupiter and mars. perhaps this may have to do with some kind of "war" that took place and caused the reptiles to be banished...

at the same time realize that this is mere Balance of Equation, the Elohim wanted humans to be living in a "paradise" world, which was basically keeping the humans dumb and under simple control. reptiles in a sense opposed that, and also wanted to control the earth, and the reptiles motives could be the following;
- they are more "native" to the earth (this goes with Dinosaur theory, perhaps they are related to ancient dinosaurs that were here before humanoids, thus they feel they had first dibbs on the earth
- they contributed to the earth's inception (this is considering the reptiles are from other star systems such as Orion/Draco) and thus they feel they own a percentage of it
- they are simply rivals to the Elohim or other alien races that are on their level, thus they are always at constant battle balancing each other's actions out throughout the galaxy (probably more of a positive vs. negative theory, rather than Raptiles vs. Elohim)

i've been saying it for a while now, these two forces are always going to be fighting, positive against negative, good vs bad... so what's the point?


we are either way F*cked up because we are pretty defenceless

Dont let victim mentality engulf your thoughts/mind/emotions. we are NOT defenseless, because if we defenseless were we would have been extinct millions of years ago.

A good thing to keep in mind is that there are HIGHER FORCES than these Elohim, or Reptilians, or Sirians, or Greys... MUCH HIGHER. theres higher spirits that make these Lizard People look like ants. and theres probably higher forces than that. on & on & on as my friend always says.

And you are a part of that spiritual oneness.

"...i was taken by the hand, from the ocean to the sand..."
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Re: Is the future really that bad?

The one thing the C's said which I have really tried to take to heart is: *The Future is Open!* 

It's actually a _very hard lesson_ to take to heart.  There are plans within plans to enslave and destroy us, but we have some kick-butt allies and we have groups like this one and others.  The past few days I have been stunned by the developments here!  Go Team!!!

Don't give up smile

Never Give Up!