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#1 2008-02-04 23:08:29

Registered: 2008-01-27

Dream "projection" experience...

Alright everyone, here is something else strange that I have experienced in my life...

First, about a year ago or so, I experienced what is commonly called "sleep paralysis."  It happened after I had kinda wacked up my sleep schedule due to pulling an all nighter.  I kept falling in and out of sleep.  While awake, I'm not sure whether my eyes were open or close but I could vaguely see beings walking past me in the library.  I was in a secluded part of the library, but it is definitely possible it was just a random person looking for a book.  I was sort of embarrassed in my mind if it was because I felt like I was twitching or shaking.

I experienced sleep paralysis on several occasions after this, usually when my sleep schedule had been disrupted due to staying up to long the day before playing poker or studying...

Then one time while I was back at home, during a break from school, I had a very strange occurence happen while I was in sleep paralysis.  I'm not sure if it was a dream or real...I realized that I was "paralyzed" in that I couldn't move my body, but that I was awake.  By this time I was familiar with the experience.  I somehow felt or knew that I could do something "more."  I started vibrating and felt and "heard" a pop.  I was violently moving around my room.  I was attached somehow to my body though and I kept getting pulled back into my body like a sling shot.  I wasn't really walking but more shaking, vibrating, and sporadocially floating in my room...

I'm not sure what is was and I can not fully remember the feeling that it brought in me.  All I know is that I was tripped out for a day or two afterwards because it was so much different then a regular dream...

A month later, the same thing happened when I was back at school, one night.  The same sort of thing happened but I started to do backflips while I was outside my body.  I felt the vibration and the humming and the pop again, before I left my body.  I cannot fully describe the realistic feeling, but I do know that prior to "leaving the body" I somehow turned on the vibration, humming, and popped out of my body.  I knew how to do it while I was "sleeping."  I can't conjur up this feeling while awake, although one time I got close.  Its almost as if I make energy rush to my head.

I recently tried to do it before bed...I felt the energy, rush, vibration come along, but I snapped out of it willingly because I got scared.  The scared feeling I got was almost like being scared to walk into a dark cave that you know has treasure in it.

What do you all think about this?



#2 2008-02-05 04:00:32

The Guiding Light
From: Ontario, Canada
Registered: 2007-11-16

Re: Dream "projection" experience...

I think this is an amazing experience. It sounds like you've been able to channel the ability of astral projection... almost while you're awake.

This is an amazing gift. Maybe You should consider practicing and exploring this ability... Perhaps you could remotely view events that could confirm that you are actually projecting?

I.E. Seeing something happening while you're "asleep" that actually happened in some other physical location.

I've started trying to intend to astral project, but first I must start remembering my dreams.

Good luck with your new discovery!

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