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#1 2008-01-10 02:36:20

Setian Lightworker
From: Montreal
Registered: 2006-10-16

seeking full Ken Wilber quote of which I have part and source, help!

Namaste. I hope one of you can help me out with this Ken Wilbur quote. I picked up his book in the bookstore "A Brief History of the Universe" or something.. and looking in contents under Satanic misuse and UFOs, I found a quote I would like to keep to use in writing.. but I had to leave quickly and only got part of it.. it begins "Samsara is a brutal place" and continues I think to say "to live" and then something about it being a place of ritual torture and an instrument of fear.. he or she who can post for me here the entire quote, they will receive a special thank you from me, and hey you could probably sell it with what they put on ebay these days.. yikesbig_smile

nothing is sacred, the deconstructing and letting-be of all things, clarity of sight, the realization of no-thing(s), Nothing



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