Topic: ET disclosure: rammifications?

i know this is too broad but i have been discussing it with friends endlessly;

what are the rammifications of our united states gov't admitting that Aliens are real?

1) what would happen if they just openly said Aliens are real?

2) how could it be done peacefully ?

3) how would other countries view this ?


heres some of my thoughts;

obviously there would be some turmoil in this event, but what if the USA collaborated with other Countries who have been manipulated by ETs and so in some kind of world summit or UN meeting (whatever, something global) they could safely admit that ETs are real ?

but then all of the lies and cover-ups preceeding would surface and the citizens would not be happy- yes i know that is the likely result. how can we avoid this ??

other thoughts of mine:
what about another planned spaceship crash ? i know that aliens have done these crashed on purpose before to try and expose themselves but the government always covered it up it seemed...what if gov't collaborated with Alien and sets up a "crash" course ship to make it seem like its breaking news "Alien recovered"

this way they can still try to continue their previous cover-ups but this new crash landed ship is the "smoking gun"

i dont know, i just think about this alot. when is the world going to accept Aliens and other Entities are a real thing ? then we could advance the world in a better way, possibly with help of some of these creatures who probably are doing things to us anyways behind the scenes...

bla. your thoughts ?

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Re: ET disclosure: rammifications?

I think there would be a risk of considerable upheaval.  I think the impact would be much greater than learning the earth was round and that we are not the center of the universe.  Admitting that there is intelligent life in the universe, other than humanity (cough! cough!) would be a big blow to a lot of big egos.   Although many people suspect and believe aliens exist, its quite another matter to *know* that aliens exist.  Globally, it would in a very fundamental way affect the social structures, calling into question many of their foundations. The world's major religions, for example, would have to reformulate many of their views.  Given that, I don't think the PTB want humanity to be aware, and it probably won't be the governments that expose the aliens, unless there is already major social upheaval and the aliens are revealed to 'restore order'.
Just my thoughts anyway,

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Re: ET disclosure: rammifications?

Most the world is catholic more or less.  Think about the ramifications of religion.  This is the building block of alooooot of peoples lives.  With all the hyped up media mind-programming bullshit.  I think people would freak out.  However, I do feel that the truth will slowly emerge.  Things just take time.

Re: ET disclosure: rammifications?

The question is how much time though do we have left?

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Re: ET disclosure: rammifications?

i bet the world finds out ETs are real by 2010

unfortunately, it does look like something grave will have to happen first.

its just like, damn, imagine these Aliens and ETs and Entities just waiting here on earth, waiting to come out and do things (some good, some bad?) i guess they have much more patience than imagineable, theyve been here quietly for over 2000 years and have been around earth even longer before that...

I say let everyone know, let the religious nuts freak out and scream "the end times are here", possibly turn on each other, and let the remainder of us rise up out of the ashes !! this will clear out undesireable sections of humans that aren't ready. i know it sounds messed up, but if we dont do it mother earth will take care of it herself, and that's if aliens dont touch down and take care of business THEMSELVES ,.....

I know they are trying to help us humans understand about other life, they keep pushing these ideas into our minds with movies and media, and also science discoveries (like the 2 earth-like planets etc) and all that - but like it was said : how much time do we have left ?

the problem is responsibilty

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Re: ET disclosure: rammifications?

An article by the Nexus Seven discusses at length the alien situation and whether denial is justified. I don't agree with its premise that denial keeps humanity from acknowledging aliens enough to allow them full manifestaion in our collective reality, but the article does show how complex the politics of it all is and what the ramifications could be of revelation.


One good point the article makes, which I also read in "The Allies of Humanity", is that the Church would likely view the alien presence within a religious framework, maybe fudge a couple dogmatic beliefs to smooth the wrinkles, and thereby be forced to see aliens as the next intermediaries between mankind and God. I mean, either they will be seen as demonic or angelic, and since STS forces are talented at presenting themselves as saviours, the Church would accept these impostor aliens as a higher religious authority. Order out of chaos...the shakeup in religion can be easily molded into subservience to the STS overlords. Interestingly, the Muslims may be less likely than Catholics to accept such deception, mainly because Islam has long warned of deceptive entities like the jinn.

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Re: ET disclosure: rammifications?

I would say that the reasons for the mass secrecy regarding the presence reaches far beyond the need to avoid any panic. I believe that global disclosure would trigger an epidemic of awakening that would completely ruin any plans for global domination by the controllers.

It would allow people to begin to understand that we have been living in an artificial consensus reality created for control.

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Re: ET disclosure: rammifications?

montalk wrote:

Interestingly, the Muslims may be less likely than Catholics to accept such deception, mainly because Islam has long warned of deceptive entities like the jinn.

Hi Tom,

This would be right, if the Muslims should exactly understand what their holy book writes!

But there are real problems here on this. Most Muslim countries live nearly in middle-age dark because of lack of a Renaissance in understanding and practicing of religion. So, I don't think decepting Muslims would be that difficult. (Oh, or you simply show Muslims as terrorists and start a war against them)

You know what, I began to understand what Kuran writes this past months and (referencing Babylon 5 again) it seems this book really have info like Babylon 5's Narn holy book G'Kuan (yes, the names are similar too). In Babylon 5 series, this G'kuan book is an ancient book giving tactical and strategic info on an ancient war with the darkside.

But today Kuran is used exactly out of purpose, "because people saw it like that from their fathers/ancestors".

Here's an example from Kuran:

The Pleading One 9: O ye who believe! When ye hold secret counsel, do it not for iniquity and hostility, and disobedience to the Messenger; but do it for righteousness and self- restraint; and fear Allah, to Whom ye shall be brought back.

10: Secret counsels are only (inspired) by Satan, in order that he may cause grief to the Believers; but he cannot harm them in the least, except as Allah permits; and on Allah let the Believers put their trust.

11: O ye who believe! When ye are told to make room in the assemblies, (spread out and) make room: (ample) room will Allah provide for you. And when ye are told to rise up, rise up Allah will rise up, to (suitable) ranks (and degrees), those of you who believe and who have been granted Knowledge. And Allah is well- acquainted with all ye do.

Looks like interesting advices on some resistance strategies, yes?

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Re: ET disclosure: rammifications?

Very interesting.  I remember a Muslim coworker of mine explaining their story that the devil might cut a person in half with a sword, vertically, then put them back together again alive.  He would then demand worship, and a true muslim would refuse, saying "there is only one Allah."