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This is just a thought.  Being the sims addict that I am, I looked into buying the Sims 2.  Did you know that in the new game, you can interbreed with aliens?  Check out these links.  (The aliens are tall and green-like, um.....) (when page is finished loading, look at the "man" in the suit on the right) (see "mix genes" image on the left) (screenshot on top row -second from right, AND screenshot five rows down, third from left)

Does anyone know anything more about this?  It's kind of creepy to me.  Never mind the Alienware link on the bottom of the home page.

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ya that is completely messed off. I cannot imagine what they will do next . . . reptilians no doubt.

I play Deus Ex & it has greys you can kill. They try to shoot you with a psychic blast from their brain. Then in Deus Ex: Invisible War there's greys but you have to be their friend! Don't even get me started on Doom III . . .

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"your sim may want alien children"

yea, that is pretty creepy.

The Sims is one very wierd game, i played it but im kind of glad i dropped it cuz its too wierd to be playing a fake digital life especially seeing how many people are addicted. but.... its still just a game, and if they introduce aliens, i think that can only have a positive effect on the entire alien existance controversy.

Xeno !!! you've got Doom III !!?!?! man that game is SOOO WICKED !!. SCARY AS HELL (no pun intended) if anything it will help me if i ever get stuck in a demonic invasion !!! haha.

Sorry man i havent been able to play Deus Ex too much.

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