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#1 2008-01-19 04:50:01

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A Twilight Zone episode about The Secret, what does it tell us?

The Mind and the Matter (Ep 63)
What to do when you hate the world around you? To be more precise, what do you do if itís just the people you canít stand? Crowded trains, crappy job, clumsy co-workers, all conspire to make each and every day an insufferable living hell. Well, you take the advice of a book and you get rid of all the people with a little mind over matter concentration and make things exactly how you want them. But, as Archibald learns, sometimes you can have too much of a good thing, and itís better to suffer the fools gladly than wish them into oblivion.

It's fascinating that Hollywood was letting the public know about the secret so long ago. Of course, they had to spin it in such a way that the secret becomes a horrible curse.

This got me to thinking... What if someone got so good at the secret that they only got what they wanted all the time? Would this person's life become empty and meaningless (just the guy in the Twilight Zone episode)? Isn't it struggle and challenge that makes life worth living in many ways?

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