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#1 2008-02-06 16:41:12

Registered: 2008-01-27

Planning a quest...

Good morning all. 

Let's say you had to construct a quest for a young American man to go on, in order to become enlightend, experience higher conciousness, and possibly witness/see the "supernatural."  Starting on the west coast of California, where would the "must hit sites" be?  The journey does not have to be confined to the U.S.

Yes, I'm brainstorming a quest!  Thanks.



#2 2008-02-06 18:20:56

Registered: 2005-10-12

Re: Planning a quest...

Ayahuasca is the adventure of 1000 lifetimes and then some for enlightenment, experiencing higher consciousness and seeing the supernatural. I can recommend Heart of the Initiate. I read about a guy doing some aya ceremonies in CA, but that's all I know about him. … 5a4#136950



#3 2008-02-06 18:47:08

Here we go!
Registered: 2007-01-10

Re: Planning a quest...

Hitchhike to New York.



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